• September 29, 2022

10 best mods for Skyrim

Skyrim has been taking its place in the RPG market for almost 10 years. In many ways, its popularity is still supported by mods. Here are ten of the best mods available for download from Steam Worksop.


Despite the glory of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, playing the same game for so many years will be boring even for the most dedicated fan. Fortunately for fans of The Elder Scrolls 5, the modding community is not yet ready to give up on this project.

In fact, the Steam Workshop alone has literally thousands of mods to choose from, and beyond it there are even more. Even in 2020, users continue to create and update content for the game. And these are not just mods with minor cosmetic changes. Some of them even received major awards… For those who love Skyrim but need more content to keep their game interesting, we’ve compiled these Top 10 modifications.

Forgotten city

the forgotten city skyrim

“The Forgotten City” by Modern Storyteller is the first mod in history to receive a National Writers Guild Award. For almost 8 hours players are immersed in the murder mystery. They will have to conduct interrogations, explore the area and plunge headlong into deep moral dilemmas.

Also, this incredible mod includes multiple endings, original music and high-quality voice acting. IGN, PC Gamer, Kotaku, and many more have given it rave reviews, making this mod a must-have for all Skyrim fans new or returning to the game.

Amazing Race Settings

Amazing Race Tweaks!  skyrimThose looking for a richer and more immersive gameplay experience will appreciate the changes to race characteristics introduced in Amazing Race Tweaks. This mod pack changes the stats for each race in the game, making them more realistic and personalized.

Luck, Blessing, Persuasion, Intelligence, and many other bonuses have changed slightly. Some races even gain new passive abilities. For example, the Imperials can cheat death once a day. The modification contains improvements for the Imperials, Khajiit, Orcs, Argonians, Nords, Redguards, Bretons, Dark Elves, Wood Elves and High Elves.

Moon Trail to Elsweyr

Moonpath to elsweyr skyrim

Tired of adventure in Skyrim? Fans of the Khajiit or their homeland of Elsweyr can enjoy a new adventure on the Moon Trail. Join a Khajiit caravan and travel with them into the wilderness of Elsweyr. This huge mod introduces new creatures, quests and environments.

The modification offers players 13 new areas: lush jungle, dark forests and deserts. These new biomes are home to fearsome creatures unlike anything seen in Skyrim. Here players will have to meet various predators, sloads, hyenas and other monsters.

Expanded collection of cities and villages

Towns And Villages Enhanced Collection skyrim

Despite the fact that Skyrim is a fantastic game, it was released a long time ago and age affects the project in many of its areas. One of the best mods for dealing with project release times is the improved Towns and Villages collection. This series of mods introduces new items and textures at a higher resolution for the towns and villages of Skyrim.

The Towns and Villages Enhanced collection includes mods for Riverwood, Whiterun, Riften, Solitude, Windhelm, Falkreath, Markarth, and several smaller villages. Like any other mod that introduces graphical improvements to the game, it can raise the minimum requirements for game characteristics.

  • Download the mod from Steam Workshop. The Riften page will open, but the mod description contains links to all other regions.
  • The modification is only available in English.

Castle Shel Blood

Sjel Blad Castle skyrim

At first sight Sjel Blad Castle may seem like a trendy home, but it’s more than that. This mod includes the usual set of functions for housing: here you can store equipment and use it as a location for role-playing. However, this huge castle also has an armory, a forge, a vault, a trophy room, stables, guards, as well as new companions.

The features of the location do not end there. The castle includes the Hall of Ascension, which adds new ways to customize the playable class and appearance of the character. More than 30 horses are already waiting in the stables of the gamer, including the most exotic animals shown in The Elder Scrolls V. There are even several dungeons on the territory of the castle. This mod requires the Dawnguard and Dragonborn DLCs to work properly.

Mansion of evil

The Evil Mansion skyrim

The Evil Mansion is not just a building. Take a closer look. This mod is a real remake of Resident Evil for Skyrim. After hours of studying Resident Evil game maps and YouTube videos, the mod’s developer has created an exact replica of Spencer’s infamous mansion.

The mod offers both accommodation for the player and a special quest to unlock it. This is a complete renovation of the original mansion with additional facilities such as basement, dormitory and laboratory. To progress through the mansion, you have to fight dangerous creatures and solve puzzles reminiscent of the original Resident Evil game. Also, the modification includes unlockable vendors and companions, a stable for horses, unique loot and much more.


Falskaar skyrim

For those who want to test their strengths on new content, while not depriving themselves of the flavor of Skyrim, Falskaar opens an island off the coast of the provinceThe mod has a whole new land to explore, people to meet, quests to follow, and dungeons to dive into. In total, this adds about 20 hours of content to the game.

In total, the addon has 26 quests, including 9 main and 17 side ones. Players first enter these new lands by talking to Jalamar in Riften or by traveling directly to Deep Echo. This mod does not require any DLC, but the creator asks players to wait a few hours of in-game time before heading to Falskaar for it to load correctly.

Build your own city – become a Lord

Build Your Own City - Becoming A Lord skyrim

Ready for a whole new Elder Scrolls experience? They will be provided by the “Build Your Own City – Becoming A Lord” mod. The goal of this mod is to gradually build a city on an empty piece of land owned by the player.

As of September 2020, the mod remains in alpha testing, it is currently includes options for the lord’s mansion, citizens’ houses, different NPCs and more… Future additions, according to the developer, include improving the settlement to level 3 (or obtaining city status), a system of diplomacy, court wizards, trade warehouses and barracks.

Story zombies in Skyrim

The Lore Friendly Zombie Mod skyrim

Turn the land of Skyrim upside down with the help of the living dead! Lore Friendly Zombie Mod brings an eerie fog to Skyrim that turns mere mortals and unusual creatures into zombies. Currently, the world is inhabited by over 3,400 aggressive opponents, and there will be even more of them. Build your defense post at Mist Outpost with the local militia and rescue the survivors in the world overtaken by Molag Bal.

In high-risk gameplay similar to Dark Souls, even the smallest scratch on a zombie can result in death. Only extreme vigilance and good evasion skill will guarantee players’ survival in this new world. Not only are most of the map shrouded in fog, there are also new monsters in the mod.

Dungeon Markarth

Markarth undercity skyrim

For players who want to dive deeper into Markarth’s history, the Markarth Undercity modification has been created. This new cavernous area below the city has a main questline and a few side quests.

Don’t be overconfident with this fashion. It is designed for high-level players, and even those who have already leveled up to 50 can die from one hit. Enemies in the bowels have been completely redesigned, they have new characteristics and abilities. As a result, Markarth’s dungeon offers a level of difficulty unlike anything fans have encountered in vanilla Skyrim. Also the mod includes customizable enemies, items, merchants, companions and many exciting storiesto completely immerse players in this fantastic underworld.

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