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10 important tips for an impostor. Victory tactics

The role of the impostor is the most difficult role in the game. However, there are several tricks that greatly simplify the player’s life and increase his chances of winning the match.

Among Us - Impostor

Among Us conquered gamers with its socially deductive mechanics and uncomplicated art style, which became a unique feature of the project. The essence of the game is in identifying the impostor and banishing him from the spaceship… The role of the traitor, despite all the complexity, remains key in the game, so most players are eager to get it. If such an opportunity did arise, it is necessary to have a clear understanding of further actions.

Impostors should know well rules of the game and be aware of your own capabilities. It is important to be able to simulate common tasks, sabotage, take advantage of ventilation shafts, etc. Such a player will be a good opponent and will benefit both teams by presenting an interesting and intense game. The role of the impostor requires constant analysis of the current situation, but with our advice it will be much easier to stick to the plan.

So, here are 10 important tips for an impostor to help you win.

Final lie

Among Us - Extra Meeting

When was left alive no more than 3 crew members, the impostors should get to the big red button as soon as possible and press charges against one of the survivors. In this case, it is necessary to support the lie with fictitious evidence of the type “He got out of the ventilation” or “I was in the security room and saw him kill Red!” These are pretty serious charges that in most cases will lead to the expulsion of the average player. However, people’s trust will not last long. Once the innocent crew member is overboard, the deception will be revealed, and “Snitch” very big troubles await.

Therefore, the use of this token makes sense only when there is only one survivor on the way to the victory of the impostors.

Spare crew members

Among Us - Emergency Meeting Call

This effective tactic of impostors is in the division of players to those who actively use the opportunities of an emergency meeting, and who do not. Players who avoid attending meetings are better off keep alive for the rest of the game… In this case, the traitor will form a certain group of crew members who will not sound the alarm at the first opportunity. The main advantage of this tactic is that peaceful players can side with the traitor, mistakenly considering him innocent. “If he wanted to kill me, he would have done it long ago.”, They think. Not everyone will be able to guess that the impostor decided to spare them on purpose.

Emergency meeting

Among Us - big red button

The impostor, according to the majority, will not call a meeting… After all, the most logical thing in his case is to focus on eliminating rivals and sabotaging the ship’s vital systems. That is why the player who pressed big red buttonis most likely innocent. Indeed, why would a traitor do this? To press charges and vote for someone!

Large amounts of misinformation automatically fuel serious discussion, increase the number of suspects, and make it harder to identify the true enemy.

Among the possible options, the most pertinent are the accusations of the type “Yellow is acting suspiciously” or “Blue haunts me”… Using harmless language, the impostor will be able to maintain trust other survivors until the end of the game, and then take advantage of the most important lie and win.

Administrator card

Among Us - Administrator Card

Administrator card Is a rarely used but very effective tool that shows information about the number of players in different rooms. This can be very useful if a traitor wants to fabricate his story in such a way that it cannot be refuted by several people at the same time.

For example, if there are three survivors left in the game, and two of them are in the same room, then it is extremely illogical to make false accusations against any of them. Otherwise, the witness will be able to refute this claim and expose the impostor.

It is much more profitable to use this opportunity when all players are in different parts of the map and cannot justify each other. In this case, the lie can work.

Self-report or crime scene escape

Among Us - Killing a Crew Member

If you independently report on the “location” of the bodies, other crew members may have a number of questions. The theory that the same player turns out to be near the scene every time by pure chance, nobody will believe. On the other hand, running headlong away from the corpse is also not worth it. If at this time a survivor comes across the impostor, there will be many times more reasons for suspicion. Each of these actions has its own advantages and disadvantages, so there is no one-size-fits-all solution.

A retreat through a ventilation shaft is ideal. With its help, it will be possible to leave the crime scene as safely as possible.

Simulation of task execution

Among Us is a working player

The most suspicious teammate is someone who loitering around… After all, only impostors have no specific task. Any crew member who wanders the map and can’t find something to do is a potential traitor… The main idea of ​​the method is to stay for a while near the work area and avert the suspicions of peaceful players.

Moreover, the impostor, “busy” with work, gets time to think about a further plan. In this case, all sorts of sabotage associated with blocking doors, turning off the lights and creating crisis situations will be more effective. CCTV system and admin panel to the enemy also available, which allows him to show his “interest” in finding the killer and remove suspicion from himself.

Counter accusations

Among Us - a dispute between two players

Excuses like “It wasn’t me!” does not work. People will continue to put pressure on the alleged impostor if his line of defense is built on a banal rejection of facts brought against him. Such words simply have no weight. It is much more correct in such a situation to force a group of survivors doubt one’s own reasons

When publicly accused, it is necessary to come up with a plausible alibi (for example, refer to the completion of the task) and start provoking the player. Starting a dialogue with a phrase “You want to set me up. It’s all you! “ or “This is a self-report!”, you need to add something like “Stop voting against everyone! Everyone we threw overboard turned out to be innocent! “… Such responses will sow serious doubt in the ranks of the crew.

Self-report accusations

Among Us - Meeting Dialogue

Many people know that self-reporting is a favorite tactic of impostors, so anyone who reports the finding of a body will be viewed with a degree of suspicion. If you bet on the distrust of the majority and try to strengthen it, then there will be a good opportunity to get rid of one of the team members with someone else’s hands. However, it is also not worth blaming every peaceful player who discovered a corpse of self-report.

People will understand that the initiative comes from one player and will be wary. On the other hand, if a peaceful player starts making similar self-reporting charges, the impostor can move the arrows to him… As a result, the list of suspects will be increased, and confusion will begin among the crew members, which will make it difficult to calculate the true traitor.

Mutually beneficial cooperation

Among Us - two impostors

Each match can take part up to three impostors at the same time… With each new enemy, the game becomes more complex and dynamic. Traitors can get the most out of this whole situation if they work as a team. This is a rather risky undertaking: two impostors traveling together, much easier to calculate… However, in most cases, this risk is justified, since it becomes possible to perform spectacular multi-kills

Moreover, if one of them is pushed against the wall, his friend may try to intervene and transfer suspicions to the other player.

The effect of the interaction of multiple impostors can be devastating.


Among Us - Ship Compartment Map

The main secret of a traitor’s success is unpredictability… In this, Among Us is quite similar to poker. If the ship’s crew suspects that one of them is acting according to a previously prepared scheme, they will be ready to expel him. A good impostor should not repeat himself in anything, especially his line of conduct in discussions.

Using various arguments in emergency meetings, refusing to participate in some votes and changing tactics for eliminating crew members, the impostor will be one step closer to victory.

We strongly discourage using cheats for Among Us! – play fair

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