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will have to spend 600 hours to receive the reward

Achievements that only the most dedicated fans and die-hard gamers can get. The most difficult tests with incredible conditions from renowned developers.

TOP 5 most difficult achievements in games

Achivki Is an important part of video games. They complement the walkthrough, add an element of competition, and help players navigate open worlds and projects with different endings. However, sometimes Challenges are just getting frighteningly difficult. The developers create such achievements to tease the players and torment them a little. Share with you the five most challenging video game achievements, which are almost impossible to get.


Cuphead achievement

Cuphead has a strange achievement called “Defeat the Devil at his own game“. This achievement is awarded for completing the game. at maximum difficulty… However, this is not as easy as it seems at first glance.

Most players quit on the first two bosses, according to the achievement statistics on Steam. Only 2% of players we were able to pass Cuphead on hard to the end, and this is really worthy of respect. The game did not force its fans to farm countless hours and “shed liters of blood” – it just so difficultthat only a select few can master the highest level.

Outlast 2

Outlast 2 achievement

Outlast 2 has an incredible achievement “Messiah“. It was literally created to show how much the developers wanted make fun of players… To knock out the achievement, you need to break your game and deprive yourself of the pleasure of passing, wasting time only on getting a virtual medal.

In the Outlast series, the only chance to escape surprises in the dark is with a night vision camera. To get the achievement “Messiah”, the player had to complete the story, never changing the battery in your device. The source of charge was enough for about a minute of real time, after which the character plunged into darkness forever. The game is so dark that without a camera, the player will lose half of the content and will be die many times… Achievement is very difficult and controversial.

Mortal combat 9

Mortal Combat 9 achievement

Mortal Combat 9 has the achievement “My kung fu is stronger», Which consists of several important conditions. First of all, players need to spend 100 fights and at the end of each do on fatality… In addition, the game required the use of 150 X-ray in the process of passing.

As a bonus to the above, the game required the player to shed 10,000 liters of blood their enemies. These conditions had to be met for all characters in the game (28 in total). You also need to play 24 hours for each of the available fighters.

There are people who were able to knock out this trophy. On average, this process takes about 670 game hours… So think carefully, do you want to prove that your kung fu is stronger?

Metal gear solid 4

Metal Gear Solid 4 achievement

To get the achievement “Legendary hero»In Metal Gear Solid 4, you must never die for the entire passage, and also do not use first aid kits. Does this sound simple? Perhaps, however, the conditions do not end there. Also, the player must complete the entire game in Stealth mode and never be discovered enemies. We are not talking about the raised alarm, you cannot even just catch the eyes of your opponents, even for a split second.

But that’s not all! You need to complete the game in 5 hours… Only then will the player receive the “Legendary Hero” achievement and, probably, the love and respect of Kojima himself.

Lost Planet 2

Lost Planet 2 achievement

Achievement “Go to the end»Turns a Capcom project into the most challenging game of all time. It is achievable, unlike Kojima’s challenge, but it is cosmically difficult to accomplish. To get this achievement, the player needed complete all quests and pump to the maximum all possible branches of development.

This process took experienced players about 250 hours, but even here the trials did not end there. Also, the player is required to set a world record in one of the training modes… Naturally, the more time has passed since the release of the game, the more difficult it is to achieve this goal. And without fulfilling this condition, you cannot get an achievement.

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