• February 20, 2024

Windows 10 October update causes many bugs

A huge number of users around the world are currently suffering from many different problems with the Windows 10 operating system, which manifested themselves after the installation of the October update (1809). In this article, we decided to collect a list of the most common problems that occur after installing 1809, so that you can decide whether to install this update or not.

Windows 10 October Update Issue List

Problem # 1 Installation is interrupted

This problem is as old as the world and it was observed on many versions of Windows, including Windows 10. There are many things that can interfere with the installation of a new update: boot errors, system errors, and so on and so forth. You can try running the Windows Update troubleshooter and also resetting its components if the tool fails.

Problem # 2 Unable to use the mouse

Some users have reported that after installing Update 1809, some peripheral equipment, such as a mouse, stops functioning properly. For example, such functions as cut, paste, drag-and-drop cease to operate, and users also lose the ability to correctly select the necessary objects in the system.

Problem # 3 Files and folders are deleted

Another common bug is that user files and folders are deleted. After installing the update, files or even entire folders previously located in Windows 10 may simply disappear. Many users have lost their personal photos, music, videos and other similar files, which in some cases is not so scary. However, there are also cases when extremely important documents have been deleted from the system, which are not easy or impossible to recover.

Problem # 4 Monitors do not work at 144 hertz

If you’re using a 144Hz computer, the Windows 10 October Update might be pretty disappointing. It seems that some users cannot set 144 Hz on their monitors, although they obviously support it and there were no problems with this on the previous version of the OS. In this case, you can try to reduce the refresh rate to 120 or 60 hertz, or cleanly install the latest drivers for the video card. However, many users argue that reinstalling the drivers does not solve the situation.

Problem # 5 Sound does not work

Sound was first identified with the October update on Surface Book devices. Unfortunately, at the moment it is still impossible to understand whether this problem manifests itself only on such devices and whether it can be found on personal computers / laptops. If you notice that after the update you have lost sound, then know that the reason may lie just in the update.

Problem # 6 Bugs with controllers

Surprisingly, after installing this update, there may even be various bugs with game controllers. Unfortunately, we cannot give any recommendations regarding this problem. Perhaps they will appear in the future.

After almost every major update for Windows 10, many users encounter errors, bugs and some non-working functionality. The 1809 update is extremely recent, as are a number of issues related to it, but over time Microsoft will undoubtedly release a patch that will fix them. You can be sure of this.

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