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10 things you shouldn’t do in the Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Hardly had CD Project Red collect laurels from the third “The Witcher”, as the franchise again received a big surge in popularity. The reason for this was the creation of Netflix. The series “The Witcher” turned out to be a kind replacement for “Game of Thrones”, whose ending, to put it mildly, failed. Thanks to the TV show about The Witcher, many new people got to know, and loyal fans began to re-read once again Sapkowski’s books and replay games.

10 things you shouldn't do in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

CD Project Red’s most memorable creation to date is The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. The game is famous for a large number of non-linear quests, an abundance of dialogues, as well as three endings in the main storyline. However, in order to perfectly complete The Witcher the first time, you need to first learn 10 worst momentsthat can be done in the game.

10 – Ignore minor quests

The Witcher 3 Easter Egg Quests

The side quests in The Witcher are no worse than the main quests. Often it is during the passage of small quests that you can find the most interesting Easter eggs and references (even to Harry Potter), as well as the most frightening monsters.

Some additional tasks open up access to interesting novels for Geralt. Others allow you to get incredibly interesting loot. And these are just a few reasons not to turn away from small quests. We advise you to go through them in parallel with the main plot in order to feel the maximum immersion and get best gaming experience In my life.

9 – Do not send Keira Metz to Kaer Morhen

Geralt and Keira Metz

Probably, Keira Metz will be the first sorceress, as well as the first lover, which the players of The Witcher 3 will meet on their way. Despite the fact that the witch has not the most pleasant character, and she hides her selfish motives under the guise of altruism, it is still not worth giving to her die… Yes, the Velenian witch will surely die if Geralt allows her to go straight with Alexander’s notes to King Radovidwho hates sorceresses. Of course, killing Keira yourself is not an option either. So the best solution would be to allow the former adviser of King Foltest to go to the stronghold of the witchers – Kaer Morhen.

Thus, we will not only save her life, but also contribute a little to her development. Lambert’s personal life

8 – Ignore Skellige inheritance tasks

Coronation of Keiris on Skellig

After passing main storyline on the Skellige Islands, many gamers simply forget to return there before the end of the game. But this is fraught with missing a few interesting quests! Still at the feast Collapse en Krayt will ask the witcher to help his children with the implementation of very difficult tasks:

  1. Hjalmar en Krayt went to the island devastated by the ice giant. If Geralt follows the guy, then he will have a fascinating investigation of incidents in the coastal village, a battle with a real giant, and also a unique reward.
  2. Keiris en Krayt decided to put an end to the curse that struck Udalrik – her father’s loyal vassal. During the quest, players will experience several unpredictable plot twists, as well as the opportunity to get one of two endings

It is worth noting that the witcher can help both scions of the Ruin at once. The final choice of who to support in claiming the throne will have to be made a little later. Gamers will even have the option to crown Svanrige Bran – the son of the king’s widow, however, the ending in this case will not be the best.

7 – Take the baby out of the oven

Geralt with a child

Without straying too far from the subject of the Skellige inheritance. During the quest from Keiris, Geralt will have to complete a very difficult choice: allow an innocent baby to stay in the oven, trusting the daughter of the Collapse, or save the baby, but betray the girl. Of course, the test seems to be very difficult – who wants to get their hands dirty in such a case? However, there will be better believethat Keiris has everything under control. The kid will definitely not be hurt, and the witcher will be able to avoid a fight with the demon by simply driving him away. In addition, it is this way of passing that implies complete deliverance from the curse… If you destroy Khima in the shadows, there is an option that Udalrik will die in a few years.

6 – Accept payment from Emperor Emhyr

Emhyr pays the witcher for Ciri

If the player decides to take Ciri to a meeting with his father, Emhyr will be incredibly happy about this.

As a reward, the witcher will be offered 2,000 gold – a significant amount, especially for the initial levels. However, it would be better to give it up.

First, by accepting gold from Emperor Nilfgaard, the gamer gets one step closer to bad ending… Cyril will see in Geralt not a foster father, but an ordinary witcher, for whom nothing is more important than payment for labor. Secondly, after refusing the award, Emhyr still will not let go of the White Wolf empty-handed, but will give a purebred Nilfgaardian stallion. However, there is a third way – not to take Ciri to a meeting with her father at all, but immediately go to Velen. In this case, the Swallow will give up the throne and become a witcher (happy ending).

