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10 mysterious secrets of Skyrim

Skyrim is fraught with many mysteries and questions to which there are no answers, but we will try to figure out something.

Skyrim Whiterun

Few RPG franchises can match the immersion quality of The Elder Scrolls. The world of this universe is filled with hundreds of quests and locations. This title can keep the player busy for hundreds of hours, while each time throwing him new riddles and secrets

Even with the deepest knowledge of the franchise, players still have unanswered questions after going through Skyrim. Whiterun is a region full of secrets. In the first major city in the game, many storylines end in mysterious ways. We share with you 10 secrets of the majestic Whiterun.

Gray Manes vs. Sons of Battle (Post-Civil War)

Son of Battle

The Greymane and Sons of Battle factions date back to the Merethic Era. Previously, they got along well while the Civil War drove a wedge between them: The Greymanes supported the Stormcloaks, and the Sons of Battle supported the Empire.

The fact is that this conflict does not change in any way after the end of the Civil War. Nothing develops in this dispute at all. How do the parties treat each other after the war? Bethesda never answered this question.

Where does Nazim live?

Nazim Skyrim

To the man who screams about the Cloud District at every opportunity, it’s really weird to rent a room in “The Drunken Hunter”… Where does Nazim actually live? It is clear that he is quite rich and has connections with various influential people.

There is an answer to this question. By searching Nazim’s pockets, you can get the key to Wintersands Homestead, where, most likely, he lives. However, this estate does not exist. It cannot be accessed even with cheats. Bethesda completely removed this place before the game was released… And so it happened that Nazim’s permanent home is a small room in a tavern.

Where do the Ice Trolls attack?

Skyrim Ice Troll

The Pocket Guide to the Empire (Third Edition) is a common book in Skyrim that talks about the political climate of the province. This is invaluable for new Elder Scrolls fans looking to learn about the history of the world. but some details of the book do not correspond to the game itself

This book mentions that the reason Whiterun is in his current state is associated with frequent attacks by bandits and ice trolls. The bandits in this area are easy to imagine as they have camps throughout the property, but ice trolls can only be seen much further north or on their way to High Hrothgar. Where do these attacks come from and why do players never witness such attacks during the passage?

Why is Jarl Balgruf important?

Jarl Balgruf Skyrim

The main NPCs are characters that cannot be killed until their status is changed in the game settings. This is done so that important heroes tied to quests do not disappear from the plot ahead of time. However, some NPCs have this status for no apparent reason. One of these is Jarl Balgruf of Whiterun.

Although Balgruf may die during the Civil War, if the player side with the Stormcloaks (then Vignar Graymane will replace him), it is impossible to kill him earlier. However, if the Jarl ever dies, his brother Hrongar will take his place in the script. Hrongar’s voice lines are fully recorded and implemented in-game for each quest in which Balgruf the Great participated. With all this in mind, why can’t Jarl Balgruf be killed most of the game time? Probably, the developers simply overlooked this part due to the fact that most of the “Whispering Door” quest was cutbut nobody knows for sure.

Isolde a drug dealer?

Isolde Skyrim

When players enter Sleepy Tree Camp and enter a nearby cave, they can examine the body of the orc bandit Ulagom, who will have a note for Isolde about the delivery of the Dream Tree sap. After talking with her about this, the player will unlock the opportunity to sell her this resin for 150 gold apiece.

It is said that the sap of a sleeping tree causes hallucinations in those who swallow it, and can even disorient a person. These effects are similar to narcotic effects, such as those from skooma. However, Sleepy Tree sap is perfectly legal in Skyrim. Since it is usually sold by those dealing with moon sugar and skooma, does this mean that Isolde may be dealing with even more dubious goods? This would explain her connection to the Khajiit caravans.

How did Jarl Balgruf get the Ebony Blade?

Skyrim Ebony Blade

The Ebony Blade is under the throne of Jarl Balgruf., a powerful Daedric artifact belonging to Mephala. It’s understandable why he chose to lock it up in Dragon’s Reach, but it’s unclear how he got it. Does Balgruf have connections with Daedric princes that no one else knows about but himself? The game never tries to answer these questions.

Why is there a skeleton in the Moat of Dragon’s Reach?

Dragon's Reach skeleton

The skeleton can be found floating in the water in the moat that surrounds Dragon’s Reach. It can usually be found right under the wooden bridge that connects the Cloud District to the castle.

Who is it? Some fans have suggested that this is Christoph Bartle, who worked for Maven Black Heather., but did not cope with an important task for her. Others speculate that it was Ayrilet who took care of the assassin sent to eliminate the Jarl. However, the players never received an official answer, and a search in the Creation Kit also did not find a unique name for this skeleton.

Where does Ayrilet sleep?


Speaking of Ayrilet, where does she sleep? Almost every NPC in Dragon’s Reach has a specific bed that they sleep on at some point other than her. If players stay in the location after sunset and wait, they will see that everyone goes to bed, except for the Dunmer. which stands endlessly at its post. She may be the most accomplished Huscarl in Skyrim, but that doesn’t make her immune to basic needs like rest and food.

Why did Ayrilet leave Morag Tong?


Calling Ayrilet the most skilled Huscarl in Skyrim is no exaggeration. According to the Official Guide for Skyrim, she studied at Morag Tong in her youth. For those who don’t know, the Morag Tong is an assassin’s guild that predates the Dark Brotherhood. In other words, Airileth was trained by the most powerful and powerful assassin guild in Tamriel.

How exactly did she leave the guild and, more importantly, why? Jarl Balgruf and Ayrilet mention their relationship, which is rooted in the past. The Dunmer woman may have left the guild after meeting Balgruf. Again, the game has no answers to this.

Was Sadia telling the truth?


A Time of Harvest is a quest in which players search for a missing Redguard woman for a group of Alik’r warriors. The woman in question Sadia, tells the protagonist that she opposed the Aldmeri Dominion and that these soldiers are employed by them. On the other hand, however, the Alik’r warriors will tell the player that Sadia fled Hammerfell, betraying her people

Unlike most quests in Skyrim, it’s hard to tell who’s telling the truth here. Players can make a compelling case for either side because there is no official evidence. No one knows exactly which side was telling the truth.

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