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10 interesting facts about the movie “Suicide Squad: Mission Kick Through”

Painting Suicide Squad: Mission Kick Through showed not very convincing results at the box office, but managed to collect mostly positive reviews from critics and the audience. Few people know, but the shooting of the picture was not without certain difficulties, so we could see a completely different version of the tape.

What attracts the attention of the next creation of DC? James Gunn managed to find little-known characters and make them real favorites of the public, and the rating R allowed the audience to enjoy some really upbeat action.

Creation of the Shark King

Undoubtedly, Shark King Is one of the funniest and most beloved characters in the franchise. And although the hero has a fairly simple design, it was very difficult to achieve high detail. Since King didn’t get too much screen time, this kind of filmmaker’s squeamishness might seem out of place, but the result was definitely worth it.

Using technology CGI, the film crew managed to create a decent model, but the shark’s overly white belly did not give Hannu rest. Before James I was satisfied with the work done, the specialists had to make a lot of efforts.

Rating R

Suicide Squad: Mission Kick Through

One of the main advantages of painting Suicide Squad: Mission Kick Through call the rating R, allowing you to saturate the tape with really cruel and naturalistic scenes. However, such a concept was not envisaged by the studio. Warner Bros. The company consistently promotes the rating PG-13designed for a wider audience. However, when it comes to Expanded DC Universe, staying within the framework is very difficult.

Making a movie is a series of compromises that the studio and the director make in order to be successful. James Gunn initially decided that he would create a picture with an R rating and was not going to concede in this matter to the bosses of the project.

Studio notes

Suicide Squad: Mission Kick Through

It’s no secret that films with a big budget are under the special control of the studio. The project management invariably issues notes to the director, where requirements, wishes and general concept are indicated. As he himself admitted Gunn, he worked in sparing conditions – Warner bros didn’t really care how James will achieve results.

The director also noted that he received much more studio notes from Marvelwhere he was not given such freedom. However, now Gann is a highly sought-after specialist, and not least because he knows how to follow the instructions of the bosses.

What does Superman have to do with it?


Of course the picture Suicide Squad: Mission Kick Through full of villains of all stripes – hidden (Amanda Waller) and explicit (Starro the Conqueror). Do not forget that the main characters are far from the kindest and most harmless guys. However, the concept could be radically different if the suicide squad were opposed Superman

Now this is difficult even to imagine, but the possibility of such a development of events was being worked out. However, it was decided to abandon this idea and find a more reasonable application for Superman, however, without mentioning the superhero, the case was not done. We learn from the film that Bloody sport sent the man out of steel straight to the hospital bed.

Rick Flag could have been left overboard

Probably the most courageous and morally stable member of the group may not have appeared in the picture at all. Suicide Squad: Mission Kick ThroughJames Gunn easily parted with the characters of the original film, so I was thinking of excluding the hero Yuel Kinnaman… The problem lay in the tight schedule of the actor, who simultaneously starred in one of the series and did not find an opportunity to participate in the project.

As Kinnaman himself later admitted, his manager saved the situation, who adjusted the filming schedule and allowed Yuel to prepare for the role in comfortable conditions. The actor himself was delighted with this opportunity, because he really wanted to take part in the next DC project.

Idris Elba helped Gann

Elbe not only played Bloody Sports, but also personally filmed several episodes of the film. I must say what counts Idris already has a directorial debut, but so far he is fully focused on his acting career.

It is impossible to say for certain which scenes Elba worked on, but there is no doubt about his professionalism, if Gunn entrusted such a responsible business to his ward.

Harley and Joker parting

Predator birds.  Harley quinn

When James Gunn wrote the script for his blockbuster, he was faced with a difficult task – to formalize the gap Joker and Harley quinn… The director did not even know that the picture “Predator birds” already completely solved his problem, separating the couple.

It is for this reason that in the tape Suicide Squad: Mission Kick Through this topic has received little attention. According to the plot, Harley Quinn unwittingly becomes the dictator’s bride Silvio Luna, but later deals with him, not wanting to repeat the mistakes of the past.

Flula Borg’s transformation

Perhaps, Flula Borg – not the most famous actor, but he is constantly in the spotlight, participating in various television shows. In the feed Suicide Squad: Mission Kick Through he got a small role Spears, who was soon destined to die.

I must say that Flula began to spend a lot of time in the gym specifically for the filming. He gained muscle mass and looked very impressive, which was never characteristic of an actor.

Another ending

Another advantage of the painting is the development of relationships between the characters. For all its brutality, the film is replete with moments of warmth.

Against this background, the optimistic ending seems quite logical – despite serious losses, the ties between the surviving members of the squad were strengthened and they became practically one family. However, soon Gunn admitted that he had originally planned a darker end to the tape, but did not go into details.

Taiki Waititi’s involvement

It won’t be wrong to say that Taika Waititi today one of the most sought-after workers in the film industry. The director is involved in a huge number of projects in parallel and cannot take on really big roles.

James Gunn originally planned to provide Waititi with a lot of screen time, but due to the development “Akira” he was forced to refuse. As a result, Taika appears in the episode where Pied Piper 2 remembers her father. Even Waititi’s involvement in such a small scene made DC fans happy, so everything was done right.

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