• October 3, 2023

10 most powerful weapons in PC games

Do you like RPGs in which you can get really deadly? Then the weapons from this top are created especially for you!

Powerful RPG weapon

An RPG is as good as its weapons are capable of surprising and engaging. Of course this statement can be disputedbut weapons certainly play an important role in RPGs. One of the best things players can do during an RPG is to scour the world and look for the perfect weapon or whatever suits their character build.

There is no shortage of super-powerful weapons in the RPG world, from swords larger than their wearer to deadly magical artifacts. In this top, we have collected 10 of the most powerful items to fight with, from staves to grenade launchers.

Prismatic Hammer – Outer Worlds

Prismatic Hammer - Outer Worlds

The Prismatic Hammer from Outer Worlds is the epitome of that cool weapon that makes your blood run cold. It’s insanely fun to watch him land and he’s so powerful. One hit from this big guy, and enemies will fly faster than they can blink.

The game that uses this weapon is known for its quirky humor and fun gameplay, and this powerful item meets all the requirements of the setting. Even its description, which pops up when the item is found, already indicates that this hammer is incredibly powerful.

Wabbajack – Skyrim

Wabbajack - Skyrim

The Wabbajack is a weapon best described as “freakishly powerful.” Its action is so strange that the staff can either be your best friend in battles, or you just break the game with it.

This Daedric artifact will allow its owner to use powerful magic. She will either generate spontaneous uncontrollable explosionsor turn enemies into random creatures… Often times the game gets too random and just breaks. However, all things considered, it’s fair to call this weapon one of the most powerful weapons in Skyrim and in RPGs in general. Thingcapable of turning enemies into anything or simply destroying them where they stand is certainly worthy of being in this ranking.

Buster Sword – Final Fantasy VII

Buster Sword - Final Fantasy VII

It’s hard to think of Cloud Strife and Final Fantasy VII without thinking about this giant blade. An iconic weapon in RPGs, Buster has undoubtedly seen quite a few fights. Many of those who were foolish enough to face this enormous sword left the world of the living prematurely.

These weapons are 5 to 6 feet long. Handling such a giant broadsword is a feat., but once the owner learns to use it, he can defeat anyone. This weapon is so iconic that it has appeared several times outside of its universe.

Keyblade – Kingdom Hearts

Keyblade - Kingdom Hearts

It is the Keyblade that is the favorite weapon of the protagonist of Kingdom Heart. It is unique and diverse as it can change shape. To do this, simply change the key chain attached to the weapon. This change is not only purely cosmetic! New appearance gives additional characteristics and abilities, with Ultima Weapon being its latest and most powerful version. Oh, and he can also open locks. After all, this is the key.

Lightsaber – Star Wars

Lightsaber - Star Wars

Who doesn’t know what a lightsaber is? Everyone has ever imagined that they have one, especially when the first Star Wars films first came out. This weapon is iconic in pop culture and has also appeared in video games on numerous occasions.

Star Wars is popular not only in the world of movies and TV shows, but also in the video game universe. Time and time again, titles in this franchise have drawn players in for many reasons, one of which is the ability to wield a lightsaber. When a player is allowed to slash enemies with a Jedi weapon there is a feeling of satisfaction and power, which can only be delivered by the strongest weaponry.

Master’s Sword – Legend of Zelda

Master's Sword - Legend of Zelda

The Master’s Sword is a weapon featured in several Legend of Zelda games. and has different names: Legendary Sword, Sword of Resurrection, Sacred Sword. The Sword of the Master is the most recent version to appear in the latest Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and is as powerful as its predecessors.

It is considered the most powerful weapon in the game. It is also the hardest to obtain. It has a backstory very similar to the legend of Excalibur. As soon as the player becomes strong enough to pull the sword out of storage, he gets the most powerful weapon. The Master’s Sword is capable of shooting beams of energy and becomes stronger when used against evil creatures. The perfect weapon for a positive hero.

MIRV – Fallout

MIRV - Fallout

Experimental MIRV (Multiple Charge Nuclear Grenade Launcher) is a weapon found in Fallout (Fat Man family). This weapon is heavy and has an incredibly powerful punch.

When activated, MIRV will launch 8 nuclear mini-bombs! That’s right, this weapon is a miniature weapon of mass destruction. It is clearly not worth using in a simple firefight, but it will undoubtedly bring players a guaranteed victory. This weapon is so powerful that every time it strikes, even the screen shakes. The only downside to this grenade launcher is that it can be inaccurate and kill the person shooting with it if it gets too close.

Ax Leviathan – God of War

Ax Leviathan - God of War

When the last God of War game was overhauled, the developers made the smart decision to give Kratos a new weapon. And so he got the Ax Leviathan. This weapon became the “anti-Mjolnir”. Now, if there is anything powerful enough to stop the most powerful weapon in the Nine Worlds, it is the Leviathan Ax. In addition, Kratos himself owns it. This automatically makes the weapon more impressive.

Arondite – The Witcher 3

Ardonite - The Witcher 3

Arondite is a weapon that was added to The Witcher 3 along with the Blood and Wine DLC. In fact, this sword first appeared in the second part of the franchise, where Geralt seems to have lost the blade by hitting the dragon with it.

In The Witcher 3, this weapon is considered powerful because it grows more powerful with use. Each kill of a monster with this sword gives a special charge that allows you to deal additional damage. Every time Geralt kills an enemy with this blade, Arondite becomes stronger. The number of charges received is limited, but this is more than enough for players to be able to complete the game to the end, constantly pumping their weapons.

Heavy Bow Cannon – Monster Hunter: World

Heavy Bow Cannon - Monster Hunter: World

In a world filled with terrifying giant monsters, we will help the monster hunter get a decent weapon. The Heavy Bow Cannon is powerful enough to slay even the most powerful beast. It is also deservedly recognized as the most powerful in the game. And this despite the fact that Monster Hunter: World is filled with lethal weapons from the very beginning, and fans have something to compare with.

Such a powerful weapon must have its drawbacks, and the Bow gun is no exception. Although it provides the highest damage in the game, the shot speed is extremely slow. Players need to know how to properly time their attacks using this weapon. However, once gamers master this art, they will be able to navigate the world of Monster Hunter without fear or reproach.

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