• September 29, 2022

WS-36812-0 when playing co-op on PS4 – how to fix

Error WS-36812-0 occurs on PS4 when the console owner tries to accept an invitation to Party from another player. The error message contains the following information:

Unable to join party.

This error can occur for a variety of reasons, such as problems with the network connection of the player who received the invitation, problems with some PlayStation Network services, or a bug in the PSN account.

Solving error WS-36812-0 on PS4


Decision #1 Re-invite

Don’t give up after the first try! Ask your friend to send the party invite again. Who knows, maybe this time everything will go without any problems – you will enter the party without the error WS-36812-0.

Solution #2 Re-signing into your PSN account

In some cases, players are unable to connect to a particular party due to a bug in their PSN account. Fortunately, you can get rid of such a bug by re-logging into your account. To do this, do the following:

  • open “Settings” on your PS4;
  • go to the “Account Management” section;
  • select “Exit” and restart the console;
  • sign in to your PSN account using your personal details;
  • ask a friend to send you an invitation to the party again.

Error WS-36812-0 may have disappeared after logging back into PSN.

Solution #3 Port Forwarding

Understandably, a number of users turned to PlayStation officials for help regarding this problem. If none of the above worked, support recommended to set certain port forwarding in the router settings. Here is a list of specified ports:

  • UDP: 50000 – 60000, 3478, 3479
  • TCP: 10050, 10051, 10040 – 10060, 80, 443, 3478, 3479, 3480.

Of course, do not forget to completely restart the router after you set it to forward the above ports.

Solution #4 Complete PS4 Initialization

And perhaps the last thing you can try is the initialization of the PS4 system software (firmware). In fact, this process is the equivalent of reinstalling Windows. Attention: when the PS4 is fully initialized, all user files and data are deleted from the latter!

  • put your PS4 into safe mode;
  • connect the controller to the console (via USB cable!);
  • select “Initialize PS4 system (reinstall system software)”;
  • confirm your intentions and wait for the reinstallation to finish.

Log in to PSN using your personal information, install the desired toy and ask your friend to send you an invitation to the party again. This time, WS-36812-0 may not be present.

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