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10 actors who took on roles for their kids

10 actors who took on roles for their kids

You’ve probably wondered what factors influence the willingness of actors to play a particular role. A lot of money, a promising scenario and personal preference can be involved. However, let’s not forget about children who are able to influence even the most hyped star.

Sometimes, for the sake of fulfilling a child’s dream, an actor is ready to participate in a project that he would not have approached even a mile away under normal circumstances. Surprisingly, even such adventures sometimes ensure success, not only giving pleasure to the baby contemplating mom or dad in the scenery of a favorite plot, but also bring fame and a good fee to the star.

Ryan Reynolds

Ryan Reynolds.  Detective Pikachu

We all know Ryan as a great actor, but most of his works are designed exclusively for an adult audience. In family Reynolds three daughters are growing up, the eldest of whom was born in 2014 year, so it’s too early for them to watch pictures with a rating R… It is for this reason that the actor agreed to participate in the project. “Pokemon. Detective Pikachu “

As Rhine himself admitted, he just wanted his daughters to watch a film with their father as early as childhood. Let be Pikachu only speaks in the voice of Reynolds, the star’s desire to please her children invariably evokes emotion.

Jodie Foster

Jodie Foster.  Nîmes island

“Silence of the Lambs”, “Room of fear”, “Hotel Artemis” – far from the projects that young children like. When Foster got a chance to play a role in a family adventure film “Nimes Island”, she happily seized on this opportunity. The motive is quite clear – Jody wanted her sons to see her on the screen in a tape suitable for them.

Of course, Foster could participate in a CGI project, but she always refused the idea. It was a simple, naturalistic film, as well as shooting in the scenery of Australian nature, that became a desirable magnet for the actress.

Vigo Mortensen

Vigo Mortensen.  Aragorn.  Lord of the Rings

Today Vigo managed to star in many high-profile projects and became a star of the first magnitude. However, true fame Mortensen brought the trilogy “Lord of the Rings”in which he played the king Aragorn… Surprisingly, the actor later admitted that he is not a fan at all. Tolkien and never even read his books.

Moreover, before filming began, Vigo had a vague idea of ​​who this Aragorn was. The actor was persuaded to participate in the project by his son, who was very passionate about Tolkien’s work and passionately wanted to see his father in one of the roles.

Michael Sheen

Michael Sheen.  dust

I must say that “Dust” – a rather controversial tape that left no one indifferent. Fans of the novel and the MCU were eagerly awaiting new films, while skeptics criticized the picture mercilessly. Michael Sheen received an offer to play Haro – the main vampire from Volturi… At first, the actor reacted without enthusiasm to such an opportunity, but changed his mind after talking with his daughter.

The girl really liked the story about love, vampires and werewolves, so Lily made it clear to Michael that his participation in the project would be a great joy for her. Later, Shin began reading the novel and even, by his own admission, enjoyed it.

Julianne Moore

Julianne Moore.  The Hunger Games

When it comes to franchises “The Hunger Games” few people remember Julianne Moore, but she really starred there in a small role of the president District 13… It cannot be said that the actress decided to participate in the project on her own, because her children turned out to be real fans of the novel, on the basis of which the tape was created.

It was they who neatly pushed her mother to read the book, and Julianne could not stand the pressure and got acquainted with The Hunger Games. It is difficult to say how much Moore liked the plot, but she definitely raised her authority in the family by participating in the project.

Jamie Foxx

jamie fox as electro

Movie star Django Unchained cannot boast of much love for comics. The only reason he agreed to star in the film The Amazing Spider-Man: High Voltage – his daughter. The girl at that time was only 4 years old and in order to please her, Fox played the role of a villain Electro

Besides, Jamie led his daughter to the set and explained to her that he had to fight with Spiderman… It is difficult to say for whom the baby was more worried when watching this film.

Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet.  Divergent

Children Kate were teenagers when their mother decided to star in a film “Divergent”… Despite their young age, the children liked the novel of the same name, so Winslet, by and large, there was no choice. And although the actress got far from the most positive role, she performed it brilliantly.

Kate has previously taken part in major projects – what is the cost of the film “Titanic”, which has become a classic of modern cinema. However, there is nothing more precious than a role that could be appreciated by her children, ardent fans of the Divergent universe.

Gary Oldman

Gary Oldman.  Harry Potter

This actor has a reputation for being able to handle any role brilliantly. His mastery of reincarnation was appreciated by both viewers and critics. However, the role Sirius Black in Harry Potter contrasts somewhat with the actor’s filmography. Actually, Gary I just wanted to film for my sons, as well as remind the younger generation of myself.

Not all paintings in which Oldman takes part, arouses interest among young people, so this move turned out to be very successful. Gary not only pleased his kids, but also fantasy fans from all over the world.

Cate blanchett

Cate Blanchett.  Thor: Ragnarok

It cannot be said that Kate Is a big fan of Marvel. Moreover, according to the actress, it was sometimes difficult for her to find a common language with her children, who were happy to review numerous adaptations of comics. That is why when Blanchett received an offer to star in a film Thor: Ragnarok, she just had no choice.

Later, Keith stated that this film was, first of all, a way to get closer to children and start speaking the same language with them. Of course, cooperation with Waititi and Hemsworth also impressed the actress, but they were not the main reason for her participation in the project.

Jennifer Garner

Jennifer Garner.  Day "Yes"

Before us is a rare case when the desires of the children and the parent completely coincided. Book “Day yes” long ago became a table for kids Jenniferso it’s time to bring the story to the screen. Garner not only agreed to star in a comedy, but also acted as one of the film’s producers.

The plot is simple – the parents decided to respond positively to any children’s requests within one day. One can only imagine how many funny situations such an experiment gave rise to. By the way, Garner and his children often spend a “yes” day in real life.

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