• September 28, 2023

10 plot secrets that no one knows about

The game The Medium left a lot of conflicting feelings for the players. However, fans and critics alike believe there are many blank spots in the game. Only those who have paid attention to all the small plot details will be able to clarify the story for themselves.

The Medium all the secrets of the plot

The Bloober Team did their best to fill The Medium with double meanings and leave some of the issues unresolved. The game is made in the genre psychological horror. And although The Medium is unlikely to make someone jump away from the screen as fearfully as Outlast, many liked it precisely for the depth of the plot. After passing in front of you will be a fairly complete picture of what happened. but those things that only the most attentive players noticed.

Marianne’s mom

The Medium marianne

At the beginning of the game, when Marianna talks about her life with her guardian and how hard it was for her to lose him, it would be logical to conclude that the girl is an orphan whose family died in a car accident. However, this is not at all true., and we will find out about this after some time spent in the game.

Marianne has a sister and a father, they are alive and well. Her mother left this world in childbirth. This becomes known when Lillian begins to blame Marianne for the fact that they were left without a parent.

Why did Marianne forget about her family?

The Medium Marianne in the world of perfume

It’s pretty logical to wonder why did a young girl live with her stepfather, and not with people with whom they are connected by blood ties.

When the girl was only three years old, their house was burned to the ground by a man named Henry. Both sisters were saved by the creature Maw, summoned from another world. In the further course of the game, it will both protect Marianne and attack her. Despite the fact that she survived, the main character received serious burns and fell into a coma. When she woke up, then could not remember anything from what happened… Thomas decided that it would be better for her to start all over again.

Thomas’s past

The Medium Thomas

Thomas is a very mysterious character that we learn about when we travel in a parallel reality. It was from him that the girls inherited their abilities.… And these same abilities were to blame for the difficult childhood of the man.

It is known that extraordinary skills awakened in Thomas, after he found himself on the border between life and the last refuge. His youth fell on the period when troops invaded Poland, who caught the teenager and experimented for a long time. trying to learn what he’s capable of. Fortunately, he managed to escape.

Jack’s departure

The Medium Jack

Although Jack appears in the game for a short time, he plays a very important role. At the very beginning, Marianne says that he was her adoptive father, but the reason for his departure is not directly mentioned. In the words of Marianne, it is felt that she kind of blames herselfand this has given rise to many theories.

Moving to another world, attentive players can find Jack’s memory, in which he says that he is very worried about the upcoming operation. Apparently he was sick, and the operation turned out to be too risky or did not help him.

Lillian’s imaginary friends

The Medium Lily

Like her father Lilianne has always had these unusual abilities., but for some time they did not show themselves in any way until the girl went through a traumatic experience. When she was still a child, she had an imaginary friend, and the other children often teased her about it.

Later, this friend became a spirit named Sadness. Like Thomas, Lilianne can directly interact with her spirit self.

Thomas’s plan

The Medium Thomas

Thomas had always set out to share Marianne with her family in order to allow the girl to live a normal life. Perhaps he hoped that psychic skills will never awaken and will not disturb the girl. In addition, he wanted to focus on helping Lily, whose abilities grew every day, becoming more and more uncontrollable and dangerous for both his daughter and those around him.

After the fire in their house, Maw was no longer attached to Lillian and now became an independent creature, which was a great threat to everyone. Thomas struggled to find a way to stop the Maw. and even how to protect yourself from the spirit world forever. As a result, he realized that salt would help to do this – for this reason, his office and Liliana’s room are in some places covered with salt.

Richard’s hard childhood

The Medium richard

Richard’s father was a soldier in the Polish army and left this world in service. Richard at this time was quite a toddler, and the departure of the man left the boy and his mother in complete despair.

However, time passed, and soon Richard’s mother found a new husband. Unfortunately, his stepfather did not love Richard as much as his own father. The man was often rude to his mother and even raised his hand to her. The boy often tried to protect his mother.however, this angered the adoptive father only more, and he took out his anger on the child.

Richard and Rose

The Medium marianne in the garden

The most difficult moments of Richard’s life fell on his childhood, but it was then that he met Rose. They had a close relationship, and at some point, she even gave him some thing, asking him to keep her safe. Later it becomes clear that this thing was pendant in the shape of a star of David. Rose was Jewish and Richard’s family helped her hide.

Unfortunately, Rose later left this world. This left a heavy mark on Richard’s soul, and after that it was this dark episode that led him on the path of crime.

Richard’s actions and their aftermath

The Medium Richard

Richard and Thomas became close friends during childhood and managed to maintain this friendship for many years. When they became adults Thomas even trusted a man to look after Lily.if he had to leave home to work on suppressing his abilities.

At first, Richard and Lily got along well. The girl reminded the man of Rose – they both had a name similar to the name of the flower, and even the girls had common features in their appearance. With time Richard became literally obsessed with Lilywhich led to terrible actions on his part. Upon learning of this, Thomas flew into a rage and used his abilities on his former friend, which left the man in a vegetable state for the rest of his life.

To fall

The Medium Mouth

The mouth is a manifestation of Lily’s injuries, which appeared after the actions of Richard. It was in the soul of the girl, but it gained freedom during the fire, promising in return to save the sisters. This is what saved their lives.

Having found freedom, the Maw became very powerful and dangerous. Despite Thomas’s best efforts to suppress the creature, get rid of it, it could only be kept at a distance… As she grew stronger, Mouth was able to take control not only over animals, but also over people.

The Medium has a not too complicated, but fascinating and filled with interesting details plot. And the passage is not as obvious as it seems at first glance. Even opening a secret door in Thomas’s office may not work the first time without a guide.

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