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10 famous actors for whom Christmas is an empty phrase

Christmas.  Reluctantly a millionaire.  Leon.  Collage

It is no secret that for the Western world, Christmas is the most important holiday that is simply impossible to miss. People prepare for the celebration for a long time, lay chic tables, throw parties and have fun to the fullest. However, these actors stand out from the crowd – they do not recognize Christmas and try to ignore this holiday.

Why is this happening? The motives can be completely different – some are not supposed to celebrate the celebration for religious reasons, while other stars are guided by personal considerations. In any case, today we want to talk about the followers of the Grinch, who cannot be forced to decorate a fir tree and sing Christmas carols.

Natalie Portman

Natalie Portman.  Leon

Obviously, Natalie is one of those actresses who constantly fall into the field of view of venerable directors. The demand for Portman is easily explained by her outstanding talent and striking appearance. The very first role of Natalie became a cult one – in the film “Leon” she played a little girl who changes the life of a contract killer played by Jean Reno.

Many have heard that Portman’s ancestors were emigrants from Russia, however, few people know that they were Jews. Itself the actress was born in Jerusalem, and her real name is Hershlag. It was the Jewish faith that forbade Natalie to celebrate Christmas, but in 2017 she gave in and, under pressure from friends, decorated the Christmas tree, which was an exciting experience for the star.

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus.  Summer.  Classmates.  Love

Many will rightly notice: Miley is more of a musical performer than an actress. However, if you look at her filmography, it becomes clear: the girl is seriously passionate about cinema, although there are still not enough stars from the sky. She agrees to cameos and bit parts, in the firm belief that the main achievements in the industry are yet to come.

Thinking about Christmas Miley notes that this is a hypocritical holiday, soaked through with greed. Cyrus is especially outraged that we share our joy only with our relatives, completely forgetting about the disadvantaged and lonely people. After all, it is for them that Christmas is not a bright holiday, but an extra reminder of their own insolvency.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt

Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  Christmas

Recently, Joseph’s career has been gaining momentum – the man is turning into a real star, although relatively recently he was known to a not too wide circle of moviegoers. Projects such as “Knives Out”, “Time Loop” and “Snowden” were not without the participation of this actor. He also played one of the main roles in the film “Christmas”, although he himself has nothing to do with the Christian holiday..

Gordon-Levitt, although he was born in Los Angeles, his family belongs to the Jewish diaspora. According to Joseph himself, his parents did not put too much pressure on him religiously, but he continues to honor his roots and deliberately refuses to celebrate Christmas.

Hugh grant

Hugh grant.  Real love

Now many fans of Grant’s talent will be disappointed, but the actor absolutely cannot stand Christmas. This sounds especially strange given that Hugh starred in Love Actually, which is one of the most popular New Year’s films. So why would the ladies’ man and rom-com star deny himself the pleasure of celebrating the holiday?

home the reason for this behavior is the father of the star. When Hugh was very young, his dad found various excuses not to celebrate Christmas. If it worked out, the elder Grant left the country altogether, so it is not at all surprising that the son adopted this tradition from his father. Now Hugh is happy to go to Muslim countries for winter celebrations and abstract from the New Year’s fuss.

Jake Gyllenhaal

Jake Gyllenhaal.  Brokeback Mountain

Today, Jake Gyllenhaal is a successful actor who has starred in a huge number of resonant projects. What are only “Brokeback Mountain”, “Everest”, “Brothers Sisters”. Jake is extremely grateful to his parents, who have always paid close attention to raising a guy.

Jake’s mother is Jewish, and his father is Swedish and belongs to the New Jerusalem Church.. The actor himself fell into Judaism, so Christmas is not a holiday for him. He went through a bar mitzvah and, as instructed by his parents, always took care of the disadvantaged people – this helped Jake appreciate everything that he has.

Adam Sandler

Adam Sandler.  reluctant millionaire

An incredible comedian who so often starred in unsuccessful films is Adam Sandler. Ever since his student days, he discovered in himself the talent to make others laugh and began to develop his abilities, hitting the cinema. Lucky Gilmore, Reluctant Millionaire, Don’t Mess with the Zohan are just a few of his works.

Already by appearance it is easy to guess that Adam is a Jew. He is the Jew who does not hide his origin, but is really proud of him. Sandler honors religious customs and cannot even think about celebrating Christmas, he named his dog Matzbol, which literally translates as “a ball of matzah.”

Colin Firth

Colin Firth.  Real love

But Colin does not celebrate the main winter holiday for personal reasons. The actor is constantly filming in New Year’s movies, “Love Actually” and “A Christmas Story” are vivid examples of this. However, when it comes to celebrating, Firth turns into a real grumbler and a hermit who cannot be found.

According to the actor, he turns off the radio and TV, stops using the Internet, so as not to see the mock joy of others. Colin does not want to absorb tons of lies and hypocrisy, so he simply locks himself in his house. True, the actor does not specify whether he is celebrating the celebration, perhaps behind closed doors and reliable bolts, Firth still decorates the fir tree.

Marion Cotillard

Marion Cotillard.  Taxi

It’s time to talk about the French actress, Cotillard, the star of the Taxi franchise, a participant in the projects The Dark Knight and Inception. Of course, Marion does not belong to the Jewish faith and honors Christmas along with other holidays. but the actress is somewhat embarrassed by modern traditions, in particular, giving gifts.

When Marion was little, her mother, as usual, presented the girl with various surprises at Christmas. Either the gifts did not impress the future actress too much, or she does not see the connection of this custom with the very essence of the holiday, but the parent invariably received returns. Marion continues this practice even now – all her acquaintances know that it is better to do without presents during a visit to Cotillard.

Dustin Hoffman

Dustin Hoffman.  Perfumer

Many consider Hoffman a truly iconic actor who has appeared in an incredible number of films and received recognition. Pictures with his participation “Kramer against Kramer”, “Rain Man”, “Perfumer” have become a real classic. However, Dustin is always quite skeptical about celebrating Christmas.

It is obvious that Hoffman is a Jew, a descendant of emigrants from Russia. Dustin’s parents were not at all religious fanatics; during the Great Depression, the star’s father thought only about how to get a piece of bread, so there was no question of pompous celebrations. Future actor also received less attention than his more talented brother, an excellent student “Hoffman never knew the joy of Christmas.

Christoph Waltz

Christoph Waltz.  Inglourious Basterds

Before us is just an incredible example of a phenomenal career takeoff. For many years, Christophe was filming in Europe and was infinitely far from Hollywood, until he played a role in Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds. Having received several awards and a well-deserved portion of fame, Waltz received new offers from leading directors, and became truly famous.

Why Christophe does not like Christmas is unknown, because he refuses to expand on this topic. In one of the interviews, after another question from a journalist, Waltz said that he hates this holiday and only dreams of never having it.. Truly strange, but quite expressive words of a talented actor.

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