5 – Break Yen’s heart

Yennefer from Vengerberg is one of the most important women in the life of Geralt of Rivia. The Witcher was in love with the sorceress long before the events described in The Witcher 3. However, during the quest “Last Wishe“The players have the opportunity to abandon the relationship with the witch, preferring the more gentle and pretty Triss Merigold. But don’t rush to make a choice.

Romance of Geralt and Yennefer

In the novel by Sapkowski Triss appeared to the reader not as innocent as it seemed in the works of CD Project Red. In fact, the sorceress knew that Geralt was in a relationship with Ian, however, she still “recaptured” him from her friend, using temporary amnesia witcher. Whether Triss did this out of love or simply did not want to give up the faithful Geralt Ian remains a mystery. Only one thing is clear – to break Yennefer’s heart definitely not worth it.

4 – Betrayal of Vernon Roche

In the third act of the game, gamers will have to make one of the most difficult elections – in whose hands to entrust the rule of Temeria and Redania. And if everything is clear with the madman Radovid, then which side to take – Dijkstra or Roche – remains a mystery. On the one hand, the player is unlikely to want to give Temeria to Nilfgaard (even if the country will have wide autonomy). On the other hand, few of the gamers who passed the second “Witcher” will be able to raise their hand to faithful friend Roche.

Geralt betrays Vernon Roche

However, Dijkstra may not be the best ruler. Yes, he will be able to repel the onslaught of the Empire, and the kingdom of the north will regain its former power. But how will this affect ordinary residents? Where to get money for a long war? How many more people will die in the struggle for independence? Choosing the side of Dijkstra, only one question remains. So the best solution is to support a friend. Not for nothing Rocher and Bianca personally help us in the defense of Kaer Morhen.

3 – Let Ciri Die

Death of Ciri in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

Cirilla Fiona Ellen Rhiannon may die during the war with the Wild Hunt. More precisely – she decides sacrifice yourselfin order to stop the approaching White Cold. However, this scenario can be avoided by fulfilling several conditions:

  1. After the Battle of Kaer Morhen cheer up a girl playing snowballs.
  2. In Novigrad, it is important to let Ciri go herself to meet with Lodge of sorceresses
  3. In the hideout of Avalakh you need to give the witcher the opportunity to let off steam, blowing everything and everyone.
  4. After the defeat of the asylum, it is worth agreeing to Cyril’s request to visit Skjall’s grave
  5. Refuse the award at the Emperor Emhyr (if such a meeting takes place at all).

After completing these actions, Ciri will see in Geralt a person who sincerely cares about her, and then the witcher will definitely return after she seals the White Cold in another world.

2 – Don’t end the reign of Bastard Junior

Besides the fact that Bastard Junior is a complete sadist and a tyrant, he dared to raise his hand to Ciri and Buttercup… However, in the face of death, the guy will behave like a real coward. If Geralt gives the slack and spares the Bastard, this will not only upset Ciri, but it will not lead to good ending in the quest about the gangs of Novigrad.Bastard Junior witcher 3

Removing Junior, our faithful friend will take his place doppler dudu… At first, Geralt will not even believe his eyes when he sees the Bastard alive and well. However, the situation will quickly clear up. Dudu will direct gang business in the legal direction, due to which the crime rate in the city will noticeably decrease. Indeed, why would someone rob and kill, if the pockets are already full of coins?

1 – Trying to start a relationship with Triss and Ian right away

Triss and Yennefer

We all know that Geralt – then still a womanizer, however, he still needs to restrain his impulses when it comes to two ladies – Yennefer and Triss Merigold.

Confessing love two sorceresses, the witcher will eventually be left behind.

And even if during the quest “Tango threesome»Refuse a tempting offer to spend the night with two beauties at once, it will not affect anything. Although none of the sorceresses seem to mind that their betrothed visit brothels, and also twist intrigues with other ladies (Keira, Siana, Shani, etc.).

If you nevertheless decide to try to capture the hearts of two witches at once, then we advise you to read our guide on this quest. For longtime fans of Geralt, we have 10 wonderful challenges, challenging and exciting. Well, if you have long gone through the whole game up and down, then this mod for the wedding of the Witcher and Yennefer will help you brighten up your weekend evening.

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