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10 famous actors who are considered the main freaks of Hollywood

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Sometimes we completely forget that famous actors, first of all, remain ordinary people. They have a variety of personalities and are capable of expressive and sometimes downright strange behavior. Let’s talk about the masters of the scene, who often shock others with their actions and have Hollywood the glory of eccentrics.

Why do the actors decide to shock the audience? Sometimes they are driven by a desire to stand out or assert themselves, but more often it is a matter of character. Obviously, even when a person becomes famous, internally he practically does not change, so if the oddities have taken place, they probably will not go anywhere.

James Franco

James Franco.  Spiderman

This actor is known to the general public for his participation in the project “Oz: The Great and Terrible”, and he also appeared in the franchises “Planet of the Apes” and “Spider-Man”. James is an extremely creative person, but not every layman can understand his art. So Franco paints pictures of erotic and provocative contentand also creates masterpieces invisible to the human eye.

Surprisingly, the actor also made money on this venture by selling his creation under the name “fresh air” to one of the buyers.

Of course, nobody was able to touch or see the work of art. James prefers to talk about himself in the third person and does not believe that a person should sleep in a comfortable bed, because this is a sign of weakness.

Gary Busey

Gary Busey.  Deadly weapon

The most productive period of the activity of this actor fell on the “eighties” of the last century. The painting “The Buddy Holly Story” brought Gary a nomination for “Oscar”… We know him better for his role as the main antagonist in the film “Lethal Weapon”. In 1988 Busey had a serious accident and only miraculously survived.

The male began to use illegal substances and ceased to control his speech. According to the plot of one of the films, Busey’s hero was supposed to go to heaven. Gary was outraged that the scenery did not correspond to reality, because the actor saw the heavenly kingdom with his own eyes and refused to act. The director had to try to make heaven look more natural from Busey’s point of view.

Tilda Swinton

Tilda Swinton.  Through the snow

Films such as The Chronicles of Narnia, Through the Snow and Something Wrong with Kevin did not go without the participation of Tilda Swinton. The woman has always been distinguished by a bright androgynous appearance, but she also boasts a rich inner world. By the way, Tilda does not hesitate to art house and independent cinema, which reveals a truly multifaceted personality in her.

Tilda’s most famous trick is at a contemporary art exhibition where she as an exhibit went to sleep in a glass box… Swinton also admits that her favorite pastime is taking pictures and filming the eggs laid by the actress’s personal chicken.

Crispin Glover

Crispin Glover.  Back to the Future

The most famous projects with Crispin’s participation are Charlie’s Angels and Jacuzzi Time Machine. Do not forget about the role of George McFly, the father of the protagonist in the film “Back to the Future”. By the way, Glover played only in the first film of the famous trilogy, because after evaluating the success of the film, he demanded a crazy fee for participating in the sequel and predictably lost his job.

However, Crispin is known to the public for his endless antics, which the actor attributes to his eccentricity, noting that his mental health is in perfect order. Glover uses candles instead of classic lamps at home, collects medical equipment from bygone eras, and collects models of volcanoes from paper.

Angelina Jolie

Angelina Jolie.  Lara Croft

The star of the films “Maleficent” and “Lara Croft” is better known to the public as a public figure. Jolie is a UN Goodwill Ambassador and a man who has traveled many Third World countries on humanitarian missions. Angelina has six children, but only three of them are biological – the rest of the actress adopted.

It may seem that Jolie is an unattainable ideal of a woman who cares not only about her life, but also makes the world a better place. However, fans will remember the strange actions of the actress for a long time. So she’s passionate kissed her own brother at the Oscar ceremony, and wore a drop of blood in a pendant her second husband, Billy Bob Thornton. Add to this a variety of surgical procedures to eliminate the likelihood of developing cancer and extreme childbirth in Namibiawhere Jolie went specifically to hide from journalists.

Billy Bob Thornton

Billy Bob Thornton.  Bad santa

As you already know, Billy was married to Angelina Jolie, their marriage lasted 3 years… Then Thornton had to reduce the tattoo with the name of his beloved, but this is just another trifle in the biography of the star of the painting “Bad Santa”. The actor suffers from very exotic phobias, many of which may seem strange.

Billy’s main fear is Komodo lizardshowever, he is not afraid of other lizards, spiders and cockroaches. Thornton can’t stand silver cutlery and feels extremely uncomfortable among antique furnitureand also believes in the magic of the number 7

Bill Murray

Bill Murray.  Ghostbusters

Looking at Bill’s on-screen characters, we can say that he is a wonderful person. However, the star of Groundhog Day is not as simple as it sometimes seems. In his youth, Bill got the nickname “hurricane” and he continues to match it even in old age. Murray is an active party-goer, he is not averse to wandering into someone else’s party, stealing food from a neighbor, or making fun of a stranger.

Sometimes Bill’s antics seem really tactless, but from the outside they look quite funny. Murray is a man of the old school, he does without an army of assistants and assistants, the only way to contact him is to call. However, directors and other interested parties often have to communicate with an answering machine, because Bill always has his own plans.

Shia LaBeouf

Shia LaBeouf.  Transformers

The actor became known to the public, starring in such films as “Rage” and “Transformers”. LaBeouf is a kind of bully who is trying to convey his philosophy to the general public. Shia does not even want to hear that his antics are meaningless and remain only a way to attract attention.

There is a known case when LaBeouf disappeared in the cinema for three daysto watch all your films. He appeared on the red carpet with a bag on his head and arranged two hour silent interview… Shia says that these are ways to come to terms with oneself and better know the soul, but it is more difficult for an actor to explain the pursuit of a drunken homeless person.

Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage.  Arms baron

Have you ever wondered why Nicholas is filmed so often? This is partly due to a lack of money. But how could a Hollywood star of this caliber need funds? Cage’s secret is simple – he spends everything that earns, and then agrees to roles, regardless of their quality, for the sake of new cash infusions.

The purchase of the octopus, which was supposed to take Nicholas’s acting to the next level, as well as the acquisition of castles and palaces in various parts of the world hit the wallet very hard. Cage quickly gets bored with such entertainments, so he is forced to look for new ones.

Nicholas rebuilt for himself a splendid Egyptian-style tomb, but then realized that it was too early to die and lost interest in his project.

Tom Cruise

Tom Cruise.  Edge of the future

Fanaticism is always scary, even if a person’s goals are initially noble. Tom Cruise is a member of the Church of Scientology, which, although it positions itself as more of a scientific and social organization, remains a religious community in the broadest sense of the word. Not all the postulates of this belief may seem adequate to the average person.

Tom wants to seem like a completely normal person, but it doesn’t always work out. When the actor’s marriage to Nicole Kidman broke up, he instructed his spiritual brothers to find a new bride for him, however, he did not take the advice. For another lover, Katie Holmes, he arranged round-the-clock surveillance, having resorted to the help of other parishioners. Ultimately, Cruz was the initiator of the physical punishment of church members who violated the strict rules of the community. And on the set of films, he had conflicts with the team.

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