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10 actors who went through real pain in iconic films

Many people believe that acting is a profitable and not dusty business, from which you also enjoy. This statement is only partly true, because the stars are often forced to literally survive during filming. Of course, the problems of actors are far from always comparable to the difficulties of an ordinary person, but it should be borne in mind that celebrities are less adapted to adversity.


Often, such situations arise through the fault of the scriptwriters – they come up with eccentric images that can be very difficult to implement. There is even a separate type of director who squeezes all the juice out of an actor to achieve a realistic effect. In a word, sometimes the set turns into a hellish cauldron, and the viewer sees only the tip of the iceberg – a fascinating film.

Daniel Radcliffe / Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Daniel Radcliffe.  Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

I must say that Daniel rather experienced moral torment from his participation in a well-known project. Role Harry potter was Radcliffe already familiar and did not require much effort. The actor relaxed so much that he seriously lowered the set bar and was unhappy with the final result.

During the premiere of the picture, Daniel did not have a face – he sat hunched over and covered his eyes with his hands. Subsequently, Radcliffe has repeatedly stated that he was ashamed of his work, since he could have embodied the image much better. However, the director and the audience were satisfied with everything, so there is an opinion that the actor decided to simply fill his own worth, having repented of nonexistent sins.

Robert Pattinson / Twilight

Robert Pattison.  dust

The image of a cute vampire appealed to the female half of the audience, but Robert Pattison not at all enthusiastic about his role. Edward already from the beginning of filming, he was alien to the actor, the character’s motivation seemed ridiculous to him, and his actions were incomprehensible. However, Robert did not refuse the role, probably money and fame are not the last arguments of the film industry.

Pattinson has repeatedly complained that it is very difficult for him to step away from the role of Edward and prove to the viewer his ability to embody more complex and deeper images. During the filming of the picture “Dust” Robert looked so sad and passive that they even thought he was kicked out of the project – it was so unpleasant for the actor to work on the film.

Shelley Duvall / The Shining

Shelley Duvall.  Shine

When we remember creation Stanley Kubrick “Shine”then we mean amazing acting Jack Nicholson… However, it is not only his efforts that “horror” has terrified impressionable audiences for more than 40 years. The wife of the protagonist was played by an actress with a very bright appearance, Shelley Duvall, which is simply impossible to forget when you see it once.

In relation to her, Kubrick proved to be a real sadist – constant nagging was a way to keep the actress under stress. An endless number of takes, screaming and claims from Stanley made Shelley’s existence so unbearable that it all ended in a swoon.

Choi Min Sik / Oldboy

Choi Min Sik.  Oldboy

South Korean actor before filming in the picture Oldboy knew perfectly well that he would have to lose weight and perform some tricks on his own. These are the standard requirements of many directors and they did not terrify Choi Min Sika… However, the actor had to endure the most unpleasant moments during the gastronomic attraction.

According to the plot, the character Choi Min Sik had to eat a live octopus – this is quite a standard practice for residents Korea… True, first the sea creature is cut into convenient pieces, and a fragrant dressing is also used. But the actor had to use the octopus right “from a piece”, while the matter was not limited to one take, Min Sik repeated the meal 4 times.

Daniel Day-Lewis / My Left Foot

Daniel Day-Lewis.  My left leg

It’s no secret that Day Lewis – a seasoned hunter for Oscars and the movie “My left leg” let the actor get one of the statuettes. True, during the filming, not everyone was happy, because Daniel began to torture not only himself, but also those around him. In order to play a courageous Irishman with cerebral palsy in a quality manner, Day-Lewis got into the habit of watching the inhabitants of the disabled home.

After some deliberation, the actor moved into a wheelchair and categorically refused to leave it until the completion of the project. In addition, the members of the film crew were forced to take on the role of carers – they not only transported Daniel and fed him, but also provided other services that the actor “could not use”, getting used to the character.

John Rhys-Davis / The Lord of the Rings

John Rhys-Davis.  Lord of the Rings

By far one of his best known roles John performed in the cult trilogy “Lord of the Rings”… Dwarf Gimli liked the audience and played an important part in the work Tolkien… However, the role of the fantasy dwarf turned out to be not too easy for the actor and the reason for this is the extensive makeup.

Of course, in order to realize the image of a gnome, a huge amount of “plaster” was not required, but lush eyebrows and a large nose had to be attached to the actor’s face. Soon, John developed an allergy to the components of the glue, so the character’s permanently swollen eyelids should not surprise the viewer.

Shia LaBeouf / Rage

Shia LaBeouf.  Rage

You can blame this actor as much as you like for his difficult temper and play of dubious quality. However, in diligence LaBeoufou you definitely will not refuse, because for the film “Rage” he sacrificed even more than the painting itself was worthy. What is only the service in the National Guard, which Shia passed immediately after receiving the role.

In the process of filming, LaBeouf continued his experiments – he filled in a tattoo, supplemented the makeup on his face with a knife cut, which had to be updated frequently. The height of madness was the removal of a healthy front tooth and the adoption of Christianity instead of Judaism. It looks like Shia really loves her job very much.

Adrien Brody / Pianist

Adrien Brody.  Pianist

Playing the prisoner of the Warsaw ghetto was really not an easy task, because today it is simply impossible to feel the fear and despair of those people. However, Brody I tried very hard to bring myself as close as possible to the desired state – he played the piano, went hungry and managed to lose more than 10 kilograms.

However, according to the actor himself, this was not enough, because the surrounding comfort did not allow him to feel all the “charms” of hardship. Brody hastened to give up the car and even the apartment, against this background he began to develop depression, which was aggravated by the separation from his girlfriend, who did not want to stay with such a strange boyfriend. And we can only say thank you Adrienne for the touching role that took away so much of his strength.

Nicole Kidman / Moulin Rouge!

Nicole Kidman.  Moulin rouge!

Musicals are almost always distinguished by light, airy presentation and “Moulin rouge!” was no exception. True, for a famous actress Nicole Kidman the shooting turned into a disaster – the troubles began with a knee injury, the fault of which was too high heels. It was still possible to survive, but then the actress was waiting for real hell.

Nicole fell down the stairs and broke her rib as her filming partner, Ewan McGregor failed to catch the actress, although this is what the script intended. After a short rehabilitation, Kidman again experienced difficulties – wanting to achieve the best result, she allowed herself to tighten the corset too tightly. The injured rib could not stand it and cracked.

Heath Ledger / Joker

Heath Ledger.  Joker

It’s no secret that the role Joker became for Heath Ledger, in many ways, fatal. The actor of his own free will tortured himself, locking himself in a motel and starving, which was accompanied by an extremely harsh sleep regime, which did not allow the man to really rest. In this state, Heath kept a diary of his character and came up with all sorts of absurdities that were supposed to amuse the Joker.

Obviously, Ledger wanted to play in such a way that he would forever remain in the memory of the viewer. However, he brought himself to such a physical and psychological state that he was forced to take various pills, the painful infatuation with which clearly did not benefit the actor. The Joker, played by Ledger and now many call the best, because he invented his own antihero, taking only the basis from the comics.

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