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10 iconic acting and directing tandems

It is no secret that for many years of work, the director invariably designates for himself the pool of actors with whom he is most comfortable working. However, at times, this bond becomes incredibly strong. Many directors literally get hung up on a certain actor and try to use him in their best projects.

It is these tandems that will be discussed today. Sometimes an actor suits the director in style, sometimes there is personal affection and friendship. In any case, the viewer wins when creative people join their efforts to create another masterpiece.

Michael Caine / Christopher Nolan

Michael Caine.  The Dark Knight

One of the strangest tandems of our time is striking in its depth. Michael Caine participated in many high-profile projects – “Dunkirk”, “The Dark Knight”, Interstellar and others. However, the actor has never been in the lead roles. Michael more 88 years old – he embodied his first image on the screen in the distant 1958 year, therefore, the main roles are no longer available to him.

However, when it comes to filming the next film, Kane becomes the first choice. Nolana, who shot Mike in 7 of his films. Usually, a veteran of the acting workshop acts as a wise mentor, through whose lips it is convenient to convey important thoughts to the main characters.

Brendan Gleeson / McDonagh brothers

Brendan Gleason.  Lay low in Bruges

Brothers Martin and Michael McDonagh they shoot films separately from each other, which distinguishes them from other directorial tandems, related by kinship. However, they both actively use their acting talent. Gleason, which could not escape the attention of moviegoers. The brothers are likely to share considerations among themselves, since such a love for Brendan difficult to explain by a banal coincidence.

“Lay low in Bruges”, “Once Upon a Time in Ireland”, “Calvary” – all these films, as well as one short film, were created by the brothers with the participation of Gleason. Brendan’s typical Irish appearance allows him to look organically in the corresponding images.

Kurt Russell / John Carpenter

Kurt Russell.  Something

It’s hard to imagine today Russell in the role of a harmless and modest guy, but it was these images that he got at the dawn of his career. Meeting with John Carpenter changed a lot – Kurt began to embody cool, often wild characters, finally changing his role. The tandem turned out to be extremely successful and made a splash in the “eighties” of the last century.

“Something”, Escape from New York, “Big Trouble in Little China” – the best tapes of the duet. Since the beginning of the new century, the demand for Carpenter has seriously decreased, and Kurt Russell, having survived the decline in popularity, returned to the top and today continues to act in films.

Helena Bonham Carter / Tim Burton

Helena Bonham Carter.  Sweeney Todd

Let’s be honest – this tandem was formed, not least due to the romantic relationship between the actress and the director. As a result of this union, not only two children appeared, but also many films with the participation of Carter… Among the most famous paintings of the duo “Planet of the Apes”, “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”, Sweeney Todd

Curious that Helena often starred with Johnny depp under the direction of Tim Burton, therefore, their cooperation can be called a kind of creative triangle. After parting, the actress and the director maintained friendly relations, and we have the right to expect a lot of new high-profile projects from them.

Samuel L. Jackson / Quentin Tarantino

Samuel L. Jackson.  Django unchained

As you know, films Quentin Tarantino feature incredible bursts of action. The director’s signature style can be recognized practically with closed eyes, and Samuel L. Jackson became one of Quentin’s favorites. “Pulp Fiction”, “The Hateful Eight”, Django Unchained – the brightest films of the tandem.

Samuel is not always in the foreground for Tarantino, but even the smallest role he is able to play extremely convincingly. The incredible charisma of L. Jackson and his ability to embody the images of tough guys have invariably attracted the attention of the cult director.

Russell Crowe / Ridley Scott

Russell Crowe.  Gladiator

Probably the most successful work of this tandem was “Gladiator” – the picture opened the era of the revival of the genre of historical cinema. However, the most fruitful time for Crowe and Scott turned out to be “zero” when the tapes came out “Good year”, “Gangster”, “A set of lies”, “Robin the Hood”… Of course, these films could not repeat the success of “Gladiator”, but found their audience.

Despite the venerable age, Ridley continues to actively shoot, but lately he has definitely deprived his former favorite of attention. Perhaps a black cat ran between the partners, but it cannot be ruled out that the era has simply ended, and it makes no sense to return to it.

Brad Pitt / David Fincher

Brad Pitt.  Fight club

It’s no exaggeration to say that David fincher directly influenced the development of an acting career Brad Pitt… The cute guy could easily drown in an endless string of second-rate “romcoms”, but managed to go down a different path. On account of the tandem films such as “Seven”, “Fight club”, “The Mysterious Story of Benjamin Button”

Each of these films is a real bomb, a little gloomy, demonstrating the director’s alternative view of the surrounding reality. These vivid pictures, which hit the viewer in the heart, helped Brad Pitt become a really great actor, as well as win the sympathy of critics and audiences.

Robert De Niro / Martin Scorsese

Robert DeNiro.  Irishman

About love Scorsese to the talent De Niro there are legends – this couple made a rustle in the “eighties” and “nineties”. A in 2019 the picture came out “Irishman”, which delighted all fans of the gangster saga genre. Despite his advanced age RobertaScorsese continues to film it, resorting to modern computer rejuvenation technology.

Of course, the best times of the tandem are over, pictures “Taxi driver”, “Mad bull”, “Good guys” forever entered the golden collection of cinema. However, this is not the end of the story – at 2022 year the release of the film is planned Flower Moon Killers, which will star not only Robert De Niro, but also another favorite of Scorsese, Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo DiCaprio / Martin Scorsese

Leonardo DiCaprio.  Shutter Island

With the dawn of a new century Martin Scorsese could no longer shoot Roberta De Niro in all his paintings, because the master has grown quite old and not all images are now relevant to him. This made the director look for a new “favorite”, which became Leonardo DiCaprio – the tandem cooperation started from the tape “Gangs of New York”

“Aviator”, “The wolf of Wall Street”, “Shutter Island”, “The apostates” – each picture of the tandem became a real masterpiece, worthy of the audience’s attention. ribbon Flower Moon Killers will continue Leo’s fruitful cooperation with Martin, so it remains only to wait for the premiere.

Johnny Depp / Tim Burton

Johnny Depp.  Edward Scissorhands

It’s no secret what exactly Johnny Depp is the main favorite of the “dark storyteller”, Tim Burton… Between them, from the very first experience of cooperation, an elusive chemistry arose, which is still present today. Depp fully shares Burton’s views on cinematography and enjoys playing the eccentric and bizarre characters that the director creates.

Among the main projects of the tandem are films such as “Edward Scissorhands”, “Sleepy Hollow”, “Alice in Wonderland”, Sweeney Todd other. Many are convinced that we are facing a case of perfect cooperation and mutual understanding, so we expect new films from these guys that will blow up the rental.

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