• September 28, 2023

10 ways to make the game harder

With these tips, The Witcher 3 can get a lot more difficult. In this form, he will be able to please the fans of “try-hard” and earn achievements for impossible game achievements.

The Witcher 3: 10 Ways To Make The Game Harder

Even though The Witcher 3 was released over five years ago, it still remains popular. More than 25 thousand players on Steam are in the game every day. Of course, the Netflix adaptation and amateur modifications, which added a lot of new content to the game, brought additional popularity to the project. Also, the longevity of the game is facilitated by a well-developed game world, which is impossible to learn in one playthrough, and the official DLC that complement it.

However, sooner or later there comes a point when the players get everything the game has to offer. Of course, you can try the Death March difficulty mode and try to complete the game at an incredible level, but this peak will be conquered over time. Therefore, some players turn to many wonderful mods that game makers have made, while others come up with restrictions for themselves in order to diversify and complicate the passage.

Starting equipment

The Witcher 3 Starting Gear

The easiest way to make life difficult for yourself, but it has a certain charm. Geralt can wear witcher boots and chest armor, but his pants should be normal and gloves must not be worn. These are not the most difficult restrictions that a player can set for themselves, but for those who just want to diversify the passage, this method is quite suitable. As the name suggests: The gamer only needs to stick to the starting gear throughout the game.

Alchemist’s Challenge

The Witcher 3 Trial of the Alchemist

How the player allocates their Witcher points greatly affects the course of the game. This challenge prohibits spending them on anything other than the alchemy skill tree… It is allowed to pump over potions, bombs and additional perks. However, players should refrain from any other skills unless their absence completely ruins the game.

In a way, putting so much emphasis on alchemy can make it easier for you to play. But this pulls the player out of comfort zoneswhen Geralt stops doing a lot of damage with weapons.

Tired traveler

The Witcher 3 Tired Traveler

The world of The Witcher 3 may not be as big as other open-space games to explore. However, it is still large enough, so “fast travel” is beneficial to the players. But despite the fact that it helps to speed up the process – it worsens the immersion in the atmosphere of the game… In the Tired Traveler Walkthrough fast travel is prohibited. There is only one exception – when it is necessary according to the plot and without it the necessary scripts will not work.

This means that in the game world Geralt needs to move everywhere on the Roach, on foot or by boat. In the event that fast travel is necessary, players must get to the point that is closest to the place where they will teleport. Such a passage may take much longer, but at the same time it will allow enjoy the scenery of the game, which, admittedly, are really well worked out.

Trust your intuition

The Witcher 3 Trust your intuition

Having prompts and health bars on the screen has a big impact on how a person plays a game. This is one of the things that everyone takes it for granted, and cannot imagine their life without her. Therefore, we suggest testing your intuition and not relying on health strips.

Players need turn off all prompts on the screen (critical hit and effect texts), and control tips and buffs display… In addition, players need in the settings disable HUD… If you are too lazy to do this manually, you can download a thematic modification. However, this process is not that complicated, and all the mappings you need can be found in the settings. Console players have no choice: they will have to turn everything off on their own anyway.

Geralt is a mere mortal

The Witcher 3 Geralt is a mere mortal

Geralt is well adapted to the harsh world of the game. But what if he was a common man? In the process of passing the “Simple Mortal” challenge to Geralt forbidden to use abilities… This means that you cannot resort to alchemy, potions and witcher equipment, as well as witcher senses.

There are several moments in the game when using the senses of the Witcher is necessary for the development of the plot. it the only exception, in all other cases – players must rely on their eyes and ears. Yes, traces of blood are not always easy to find, but this is part of the test.

Live right

The Witcher 3 Live Right

Morality – gray area in The Witcher 3, therefore, for the most part, players can commit bad deeds with impunity. In this walkthrough, gamers need comply with the laws and principles of etiquette
This means that you cannot rob houses (regardless of whether there are witnesses or not), eliminate people (when you can avoid it), and also use “bad” phrases when choosing answers in a dialogue. Although Geralt has supernatural powers, this does not mean that he cannot have good manners and follow them.

Act from the opposite

The Witcher 3 Reverse

The exact opposite of the previous playthrough. One of the key features of The Witcher 3 – influence the plot with your decisions… In the challenge “act from the opposite” you need to choose in dialogues worst case scenario.

This is definitely will lead to the death of several favorite characters… This challenge will also limit Geraln’s options when it comes to side quests and rewards. This walkthrough may seem strange, but it definitely adds challenges and allows you to look at the world from a different angle.

Pack horse

The Witcher 3 Pack horse

Anyone who has taken a lot of loot knows how annoying it is when Geralt is overwhelmed… Now imagine what is needed so go through the whole game… In the “Pack Horse” challenge you don’t need to invent anything, and this test is available almost from the very beginning of the game.

This not only makes movement around the game world more difficult, but also complicates the fighting. However, this test requires a lot of free time, so before you start it – make sure that you do not mind spending it on it.

Boy Scout Challenge

The Witcher 3 Boy Scout Trial

This challenge aims to check your survival instincts… Players need disable minimap, and opening the world map is possible only at fast travel points. In addition, gamers will have to extract herbs and ingredients on your ownrather than buying from merchants. Also create items you also need to do it yourself, and not buy from blacksmiths.

As for the appearance, then witch equipment not available… Instead, players can equip only Tracker armor. According to the norms of this test, meditation is possible only outdoors by the fires.

Running after shower

The Witcher 3 Running after a shower

This is a challenge – the hardest and requires players to pump their skills to the limit. During such a passage Geralt should only have a bath towel, and attack is available only with fists.

Fighting restrictions will negatively affect most players. The complexity becomes especially noticeable when gamers have to face with the most powerful enemies, but the absence of any armor will be an unpleasant surprise in every fight. Those who want to make it a little easier for themselves, can equip a wooden sword.

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