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10 tips to overcome the Nightmare cycle

It is much more difficult to live in a “non-fast” in the subway than in the upper world. Most of the problems begin during the Nightmare Cycle, when the whole world around you literally goes crazy.

Don't strave

Survival games, in the spirit of Valheim and Raft, are gaining popularity, and after that new players come to old, proven projects of the genre. Released in 2013, Don’t Starve (or simply “Negolodika” as fans call the game) is still one of the best representatives of the genre. Combination mechanics of hunger and threats of permanent death turn every playthrough of the game into a real struggle for life, making it unique.

An important and especially difficult moment of the game is exploration of caves and ruins… The main snag here in the Nightmare Cycle – that period when the world around is changing and the player is attacked by horrors. Although at first the opportunity to survive in the nightmare that is happening around it seems scanty – it’s quite real… The main thing is to choose the right strategy.

Don’t forget the phases of the Nightmare Cycle

Don't forget the phases of the Nightmare Cycle

The Nightmare Cycle is divided into 4 phases:

  • Calm phase: about 4 to 5 minutes.
  • Warning phase: 1 – 1.5 minutes.
  • Nightmare Phase: 2.5 – 3 minutes.
  • Final phase (dawn phase): 15 – 45 seconds.

All phases can be recognized by certain visual and audible signals… For example, during the first 2 phases Runed turf changes color changes its color to gray, cracks, at the onset of the nightmare phase, begin to glow red.

Sounds grow louder from phase to phase, reaching a peak during the Nightmare phase and softening during the final phase of the Nightmare Cycle.

Watch out for the Thulecite Medallion

The same Thulecite medallion

Thulecite Locket – another faithful assistant to the player in phase tracking. The medallion is crafted near the pseudoscience station from 2 thulecites and 2 portions of terror fuel.

With the Nightmare Cycle, the medallion helps to cope with its glow. In the calm phase, the medallion is brown; in the warning phase, it begins to play with shades of red and finally turns red with the arrival of the nightmare phase. They change depending on the phases and the lines of the characters exploring the subject.

Beware of nightmare lights

Nightmare lights

Logical solution: to avoid horror problems during the nightmare phase – stay away from nightmare fires and cracks in caves. After all, it is shadow creatures are reborn near them and being around the player can be in a very unpleasant trap.

It is a mistake to use nightmare lights as a light source. Better trust the torch

Check the map

Check the map

In-game card – An easy and convenient way to avoid cracks and nightmare lights. Fortunately, the latter are displayed on it, which is very useful when exploring ruins and caves.

It won’t hurt yet watch out for cave monkeys… During the Nightmare Cycle, harmless thieves become dangerous and attack the player.



If the player is well-versed in the phases of the Nightmare Cycle, then the ideal option would be to simply leave the caves before the start of the nightmare phase and not return there until the next calm phase.

By the way, the dawn phase is also not the best time for caves… The fact that the peak of the attack is over does not mean at all that the character will not be attacked.

Use a bush hat or snail shell

Use a bush hat or snail shell

Equipment can also help withstand the Nightmare Cycle, in the first place – bush hat go snipah shell… They can be used to hide from horrors.

True, the player may be given away by some of character animations… Be prepared that the disguise will subside and still have to fight.

Destroy monkey totems

Monkey totem

As we have already mentioned, cave monkeys can turn to nightmare monkeys… And the crowds of the latter represent a real danger for the player.

Therefore, in order to eliminate the threat, it is worthwhile in advance destroy all monkey totemsthat get in the way. This will prevent the cave monkeys from appearing, which means they will not turn into their nightmarish counterpart.



If the character is one of those who do a good job of fighting, then the attempt to fight back the horrors can be crowned with success. True, in any case, being alone with more than a serious opponent is not a good idea.

Act tactically. An elephant or a safety beak, for example, can lure away from the treasure and sort it out one by one.

Stay alert when mining ancient statues

Stay alert when mining ancient statues

Ancient statues Is a source of thulecite and terror fuel, one of the main reasons players embark on their exploration of the ruins.

But you shouldn’t get carried away. Resources are not worth a character’s life… Watch the phases and at the slightest suspicion – make your feet forgetting about the statues.

Don’t relax!

Don't relax!

During final phase In the Nightmare Cycle, it is easy to lose vigilance, thinking that the worst is over.

No matter how it is! Horrors keep popping during this phase, although all major indicators show that the peak of the threat has passed. Be on the lookout for the calm phase.

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