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10 easter eggs that only true Marvel fans will notice

World premiere of yet another superhero movie from Marvel, “Black Widow”, took place June 30, 2021… Fans of the genre have already managed to appreciate the tape and form their own opinion about it. However, the plot of the picture is not all, the filmmakers left us a lot of “Easter eggs” that only the most attentive viewer will notice.

Black Widow 10 Easter eggs that only true Marvel fans will notice

It’s no secret that the Marvel universe is huge, and only loyal fans of the series are able to keep track of all the events. For the rest, we have prepared an overview of the main “Easter eggs” that can interest the audience and open the veil of secrecy for the viewer.

Location names

Black Widow.  Location titles

While browsing, we make sure to pay attention to the massive names of locations that appear on the screen when the action is transferred to a new location. This move does not look unusual for fans. Marvel – they have already seen all this in films Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Infinity War

Tape “Black Widow” in its chronology, it is just between the two above-mentioned pictures. This means that the filmmakers deliberately went for the addition of such titles in order to emphasize the place in the MCU of history. Natasha Romanoff


Black Widow.  Natasha watches James Bond

You probably noticed that the main character loves the picture. Moon Rider – one of the films about the legendary James Bond… While watching Natasha repeats words after characters, moving his lips soundlessly. The conclusion suggests itself that Romanoff This is not the first time he has watched this film. The creators knowingly drew our attention to this detail, because history “Black Widow” repeats in many respects “Moonraker”

If you remember the villain from “Moon Rider”, his hideout is a lot like Red room… There is also an intersection with the climax of “Black Widow”, where the characters literally fall from the sky – “Moonraker” just begins with a parachute jump scene.

The omen of Natasha’s death

Black Widow.  The death of an agent

It doesn’t matter if you like Romanoff or not, but it is quite exciting to start watching a movie knowing that Natasha to die in the picture “Avengers: Endgame”… Tape “Black Widow” unambiguously foreshadows this sad event in one of the scenes.

When Natasha and Elena trying to get away from pursuit, one of the agents dies. The fall of the character symbolizes Romanoff’s sacrifice. Surprisingly, even a lifeless agent repeats the position that Natasha’s body will take after her death on the territory Vormira

White suit

Black Widow.  Natasha in a white suit

We are all used to that Black Widow dresses in dark colors – this is quite natural and even logical. However, in the picture Keita Shortland Natasha and Elena flaunt in showy white suits. Few know that this is a reference to a limited series of comics. “Black Widow: Deadly”

If you look at the printed edition, there Natasha finds herself in the scenery of a snowy Moscow… In the film, Romanoff dons a white suit when sent to rescue him from prison. Alexey… The place of detention itself Red Guardian is located among the icy mountain ranges.

A reference to Ursa

Black Widow.  Mikhail Arsus.  Ursa

I must say that Alexey Shostakov Is a very good storyteller. However, sometimes he gets too carried away and begins to come up with outright fables about his exploits. Such tales are appropriate in the kitchen, but not in a prison where serious people are sitting, so it is not surprising that soon Red Guardian receives a claim from a major prisoner, Ursa

We see a reference to Mikhail Arsus, one of the Russian avengers, who is a kind of prototype Hulk… He is able to transform into a huge brown bear, and possesses monstrous strength, although he rarely appears in the original comics.

Alexey’s tattoos

Black Widow.  Red Guardian.  Tattoos

Red Guardian often appears in front of us with a naked torso, so an attentive viewer gets the opportunity to study his tattoos. Among them are personal drawings, as well as symbols Soviet Unioncherished so much Alexei… Tattoos say a lot about character Shostakov and its values, so it is simply impermissible to ignore this information.

Pay attention to the right hand along which a ribbon with two roses runs – you can see the names there Natasha and Elenaand also the image Iron Maiden In young age. It is worth noting tattoos in the form Red Guardian and Vladimir Lenin… Aleksey’s communist style complements the name Karl Marx on the fingers.

Taskmaster skills

Black Widow.  Taskmaster

Olga Kurilenko played in the film Taskmaster, agent Of the red room, which easily copies the fighting style of his opponents. In conversation with Natasha the character mentions that he is able to fight, like all of Romanoff’s friends, the name is due to Avengers… If you look closely, Taskmaster’s words are true, because we were able to evaluate the hero’s skills during the course of the film.

Kurylenko’s character skillfully wields a shield like Captain America, bow like Hawkeye, owns the technique of knife fighting, recalling Winter Soldier… Also Taskmaster successfully copies techniques Spiderman and Black Panther… It is easy to guess that Natasha’s movements are also an open book for the agent of the Red Room.

Crimson Dynamo

Crimson Dynamo

We perfectly remember how Alexei tried to cheer Elena up about halfway through the movie. It seemed that these attempts did not lead to anything, however, the girl nevertheless soon smiled when she called Shostakov Crimson Dynamo… This was probably done on purpose, to annoy Alexei a little, because he is Red Guardian

By the way, Crimson Dynamo is not an invention of Elena, but a real supervillain, a Russian prototype Iron ManAnton Vanko was the creator and first pilot of this exoskeleton.

Clint’s voice

Black Widow.  Hawkeye

Hawkeye is invisibly present in the film “Black Widow”so one day we even hear Clint Barton… This happens when Natasha has a flashback with her daughter. Dreykova and although nothing in the credits indicates who the voice belongs to, fans Marveldefinitely recognized him.

Now pay attention to the final scene of the film and you can find there a picture of Clint. Obviously, the fates of Natasha and Barton are seriously intertwined with each other, so the “Easter egg” completely follows from the logic of the universe.

Grave of Natasha

Black Widow.  Grave of Natasha

The post-credits scene shows us how Elena comes to the grave Natashawhere 3 words are engraved: daughter, sister, avenger… There happens a new plot twist, which contributes to the further continuation of the story, but now is not about that.

Resting place Black Widow very similar to how Drakov described her mother’s grave – under a flowering tree with pink leaves… It’s nice to know that the filmmakers keep an eye on even such trifles, leaving us curious, albeit sometimes confusing Easter eggs.

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