WIA ERROR OFFLINE (0x80210005) error when working with a scaner

In today’s article, we will see with you what the WIA ERROR OFFLINE error with code 0x80210005 is, and how you can get rid of it.

WIA ERROR OFFLINE (0x80210005)

Sometimes it happens that when you disconnect one device from the PC, the other is also disconnected. There are situations when you want to use the scanner in conjunction with some application, but Windows cannot detect it – this happens immediately after some other device is disconnected from the PC.

A similar problem can occur when you disconnect the WSD scanner from your computer (or when another machine on the network connects to it). Plus, the same can happen when another scanning device, such as a USB scanner, is connected to the PC.

When the system cannot find a disabled device, it makes a request for its status, after which a WIA ERROR OFFLINE error appears in front of the user. The error message (translated into Russian) states the following:

WIA ERROR OFFLINE, the device is turned off. Make sure the device is working and connected to the PC. Error code 0x80210005.

The Windows Image Download Service (WIA) allows graphics applications to communicate with scanners and other imaging devices. The above error occurs then the initialization process between WIA and the scanner fails.



Solution # 1 Restart your computer with the scanner connected

Most often, the simplest restart of the computer with the scanner connected to it helps. Once you are able to log into the OS again, try using the printer and see if the error goes away.

Solution # 2 Reinstalling the scanner driver

In some cases, you have to resort to a complete reinstallation of the driver for the connected scanner. To do this, follow these steps:

  • press Win + R;
  • write on a blank line devmgmt.msc and press Enter;
  • open the section “Imaging devices”;
  • right-click on your scanner and select “Remove device”;
  • restart your computer and wait while Windows installs the required scanner drivers.

Check for a WIA ERROR OFFLINE error when the driver installation is complete.

Solution # 3 Restart the WIA service

We told you earlier about the Windows Image Upload Service (WIA) – let’s restart it. To do this, you need to do the following:

  • press Win + R;
  • write services.msc and press Enter;
  • find “Image Download Service (WIA)” in the list and right-click on it;
  • select the “Restart” option and wait until the restart is complete;
  • close the window with services.

Once again we are trying to use our scanner and see if the WIA ERROR OFFLINE (0x80210005) error has disappeared.

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