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10 craziest things Leon Kennedy did

The Resident Evil series is primarily the story of Leon S. Kennedy, who appeared in the second part. From then on, he is a constant hero. He can be found in the fourth and sixth parts, as well as in offshoots such as The Darkside Chronicles, Resident Evil: Damnation, and Resident Evil: Vendetta.

Madness and emphasis

Leon is a lone wolf, one of the survivors of the events in Raccoon City, and therefore he can be understood when he did things that were inadmissible for him. And yet, before the premiere of the new eighth part called Village, it is worth remembering what this character was doing crazy or stupid.

Joined the Raccoon City Police Force to solve a murder in Arklay mountainsmurder in the arklay mountains

According to a personal file read in The Umbrella Chronicles, Leon wanted to get into the Raccoon City Police Department for a reason. He was eager to solve a murder committed in the mountains (he did not know that one of the bases of the Umbrella Corporation was located there).

What’s in this strange? Event, no way not associated with him, became the reason for the desire to join the police of this particular city.

Went to Raccoon City in the midst of a zombie flood, although he was persuaded not to


Before the events of RE: 2, Leon, after graduating from the academy, went to Raccoon City – the place where he wanted to serve as a police officer. And he did it, however, on the very first day he found himself in the center of the zombie invasion.

What is there madness? An unfamiliar voice, talking to him on the phone, persuaded don’t go to town. If Leon had listened to the advice, he would not have gone there and could have avoided everything that eventually happened to him.

Left Lieutenant Marvin Bran alone to die


Arriving in the city and fleeing the zombies, Leon finds himself in the police department – the place where he originally went. It turned out that the building was full of zombies and the only survivors were Elliot Edward and Marvin Branagh – two police officers working right there. True, soon they both died and subsequently turned into zombies, which forced Leon to kill them.

In what weirdness deed? Leon knew Brana was infected with the virus, but did not kill him right away.

Wanted to help Ada in pursuit of Dr. Annette Birkin

The first meeting

Once in the underground parking lot, Leon meets the mysterious Ada Wong, posing as an FBI agent. She, according to her own words, arrived in Raccoon City in order to find out the cause of the outbreak of the virus that spread throughout the city.

Madness here is his obedience to superiors… He is a police officer, she is an FBI agent, so he must obey her. This was the reason for his decision to help her prosecute the “Glavgad” of this whole story – Dr. Annette Birkin. And we dare say that the adventure turned out to be very dangerous, although Leon did not know a bit about it.

Let Ada manipulate him

Ada manipulator

In Umbrella’s laboratory underground, Leon discovers that Ada Wong is not an FBI agent, but a mercenary whose goal is to steal the G-virus and sell it in the future. This dramatically spoils the relationship between them, which were just incipient.

Weirdness behavior on the part of Leon is simple – he fell in love in Hell, and therefore too late realized that she twisted and used it.

The situation repeated itself in Resident Evil 6, albeit in different conditions.

Accepted the government’s offer to become a special agentLeon special agent

When Leon and Claire Redfield (our hero’s companion) got out of Raccoon City, he began to take care of the daughter of William and Anna Birkin, as well as the carrier of the G-virus (in a sleeping state) Sherri Birkin, they were taken by the US Army. It turned out that the President of the United States, Adam Benford, knowing about the situation with Umbrella, decided to recruit Leon as a special agent.

What did you do Leon? After all that he saw, with minimal experience in law enforcement (remembering a one-day service life), Leon takes proposal, signing up for even more dangerous adventures later on. Although he could have refused, as many people would have done.

Went alone to find President Graham’s daughter

Loner in Spain

Before talking about Leon, you need to make a reference: in Resident Evil 4, President Graham’s daughter, Ashley, is kidnapped and taken to Spain. The President decides to send just one person. Whom? Of course, Leona.

Would a special agent go alone to a country whose language he does not know and where there is a conflict between the two forces for control of the territory and the population? Of course not. But none of this works with Leon. He himself goes to Spain, finds himself in trouble, and also manages to find and save the president’s daughter. Complete madnessthat only Leon is capable of. Well, and a little more – the plot of the game itself.

Finds herself in the middle of the East Slavic Civil War


Spain, apparently, did not teach him anything, since he agreed to another equally dangerous adventure. Still a rookie, Leon decides to take part in the investigation of the civil war using bioweapons. To do this, he went to the war-shaken city of Holigrad.

What is there madness? It’s simple: since he is new to these matters, then he is enough easily capture rebel leader Ivan Yudanovich. True, the hero was later able to easily escape.

Helps Ada escape from Chris Redfield and Pierce Nyvans to Lianshan


The events in Lianshan, unfolding in the sixth part of Resident Evil, forced Leon to meet with Ada Wong again. And under not too fortunate circumstances.

Chris Redfield and his partner Pierce Nyvans found her and surrounded her on both sides, holding her at gunpoint. They were sure that Ada was the cause of all the troubles (after completing the game, you will find out why they had such an opinion), but they were prevented by Leon and his partner Helena Harper, a former secret Service agent.

Oddities there is no. Rather, it was stupidity. He could not find out the truth and besides quarreled with a friend (however, later they made up when everything turned out to be about “Ada”, who actually turned out to be Carla Radames – Derek Simmons’ assistant, who used the K-virus to turn into Ada Wong).

Killed my whole team

Leon is drinking

According to the backstory for Resident Evil: Vendetta, Leon S. Kennedy took part in a zombie outbreak mission in New York City. He commanded a small detachment, however survived in the end, only he. He had to kill every member of the team, but there was a reason – they all became zombie

The strange thing is that, knowing how dangerous the virus is, after this event he did not continue the fight, but decided to become addicted to alcohol. Although it can be understood. Chris Redfield also drank in the 6th part of the game, because he was in a similar situation.

Leon S. Kennedy is definitely a hero and a savior. But his actions cannot always be called adequate. Rather, insane and rarely stupid.

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