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10 most difficult decisions and consequences of choice

Key points of the game that make you think and have a direct impact on the plot.

Skyrim consequences of the 10 most difficult decisions

Subject choice – the main component of RPG games. When the player sees the consequences of his decisions, he imperceptibly begins to plunge more and more into the fictional world. but the choice in quests is not always divided into black and white… In some cases, you have to delve into shades of gray, pondering for hours on which side to take in a conflict. Today we let’s talk about 10 most difficult decisionsaccepted by the players of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, as well as the consequences to which they lead.

10 – The strange jester and his mother

The strange jester and his mother

It is unlikely that many players in their first playthrough of Skyrim stumbled upon a quest “Late funeral”, because the task can only be activated before joining the Dark Brotherhood… Its essence is as follows: one guy named Cicero, dressed in a jester’s outfit, urgently needed help fixing a wheel for a cart. Luckily, Lorey’s farm is nearby, and the owner must find the right tools. But the honest worker flatly refuses to help Cicero, because he fears that the jester may be a smuggler.

For a player who stumbles upon this quest for the first time, the whole situation can seem very confusing. However, Cicero insists that the box contains not contraband, but the body of his mother, whom he transported to “new house”. Dovahkiin has two choices:

  1. Believe the jester and convince Lorey share tools.
  2. Report to the guard nearby about a strange man who looks like a smuggler.

Only after joining the Dark Brotherhood, the player learns that Cicero was in the carriage at that moment Night Mother’s body box… If the Dragonborn convinced Lorey, then the conflict will be resolved peacefully and everyone will remain alive. However, if Cicero was detained by a guard, then soon the whole family of the farmer will be eliminated, and the body of the Night Mother will still end up in the Vault.

9 – The Butcher of Windhelm

Blood in the snow

Arriving in Windhelm for the first time, Dovahkiin learns that in the city wielded by a serial maniac, nicknamed by the townspeople Butcher… Only young girls become victims of this madman. Passing by the cemetery at night, the player can witness the investigation of the crime, after which the quest is activated “Blood in the Snow”which has several different endings.

During the investigation, Dovahkiin will have to find evidence in the Hierim mansion, which will indicate that The butcher practices necromancy… The only suspect is the court mage Ulfric Wunferth the Unliving. If the player rushes to accuse the sorcerer of the crimes, then after a while he risks again witnessing the atrocities of the butcher, and an innocent person will end up in dungeon. However, if you explain the whole situation to Jorleif, he will help us in the investigation, pushing on the trail of a true maniac.

Not all gamers complete the quest in this way, because the story is very confusing.

8 – Redguard Hunters

A time of hardship

Immediately after the destruction of the first dragon on the way to Dragon’s Reach Dragonborn will witness a quarrel between a guard and two Alik’r warriors… The fact is that their brother was caught trying to illegally penetrate Whiterun and is now in prison. The reason for this, according to the Redguards, was justified – they are looking for one girl who escaped from Hamerfell, for whose head a bounty was assigned. After the end of the conversation, one of the Alik’r will turn to the Dragonborn for help, activating the quest “Time of hardship”

It is easy to guess that the desired special is Sadiya – Waitress at the Prancing Mare tavern. However, helping the bounty hunters or not is still a question, because they not only break the law in trying to get into the city, but also harass people outside Whiterun.

After the start of the quest, a chance encounter may occur, in which the Alik’r will pester another Redguard girl.

But with this task, not everything is so simple, because Sadia herself is good – at the first meeting will threaten Dovahkiin with a knife, and then abruptly turn on the innocent victim. If the player agrees to help her, then during the quest he will have to talk to the leader of the Alik’rts, Kematu. Redguard reveals that Sadia (she Iman) is hiding in Skyrim because she sold the city of Thanet to the Aldmeri Dominion in the Great War.

Helping the waitress after that or sending her to a verdict is a very difficult decision.

7 – Escape the Sydna Mine

Escape from Sydna Mine

After the first visit to ancient city of dwemer Markarth the player will be involved in local problems. During the quest Dovahkiin will go to the prison called Sydna Mine – here prisoners while away the time, mining silver ore. However, in the dungeon, by accident, rogue king Madanah… After talking with one of the most influential figures in Skyrim, Dragonborn will have to make a choice: to side with the rogue or to eliminate Madanach.

This point will prove to be especially difficult for those familiar with the lore of The Elder Scrolls. The fact is that in Skyrim, outcasts are presented in the form of robbers who want to conquer Markarth. However, after reading the in-game books, we learn that outcasts are the indigenous people of the Reachso it’s hard to judge them for wanting their home back. In addition, if Dovahkiin helps Madanakh, he will receive as a reward armor of the Old Gods – a unique set that you can’t get otherwise.

