• December 5, 2023

Why will the developers nerf the imbe technique in the new patch?

Decisive measures to balance the game and make the process of pumping vehicles in a more level playing field among all players.

Greetings, tankers! With you Wotpack and in connection with the imminent release of Update 1.9, we decided to shed some light on the motives of the developers to nerf some equipment.

As many of you already know, 92 vehicles will soon be removed from research branches. This is done to make it easier for beginners to start the process of pumping tanks… In addition, all equipment increase safety marginso that make the transition between levels less abrupt regarding this parameter. Such measures are also dictated by helping beginners:

  • to make them familiar with the game more smoothly;
  • had the opportunity to make a couple or two mistakes, while not going straight to the Hangar;
  • slightly increase the duration of the battle.

Due to the increase in HP, developers also changed the following parameters:

  • reduced the cost of repairs so that an increase in the safety factor does not affect the increase in costs;
  • reduced the profitability of vehicles so that players at low levels do not earn extra silver;
  • many tanks have significantly increased ammunition in case of prolonged battles.

But for some of the technology, the developers took a special approach. They nerfed the most immobile technique from 3 to 5 levels, including such popular and beloved by many players:

What unites these machines is the fact that at their level they dominate and prevail over the rest. An experienced player can single-handedly drag the battle, while a beginner will not even have time to understand how or where he was destroyed by his tank.

The developers decided to moderate the so-called “pedobling” (bending down on low-level cars) to make it easier for beginners to get used to the game.

An example of a video title, of which there are many on YouTube

At first, veterans of the game know how to give a “good welcome”, leaving new players with 1-2 shots per battle. The same Pz. IC from a 40-round cassette can destroy any other LT. “Ray” is also a very dangerous opponent, in a duel with a single-tier technique. And the T67 is just an imba that can destroy the enemy without even showing up. All this repels newcomers, creates a negative impression of the game.

Secondly, some players try to fill up the stats in the sandbox, choosing good vehicles, planting an experienced crew and going to inflict damage / victories on players who are only pumping vehicles in stock and with an inexperienced crew.

Thirdly, now many players, wanting to get a free premium tank of level 8, go to the solo referral program. And the most suitable tanks for fast passage are just nerfing.

6 imbe tanks that will nerf in patch 1.9

Taking into account such circumstances, taking into account that some are now on forced “holidays” or “vacations”, we suggest taking advantage of the opportunity to go through the referral more quickly and comfortably. For our part, we can help you start the game comfortably:

  1. Register a new account using the invite link and be sure to enter the TANKOLET invite code in the special field. This will ensure at the start gift premium tank and 5 premiums for rent, will give 1450 gold and a week premium account (for completing the training they will give more gold, silver and days of prema).
  2. We have prepared a guide with two of the most optimal tactics for solo referral.
  3. Also on our website you can find a complete overview of all premium tanks for the referral program.

If you are not a fan of donation, then do not miss the opportunity to get a free premium tank, there are good options for farming and passing the Front Line.

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