• November 29, 2023

Why take the Object 777 Option 2? The main reason

The Steel Hunter ends and it’s time to make a choice, which tank to choose as a reward. Many players like Soviet vehicles, but this tank is not so simple.

Object 777 variant 2

Greetings, tankers! Wotpack with you, and today we’ll talk about why it is worth taking Object 777 Option 2 in the “Steel Hunter” mode. Before the finals of the “Front Line” in our general overview of three award tanks:

We singled out the favorite, so to speak, the golden mean – AE Phase I, and the Soviet “three axes” recommended taking the last thing or not paying attention at all if there is a choice from other machines.

Six months later, there was a reason to pay attention to Object 777 Option 2. Let’s start with the fact that in terms of performance characteristics, he largely loses to the pumped Soviet classmates… For example, in firepower:

  • longest recharge time;
  • worst accuracy;
  • long mixing time.

As a result, he has lowest DPM, which still try to implement. Seemingly strong tower – easy breaks through the forehead (next to the gun mask) Tier 9-10 tank destroyers or gold shells from CT and TT. NLDs will be able to penetrate even G8s without any problems. But even with his mobility he cannot take it, since maximum speed 10 km lowerthan T-10 and Object 257… And basic view is less by 10-20 meters compared to the listed machines.

Of course, a completely logical question arises – why take a tank at all if it is so bad. Of course, some have already received 2 cars and the third will take this heavy, so there is not much choice (except for 250 bonds for 1 token). But now let’s move on to the topic of the article, why you can take “three axes”

At first, many players already have a Soviet TT crew.

Secondly, most of the target audience WoT sympathizes with the USSR technology, so they like to play on it.

Thirdly, at Ob. 777 is an unusual and beautiful model.

But the most important reason to take it just emerges from the previous three – it is easy to raise the WN8 rating on it… It is to this indicator that good clans with an active game on the main battalion and other players in the chat pay attention, for example, when forming a platoon.

As for promotional equipment, he has enough low bar for key indicators:

Damage Number of frags Discovered technique
1654 dmg. 0.88 pcs. 1.27 pcs.

The percentage of victories is kept quite high at 53.4%, but it has the least effect on the total increase to WN8.

The great popularity among medium and weak players has opened up the opportunity for more skillful ones to raise their statistics at a low threshold.

You just need to work out your margin of safety (this is quite realistic in 2/3 battles), destroy 1 unit of enemy equipment and detect at least 2 enemy vehicles.

With a crew and the right equipment, even ordinary players will be able to raise their statues to at least “green”.

The 9th level is ideal for these purposes, since tanks do not fall “to the bottom” of the list, but instead throws them to the top by 2 levels.

In the same time, opposite situation with the French CT Char Futur 4. The vehicle is specific (which only costs disgusting stabilization and reloading in the drum for 4 seconds), but skill players have raised the bar for damage and frag well, so average tankers can only reduce their WN8 by account.

If anyone else has doubts about the choice, then I attach the vote that we conducted in May 2020.

Poll: choosing the first tank for the “Expedition”

Which tank will you take for the Front Line? You one vote

Object 777 variant 2



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