6 – The Fate of Goldleaf

Goldenleaf's Fate

During the passage of the quest “Nature miracle” (taken in Whiterun from the priestess of Kynareth named Danica) the player will have to make one of the most difficult choicesrevive the sacred symbol with the help of juice taken from the mother tree, or destroy Goldleaf, and instead plant a new shoot.

It would seem that there is nothing wrong with taking a few drops of juice from a huge plant. However, nature will decide otherwise. If Dovahkiin will desecrate the sacred temple of Kynareth, then all his pilgrims will be destroyed by the Spriggans.

The second way to complete the “Wonder of Nature” is to agree to Maurice’s proposal, taking not juice from the sanctuary, but a new escape. As a result, the old Goldleaf in Whiterun will be cut down, and in its place a young tree will appear

5 – Best friend of the Daedric Prince

Best friend of the Daedric Prince

In Falkreath, you can complete one of the Daedric Princes quests. During this task, Dovahkiin will reconcile Clavicus Vile with his dog Barbas… However, in the final part of the mission, he will ask us to eliminate the dog so that they can reunite with him again, but after a hundred years. The Dragonborn will face a difficult choice:

  1. Agree to Clavicus Vile’s request, betraying Barbas’s trust
  2. Refuse to destroy the dog, thereby challenging the words of the Daedric Prince

In the first case, Clavicus Vile will be very pleased with the Dragonborn and will give him for completing the quest Ax of Sorrow… In the second, he will a little lamented at Dovahkiin that everything turned out to be so boring, however, it doesn’t matter reward him with his mask

4 – kill darkness or become darkness

Astrid in the hut

After Dovahkiin assists Aventus Aretino, the messenger will deliver a letter to the protagonist, in which there will be only two words: “We know”, as well as assassins guild badge… These messages will keep coming until the Dragonborn goes to bed. Dovahkiin will wake up in a lonely hut on the outskirts of the swamps, and next to him there will be a girl named Astrid… The head of the Dark Brotherhood will offer the player to join their order, proving loyalty to Sithis by deed – by eliminating one of the bound prisoners.

However, there is one more scenario – destroy Astrid herselfto end the Assassins Guild in Skyrim once and for all.

After that, the gamer can meet with the squad leader Penitus Oculatus on the Dragon Bridge.

One side destroy the Dark Brotherhood – it’s just that, on the other hand, by defeating Astrid, the player will deprive himself of the option of passing exciting quests with unique rewards. What is only a mission with an order for itself Emperor of Tamriel, as well as the opportunity to become the new head of the guild.

3 – Guardian of the Dawn or High Vampire

Dawnguard or High Vampire

Another difficult story choice came to Skyrim after the release DLC “Guardians of the Dawn”… The player has to choose a side in a conflict between vampires and vampire hunters… Of course, for many gamers who prefer to play an honest hero, the choice will be obvious. However, in essence, the introduction to Dawn’s Guardian does not give anything except the ability to use a battle troll or acquire your own husky (we do not take into account unique equipment, since vampires also have it).

And here join to clan Volkihar it will be much more interesting, because in this case we will be able to play as the Vampire Lord, who has his own pumping branch (by analogy with a werewolf). However, in this case, Dovahkiin will have to destroy many innocent people, and also doom the province of Skyrim to new troubles, because other vampires will not be exterminated.

The only good news is that regardless of the plot choice, Serana will remain faithful to us.

2 – Empire or Stormcloaks

Empire or Stormcloaks

Where without the eternal confrontation between nords and imperials… The former want to achieve independence for the province, but at the same time they look down on other races (especially elves). The latter are drowned for the unity of the Empire, however, are forced to obey the Aldmeri Dominion, whose agents roam Skyrim as if at home, and even grab people for praying to Talos.

By side with the Stormcloaks, the player will ultimately will make Ulfric high kingand the elves will leave the province. However, many good jarls (the same Balgruf), who really care about the people, will be thrown into prison.

Having supported the Empire, Elisif the Fair will be queen of Skyrim – the young wife of the late King Torug, who is highly respected among the common people. But she can’t do anything with the Thalmor, who will continue their atrocities in the province.

1 – Blades or Dragons

Blades or Dragons

After defeating Alduin, Dolphin will offer the player revive the Order of Blades in Skyrim. However, before that you have to destroy Paarthurnaxthe noblest of dragons, who was of great help in the fight against the World Eater. What for? Well, just because it’s a big lizard. Needless to say, to side with the Blades is to betray a good friend?

After defeating Paarthurnax, the Greybeards will refuse to have anything to do with Dovahkiin.

However, the revival of the order is also a very attractive idea, because all recruits will have to be recruited personally from among the most worthy companions.

Of course, not all quests in Skyrim have multiple endingsbased on the gamer’s choice. However, if such a task comes across an RPG connoisseur, then he will have to puzzle for a long time over how to proceed, comparing all the pros and cons for the further game.

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