Ошибка 80240025 при обновлении Windows: причины и решения

Ошибка 80240025 может появляться во время установки отложенных обновлений для ОС Windows. Ошибка возникает на самых разных версиях Windows, включая Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 и даже актуальные сборки Windows 10. Правда, на восьмерке с десяткой данный код может приобретать немного иной вид, например, 0x80240025 или 0xc80240025. Появление ошибки 80240025 могут вызвать следующие причины: … Read more

Top 10 long-awaited relaunches of cult films

Reloading a picture is a dangerous event that is perceived ambiguously by the viewer. On the one hand, the reboot of old films that have lost their relevance should delight, but the director is not always able to solve the problem. What will be the new “Batman”? Will they be able to “Ghostbusters” to avoid … Read more

How to fix Dxgmms2.sys blue screen in Windows 10?

Those who frequently play games are more likely to encounter a blue screen of death that points to the dxgmms2.sys file. The error may be accompanied by phrases: SYSTEM SERVICE EXCEPTION, KMODE EXCEPTION NOT HANDLED, PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA, IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL and others. You can see them in the screenshot. In any case, Windows 10 is trying to tell … Read more

Error SU-41333-4 on PS4 – Solutions

By launching your PS4, you initiate the loading of the operating system into the device’s RAM. The modern console is not a simple device, it is a full-fledged computer, with its own operating system and services. Of course, like any other operating system, this one will only work if the data integrity is guaranteed. Users … Read more

Top 10 easy films that will cheer you up

Often, after a hard day at work, a person dreams only of rest and psychological relief. Movies help us relieve tension, and in this material there are a lot of light and soulful pictures that look in one breath and improve your mood. Hilarious comedies, thoughtful dramas and love affairs are all that the viewer … Read more

Top 10 historical characters in the game

Many fans of the series know that the Assassins’s Creed series is only based on historical events, and is not a completely reliable copy, but these characters are recreated perfectly, as if coming from the pages of history books. The franchise has certainly come a long way, but despite the interesting mechanics, many game characters, … Read more