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World of Warships: Best Ships – Top 10

Top 10 best ships in World of Warships

Do you like winning and always being among the best players on your team? Then this selection of techniques will help you to increase your efficiency of the game, in addition, these ships can be received by both beginners of the game and veterans.

In World of Warships, a person can choose a ship for every taste. The player can upgrade the ships of the USSR, Germany, Japan, America and a number of other countries. Despite this diversity, World of Warships has a number of ships that are considered the best in their class.

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USSR ships

The Soviet line in World of Warships is famous primarily for its destroyers… But there are also a number of cruisers that deserve the player’s attention. The following equipment can be called the best Soviet ships.


This premium cruiser 5 levels. It features powerful artillery and decent torpedo armament. It is also appreciated for its high speed and maneuverability. He has good anti-aircraft defense.ship

Murmansk is Offensive ship… Its guns are located in such a way that it is not profitable and dangerous to fight with stern plutongs. It will be more optimal to go directly to the enemy. A kind of “ace” up the sleeve of this cruiser – torpedoes, with which he can easily hit a gaping enemy. Another advantage of “Murmansk” is the rate of fire of the guns. The player will not have to wait long for the artillery to reload.

Disadvantages include weak armor and a vulnerable citadel. In addition, opponents can detect Murmansk at long distances.


Despite the fact that many players are ambivalent about the Aurora, it is rightfully considered one of the best ships in World of Warships in its class. The cruiser belongs to the 3rd level and is able to fully reveal its potential, both in squadron battles and in single skirmishes with the enemy.Cruiser Aurora

“Aurora” armed with the 14th 152-mm guns of the Kane system… With its artillery, the Aurora can easily destroy enemy destroyers and light cruisers.

Of the main advantages of “Aurora” can be noted the accuracy of the volley and high maneuverability… The ship fell in love with those who are fond of the history of the Russian Imperial Navy. As practice shows, in addition to aesthetic pleasure, the cruiser brings its owner a good income after battles.

Of the minuses, only a low speed can be noted here.


This destroyer 7 levels. It differs from its counterparts reinforced artillery and high travel speed… On board are five-tube torpedo tubes, thanks to which, with skillful maneuvering, the destroyer can successfully fight even against enemy battleships.destroyer

At the “Kiev” artillery is located in a special way – 130-mm guns are in the towers, which reduces their vulnerability. This allows him to very successfully engage in artillery duels in between torpedo attacks.

Of the weaknesses, the players note the high visibility of the destroyer. It also has a large turning radius, making it difficult for Kiev to dodge enemy torpedoes.


Premium destroyer 5 levels. Despite the fact that he appeared in the game relatively recently, “Thundering” has already gained popularity among players. Thanks to its 130-millimeter guns, it can engage in artillery duels not only with destroyers, but also with cruisers and battleships.destroyer

The main advantage of the “Thundering” is its torpedo tubes, which destroy the enemy from a distance of 8 km. Considering that enemies can detect the destroyer only 7 km away. Those. “Thundering” can attack the enemy himself at the same time, remaining invisible to him.

The ship has excellent maneuverability and high speed. Of the minuses, we can note the weak air defense and slow torpedoes. Artillery guidance speed also leaves much to be desired.

US ships

If we turn to history, it turns out that the shipbuilders of the United States in the 20th century tried to create ships with powerful artillery, armor protection and air defense. They have the same characteristics in World of Warships.

“St. Louis”

Despite the fact that the ship is accessible even for beginners, experienced players often choose it for battles. The point is that this cruiser Level 3 combines firepower and high protection. He is considered to be the best in its class.Ship

The St. Louis is armed with 14 16-inch guns and 18 76-mm cannons. This makes him a dangerous foe, even for battleships. In terms of survivability and armor, it can also be compared to an battleship.

The main disadvantage of the ship is lack of effective air defense systems… When attacked from the air, St. Louis will have little to no defense. It is also vulnerable to high-explosive fragmentation shells from battleships. They can cause a fire on it and disable important modules.

This premium cruiser can be obtained for free by registering using this invite link.

“Des Moines”

The cruiser refers to level 10. Players try to get it due to the high rate of fire of artillery. The ship is armed with 9 eight-inch guns with a reload speed of 6 seconds. Ie “Des Moines” can almost continuously water enemy ships with dense artillery fire… Because of this, she is considered the best cruiser for dueling with other ships.Cruiser

Its main disadvantage is typical for all ships of this class – weak armor. Therefore, he should stay as far as possible from the battleships, if at close range he falls into the zone of action of the battleships artillery, then he can be destroyed in a matter of minutes.

“North Carolina”

It is rightfully called the masterpiece of American shipbuilding. Despite the fact that this battleship Tier 8 is not distinguished by strong armor, it has very good maneuverability and high speed for this class.battleship

The North Carolina is a versatile ship. He possesses powerful air defense and powerful artillery, can compete on equal terms with other battleships and easily destroy any cruiser that gets in his way.

However, the ship’s commander will be powerless against well-thought-out group attacks and airstrikes.

Ships of Germany

German ships in World of Warships are distinguished by their survivability and artillery rate of fire. German-built cruisers are especially popular among players. In many of their characteristics, they are similar to battleships.


This Tier 5 ship is the most popular of the entire German branch and stands out for its versatility. If he is still rather weak for single combat with battleships, then as a second line fighter he can become an unsurpassed leader.ship

Its main trump card is a competent combination good driving performance and powerful artillery, which is located at the optimal angles of fire. The ship is equipped with four three-tube torpedo tubes located on the sides of the ship. Thanks to them, “Königsberg” can hit the enemy with torpedoes from a distance of 6 km.

With its artillery, the ship can reach an opponent from a distance of up to 16 km. At maximum combat distances, the dispersion of shells will occur at a distance of up to 147 meters, so for effective play it is better to let the enemy a little closer.

The main disadvantage of the ship is that it has practically no air defense systems, so even a small squadron can destroy it.

“Admiral Hipper”

It is considered almost the best ship in the 8th class of all existing ones. Even at extreme combat distances, the projectiles fired by his guns are capable of accurately hitting opponents, since the percentage of dispersion is minimal. This is the main trump card cruisersCruiser

“Admiral Hipper” has very powerful armor, which in some cases is able to withstand even a direct hit from a ship of the line. The cruiser can be used not only in ranged, but also in close combat. With the fire of his powerful artillery, he can measure against all classes of ships, and he does it on an equal footing with them.

To increase the effectiveness of close combat, the Admiral Hipper is equipped with several torpedo tubes. Despite the fact that they do not have outstanding characteristics, TO can help the cruiser to increase the damage done to the enemy.

Ships of Japan

Japanese ships combine the best ideas of the European and American fleets. The shipbuilders of the Land of the Rising Sun managed to create a number of unique ships, including the famous battleship “Yamato”.


The battleship in the game belongs to the 10th level. In life, it was one of the largest and most powerful ships ever created by man. In World of Warships, Yamato is not far behind its historical origin.Battleship

The battleship has the most powerful artillery in the game – 480 mm guns. Even ships of the same type cannot penetrate its armor at long and medium distances, therefore “Yamato” is considered one of the most dangerous opponents.

However, the famous battleship is not without its drawbacks. The main one is the long turning time of the turrets of the main caliber and the rudder shift. “Yamato” also has not very outstanding driving characteristics.


It is difficult to single out the best ship in World of Warships, because each of them has its own advantages and disadvantages. In addition, you should not forget about the individual preferences of each player, so the best technique will be the one you like to play.

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