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10 facts about assassins that many do not know

The Brotherhood of Assassins holds many secrets, but players need to be especially careful to reveal them all.

Assassin's Creed 10 facts about assassins

The Brotherhood of Assassins is the primary organization of heroes in the world of the Assassin’s Creed franchise. They are the sworn enemies of the Knights Templar. Formally, both groups pursue the same goal – the salvation of mankind, but the means of achievement and ideology differ diametrically.

The outside world knows very little about the assassins – they act covertly and are not used to advertising their activities. However, despite the fact that in most games the main character is an assassin and, there are a few details that players may have missed.

Rise of Adam and Eve

Longtime fans of the Assassin’s Creed series realize the meaning of the mythology of Adam and Eve in the game world. Although Adam and Eve are not technically assassins themselves, their actions are viewed by the Brotherhood as being consistent with their own. Adam and Eve can be called proto-assassins.Rise of Adam and Eve

They – human and isu hybrids and fought against their creators in the name of freedom, and then stole Apple of Eden – an artifact that Isu used to control people.

First use of the hidden blade

The Hidden Blade is the ultimate assassin’s weapon, an integral part of the assassins’ image, who work both covertly and in plain sight.First use of the hidden blade

The very first use of the hidden blade is documented in the 5th century BC. Those who played the Assassin’s Creed Odyssey DLC witnessed this event first-hand – the moment Darius killed King Xerxes I.

Although this was the first recorded use, it is unknown if Darius himself was the inventor of the hidden blade.

Why don’t assassins have a ring finger?

The early brotherhood practice of amputating the ring finger dates back to the time when Bayek of Siwa accidentally cut off his finger while eliminating a member of the Order of the Ancients with a hidden blade. Although the blade can function without such a sacrifice, amputation later became an initiation into the fraternity.Ring finger amputation

When early assassins began to be recognized by severed fingers, the custom has lost its meaning.

This forced the brotherhood to improve the blade mechanism, which Altair did.

Nothing is true

The principle of brotherhood stems from the idea that true or complete objectivity is unattainable… Any particular truth on a universal scale is unrealistic and impossible. This is where the theory behind the Principle of Brotherhood comes from: a person can only know that he knows nothing… Interestingly, Juno considered this a defect inherent in all people.Nothing is true

Altair considered this ideology to be hypocrisy: if “nothing is true,” is the theory based on beliefs? Edward Kenway however, he considered this principle more a working theory than an established belief.

Initiation into the Brotherhood

There are two ways to be accepted into the Brotherhood: by being born into it or by being recruited. Vivid examples of descendants of assassins – Ezio and Desmond Mileswhose fathers were in the Brotherhood.Initiation into the Brotherhood

Regardless of the initiation method, all assassins must pass a series of tests and trainingsbefore they can become full members. Trials often include contracts to eliminate the enemy and other missions aimed at achieving the goals of the Brotherhood.

Respect for opponents

The Assassins had tremendous respect for the departed, both allies and enemies. When a member of the Brotherhood died, he was often buried in their respective crypts and large tombs, especially those whom the Brotherhood considers to be the greatest assassins such as Altair and Ezio.Respect for goals

When Ezio Auditore refused to honor his defeated enemy, who had been his longtime rival, his uncle Mario, reprimanded him. If the situation is right, the Assassins will perform the final rites for those who fall prey to their blades.

Various specializations

Contrary to popular belief, not all assassins fall under the archetype of the ability to run freely, jump from a height, and kill from the shadows. Brotherhoods often have different classes, and each has a vital role to play, although the archetype remains the most common. In the modern era, these types of assassins have become known as operatives.Various specializations

Other classes of assassins include herbalists, deceivers, thieves, rioters, and, in the modern era, historians, analysts, and computer technicians.

The prototypes of the Brotherhood

The origins of the Brotherhood of Assassins go back to the distant past even before they were called “Assassins”. The early Roman assassins called themselves Liberalis Circulum, or the Circle of Liberals. However, the first official iteration of the Assassins was an organization created by Bayek and Ayei, Hidden.The prototypes of the Brotherhood

However, before the conception of the Hidden Beings, there were already groups that fought against the organizations of the proto-Templars. Darius and Kassandra spent their lives fighting the Order of the Ancients long before the Hidden Ones were formed.

Another enemy of the Brotherhood

It is common knowledge that the main enemies of the Brotherhood of Assassins are the Order of the Knights Templar. There is, however, another organization that has become no less dangerous for the brotherhood. This organization is known as Instruments of the First WillAnother enemy of the Brotherhood

It is a cult aimed at reviving the Isu as they believe they deserve to rule humanity again. This cult is made up of former members of the Brotherhood of Assassins and the Knights Templar.

Lesser known assassins

Leonardo da Vinci

The Assassin’s Creed series features many historical figures who turned out to be assassins: Leonardo da Vinci, Caterina Sforza, George Washington, Napoleon Bonaparte and Charles Darwin. In addition to these famous personalities, there are other lesser known members of the Brotherhood in the AC universe: Marco Polo, Dante Alighieri, Ulysses S. Grant, Nikola Tesla, and Queen Elizabeth I.

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