• February 22, 2024

Worst Tier 8 tank

How could the developers produce such a tank? Deprived of the comfort of the game and the originality of the class gameplay, the most unplayable tank in random.

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and today we want to draw your attention to the technique, which, due to the peculiarities of the performance characteristics, is morally obsolete and lost in the current random – a Chinese medium tank T-34-2

Let’s start from the very beginning – transferring technology to the top. The fact is that this unit has such a pumping tree structure that without the infusion of freedom it will take a long time to “suffer”. Okay, you can come to terms with the fact that first you need to open the chassis, we see this on many cars. Let’s say you fogged up the top-end radio and the pre-top engine and opened it on the predecessor and got a 100 mm gun from it.

Modules that could be researched on the T-34-1 are circled in green.

But not so quickly, the tower is new and this weapon cannot be installed on it. So you will have to farm the experience for the harp and the new tower with a cannon from a LEVEL SIX tank:

And with her you need to farm 31,300 experience units, including in battles against 10 levels.

Now you can put the gun that was opened on the T-34-1:

With him you will have to fill another 16,000 experience. And for what? Finally, after suffering about a hundred battles and transferring the car to the top, you can finally relax and plow … but not in the case of the T-34-2. The top gun has one of the lowest armor penetration values ​​for the basic shell, so a comfortable game can only dream of:

As an option, it has an alternative 122mm cannon with high alpha, but disgusting stabilization, poor accuracy and very long mixing times. Still, most players prefer the more stable 100mm gun. Firepower comparison between 100mm and 122mm guns:

Due to such problems with the opening of modules, and in general of low firepower, the T-34-2 has one of the lowest average damage per battle, inferior even to the Chinese LT.

Life hack! If you still decide to pump out the Chinese ST branch, then we recommend that you go through the heavy tanks first. It is on them that you can more easily explore most of the modules for medium (in this case, the engine, radio and a pair of guns).

Many have heard that pumped vehicles should not be worse than premium vehicles. Now look at the comparison of the T-34-2 with the Type 59 (with a 100 mm gun) and the T-34-3 (with a 122 mm gun), both with preferential combat levels! Moreover, among the premas, they are considered the weakest. Nearby we can observe 59-Patton with adequate performance characteristics for a tank with a full battle level.

Booking scheme

The sadness of the pumped-up “Chinese” does not end there, because besides the fact that it is extremely difficult to shoot damage on it, even “sixes” and “sevens” can penetrate its body. Regrettable, but in front there are fuel tanks and ammunition stowage, so arson and “one-shots” are a familiar phenomenon for him when he hits his forehead.

The tower is more reliable, it can even tank in the top, but it is problematic to play from it because of the most inconvenient UVN -5 … + 15 ° (it has already been bumped for it, earlier it was possible to lower it only by 3 degrees).

In terms of survivability, it also looks weaker than the benefits:

Perhaps the mobility is the only thing to complain about, the tank rides well, quite maneuverable.It can boast of high stealth, which some players use when sitting in the bushes (I don’t even blame them here, because it is difficult to implement DPM on the T-34-2 in battle).

Summing up Let’s form the main arguments in favor of why the T-34-2 is the worst Tier 8 tank:

  • has very low armor penetration, and almost everyone can penetrate it;
  • poor stabilization of the gun in motion, so it is still possible to get into dynamic firefights, but the chances of targeting weak areas of the enemy are minimal;
  • long mixing;
  • in the stock configuration will spoil the nervous system even for the most balanced player;
  • long transfer to the top due to the uselessness of the tank;
  • high criticality of modules;
  • in almost everything it is inferior to preferential premiums.

For battles in various modes (sorties in fortifications or Front Line), the T-34-2 is absolutely unsuitable. Now he is too situational, depends on the team and it will be difficult to realize his potential even for a skill player. This tank does not meet the requirements of the ST class and cannot fully fulfill its role in battle. Probably no one will be surprised that middle the percentage of victories on it in 2019 ≈ 48%

The T-34-2 is morally outdated, it will not bring a comfortable game to its owner. It is unlikely that developers will turn their attention to it and want to upgrade. Therefore, if you decide to purposefully pump only the branch of Chinese STs, then it is better to gather a platoon with friends from 3 tanks in order to get more experience and increase the chances of winning. Use promotions for x5 or experience reserves, if you have a premium account, you can add bonus experience. If you want to save your nerves, then the easiest way is to open at least some of the modules for free.

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