• July 5, 2022

Working promo codes for Murder Mystery 2 in Roblox

Murder Mystery 2 – new mode from an independent developer NikilisAdded to the Roblox universe and based on Among Us rules and mechanics Murder of Garry ‘s Mod… The idea is not new: in a special arena, 10 daredevils will have to survive looking for a maniac and cooperating with the sheriff.

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Roles in Murder Mystery 2 assigned randomly: someone has to become an “innocent victim”, moving around the map without weapons and dealing with incoming targets. Someone will put on a sheriff’s badge and start looking for evidence. On the side of the “evil” a maniac will act directly, forced to silently deal with the victims, set up traps and in every possible way hide the true state of affairs. Rules in Roblox Murder Mystery 2 do not change as the competition progresses, but the developers Nikilis is already dreaming of adding additional modes to the universe (like Assassin, where even “innocent victims” will have access to weapons and attacking techniques) and new cards.

Valid promo codes for Murder Mystery 2

After the release, codes immediately appeared on the network for accessing equipment, costumes and skins that change the appearance of already available weapons. The developers offered everyone to stand out from the crowd for a couple of months.

And now the situation has changed – the old combinations are no longer accepted and all exclusive materials went only to those who ripened earlier than others. New codes for Murder Mystery 2 appear extremely rarely.

List of current Murder Mystery 2 promo codes

Where to enter promotional codes

Codes are added to Murder Mystery 2 after loading into the lobby in the Inventory section located on the left side of the interface on the quick access panel. After loading the additional menu, a field for selecting new skins and materials will appear on the screen, and at the same time the Enter Code text field with the Redeem button.

How to add codes in Murder Mystery 2

New combinations are added exclusively in the following form: Latin, capital letters and numbers – no extra characters or Cyrillic. After the done actions, it is enough to click on the Redeem button and wait until the system processes the request and adds new items to the inventory. In some cases, you need to reboot first.

Outdated promo codes

The list of unused combinations is quite extensive: until the recent update, the developers allowed to easily open new skins for the knife:

  • AL3X. Alex Knife.
  • D3NIS. Denis Knife.
  • SUB0. Sub Knife.
  • G003Y. Goo Knife.
  • SK00L. Skool Knife.
  • 2015. 2015 Knife.
  • TH3N3XTL3V3L… TNL Knife.
  • HW2017. Pumpkin pet

The information presented in the article is constantly updated: a list of valid promotional codes for Murder Mystery 2 always up-to-date and contains only proven combinations for access to exclusive equipment and items. Scared to miss important updates? It’s time to bookmark this page and check back for new bonuses every day!

By the way, if the above codes are no longer accepted in the section Enter Code in the “Inventory”, then write about it in the comments or share new ones if you know.

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