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10 challenges for true fans of “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt”

If you believe that you have gone through the game up and down, and you think that nothing is impossible for you, then try yourself in these tests.

Despite the fact that the game “The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt” was released more than 5 years ago, it still remains incredibly popular. This growth is driven by the recent Netflix adaptation of Sapkowski’s work, as well as frequent sales on Steam.

10 challenges for those who are bored "Witcher 3"

However, for a gamer who has passed The Witcher 3 several times already, the project can be pretty boring. To prevent this from happening, it is worth accepting one of several challenges, which only an experienced player will be able to cope with.

10 – Mode “Without armor”

Geralt and little CiriIf you think the difficulty is “To Death!” in “The Witcher 3” is just fun for kids, why don’t you try to complete the whole game without armor… Immediately upon arrival in the White Garden, take off your trousers, gloves and chain mail (you can leave the boots) and don’t wear anything that adds protection from physical damage until the very end. After meeting with Emperor Nilfgaard, you will have the opportunity to dress in more stylish rag outfit. As a result, the difficulty of the game will increase so much that Geralt will die from the blow of almost any monster. However for an experienced witcher it should not be difficult to dodge or parry an attack.

9 – Born Alchemist

Witcher alchemistUsually gamers in The Witcher 3 remember about alchemy only when there is absolutely nothing to develop. So passing the game with the help of pumped up potions and bombs can be an excellent test for hardcore lovers.

The main condition is that the witcher must refrain from using swords and crossbows.

Damage to enemies should be done with bombs and everything else that alchemy gives. Investing perks in weapon and magic skills, of course, is also prohibited. However, do not think that it is impossible to complete the game as a pure alchemist. Yes, you have to step out of your comfort zone a little, however, Geralt will still be able to inflict huge damage, as well as receive bonuses from potions and decoctions. Everything will become even easier when you get the armor of the Manticore school.

8 – Travel Lover

Geralt and RoachThe world of “The Witcher 3” is not big enough to get to point to point using fast travel. So why not complicate your task by giving up this function, and at the same time and once again enjoy the beauties of Skellige, Velen and Toussaint. In addition, with this style of play, the gamer will almost certainly find several secret locations or hidden queststhat I didn’t know about before. Of course, you can move from one location to another using a pointer on the road, however, such a movement should be as logical as possible. That is, if you plan to go from Novigrad to Skellige, go to the port. It took a visit to a country with vineyards and vampires – go to the village where the knights of the princess were first met.

7 – trust your instinct

The witcher 3 battle with the bansheeAnother way to play through in an interesting way is to turn off the hood in the game settings. It would seem such an insignificant option, but how much hardcore it brings! During fights, you will no longer be able to see how much endurance or health left with Geralt – you have to trust your instincts.

By the way, PC owners have some advantage as they can disable and enable the HUD with just one Home key.

Thus, after each battle, you can see how many life points Geralt has left, and whether he needs to drink another healing elixir

6 – Simple Mortal Mode

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt find gearGeralt often manages to find valuable equipment or hidden chests with treasures only thanks to his witcher instinct. But what about forgetting about this feature, except for those moments when it needs to be done on a quest? It is also additionally recommended to abandon the use of magic elixirs, signs and witcher weapons. Your gear shouldn’t have either magical enchantments.

As a result, Geralt will turn from a witcher into an ordinary person who can only rely on his abilities in close combat.

5 – No more robberies!

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt stealingMorality in The Witcher 3 – a strange item. She seems to be, but it seems not. Geralt can steal things from other people’s houses with impunity, thereby obtaining valuable ingredients, food and even money. However, it is unlikely that a real witcher would behave so dishonestly towards ordinary people. So no more unpunished thefts – get everything with your labor!

4 – “Defiance of reason” mode

The Witcher 3 difficult choiceIf you are already tired of seeing happy faces heroes at the end of each quest or storyline, why not try to complete the game differently? Choose in dialogues only those answers that previously seemed immoral or incorrect to you. Look what will become of the country if you refuse to kill Radovid, what will happen to Toussaint after the death of the sisters-princesses, and also who will come to visit the witcher in Corvo Bianco if Ciri dies, and Triss and Ian refuse Geralt. Walkthrough the game the way you used to never tried, opens up new horizons and allows you to explore The Witcher 3 inside and out.

Well, if your conscience does not allow you to commit immoral acts, then at least just do not take on the main plot until you have completed all the DLC – you will discover several new dialogues.

3 – Vacation for Roach

Geralt on horsebackOh, what a wonderful thing the developers did by letting Wild Hunt players summon a horse anywhere. You don’t have to worry about overloading your inventory, picking up all kinds of junk with you, because you know what awaits you at the exit from the dungeon faithful roach… But if you want to add realism – refuse to call the horse with a whistle. Look for it where you left it last time, or stomp to the city on foot. And the best thing would be to arrange for Roach at all small vacationleaving her somewhere in the stable.

Just don’t forget to empty your inventory before going on your trip – there will be no more freebies.

2 – Enrolling in Boy Scouts

The witcher meditates by the fireIf you have already managed to explore the world of “The Witcher” up and down, then you should definitely refuse to use mini-maps… In addition, it is recommended that you no longer buy materials and ingredients needed to make witcher weapons, but look for them yourself. Also make it a rule that you can only meditate near the fires… By playing The Witcher 3 this way, you will always return to camp to craft supplies and get some rest, just like the real thing. scout

It is also highly recommended that you refuse to pump the Swallow perk, because receiving bonuses from food within 15 minutes of real time is a bit cheating, since supplies never run out.

1 – The Witcher School of Bath attendants

Geralt after the bathAfter passing the White Garden, immediately go to Novigrad and start storyline “Gangs of Novigrad”. Soon a task will open for you, during which you will have to visit the baths. From this moment, Geralt no longer has the right to use any equipment, and can only attack with fists and witcher signs. Of course, for a beginner such challenge It may seem very difficult, however, if you have already completed the game more than once and know the tactics of all bosses, then this test is for you – try to spank Detlaff or Imlerich bath towel

Well, or you can simplify your task by picking up wooden sword (can be obtained from Rosa var Attre during the search for Buttercup).

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