• July 5, 2022

13 best open world house building games

In life simulators and survivors, the line between rest and work is often blurred. For some players, this feature becomes a reason to buy the game, for others – to refuse it. One way or another, more and more RPGs include simulator elements that should contribute to immersion in the game.


These segments are gradually expanding. The most popular of these is building a character house. Somewhere housing is selected, but in some projects the player creates a house himself, from the roof and walls to the upholstery of chairs. And some of the users invest no less effort in this than in the construction of a real country cottage.

13. The Sims


Some might be surprised to see The Sims at the end of this list. After all, the famous life simulator allows you to work out the smallest details of the home. Here the player chooses everything.

Therefore, the rating could not do without it. But considering how many additions are coming out for The Sims, it is difficult to say something more specific. Putting everything you want, you can get lost in the game for a long time. But it’s hard to say the same about the “vanilla” version.

12. Skyrim


It is unlikely that at least one top open world games can do without The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. It is foolish to underestimate the place this project occupies among the games of the last decade. There are dungeons, dragons and a building system introduced with DLC Hearthfire in 2012.

If in the original game it was possible to buy a house, then after the release of the add-on, the player was able to purchase a piece of land and already independently, bit by bit, organize a farm.

11. Kingdom Come: Deliverance – From The Ashes


Kingdom Come: Deliverance – a project from the studio Warhorse, in which the player is in the hands of an ordinary peasant Henry. He is forced to adapt to life in the harsh conditions of the Middle Ages, on a land wounded by war. Addition From the ashes makes it possible to raise a settlement from the ashes.

Having received lordship, Henry must now rebuild the forest town. The path will not be easy, you will have to sweat collecting resources, money, completing tasks, but the result is worth it.

10. Conan Exiles


From Conan exiles few expected something special, but fans of the legendary Conan were surprised that a good survivor came out of this project.

The game focuses not on battles, but on gathering resources and creating your own home where you can survive the harsh, dangerous nights. Low expectations of fans turned out to be a mistake and they can now celebrate this in excellent gaming houses.

9. Fallout 4

Fallout 4

Surprisingly, in the series dedicated to the post-apocalypse, where the word “Shelter” sounds almost at every step, the opportunity to create a dwelling appeared only by the fourth part. You can create not only a house for a character, but also a whole settlement, with its own economy and security system. These chores perfectly dilute the main plot, but how sad it becomes if you lose everything you created due to a sudden attack.

8. Subnautica


Although the hero of Subnautica wants to quickly get out of the place in which he found himself. To live up to this moment, he will have to properly equip his underwater habitat. And to do it on an unfriendly, water-covered planet – oh, how difficult it is.

But fascinating. The setting of the depths adds color and makes adjustments to the classic survival story. So setting up a base in Subnautica earned a spot on the list.

7. No Man’s Sky

No man's sky

Even though No Man’s Sky was not well received at the start, due to high expectations, over the years, the project has been worked on, having significantly improved it. Now – this is the quintessence of space exploration game.

No Man’s Sky gives you access to a huge number of planets where you can create dwellings and work bases to survive in the harsh conditions of new worlds.

6. The Forest

The forest

Survival-horror The forest tells the story of a man who survived a plane crash and is now looking for his son. To survive in a world where, in addition to the elements, the player is also threatened by cannibals, you need to create weapons and build shelters.

True, the hero will not have the opportunity to settle down in the built housing. To find a child, you will have to constantly move forward. The Forest is a fun and scary game where no walls can protect you from local horrors.

5. Ark: Survival Evolved


Although the reviews for the game were good, the spiritual heiress Turok did not gather an army of fans. But this does not negate the fact that once on an island inhabited by dinosaurs, the player can and must acquire a home in order to survive.

In a multiplayer game, things get even more interesting. After all, it is easier for an organized tribe to survive in the harsh prehistoric realities.

4. Don’t Starve

Don't starve

Don’t Starve is an adventure with charming graphics. The essence of the game is reflected in the title – “Do not starve”. The player finds himself in a randomly generated world, where he must live as many days as possible.

After collecting the necessary resources, you can build your own house that will help the player and his friends survive in an unfriendly world. The shelter will let you breathe out after the tension of the initial stages of the game.

3. Terraria


This randomly generated 2D adventure is somewhat similar to Minecraft… Players create houses to protect themselves and property from the dangers of the world around them.

As the tasks are completed, over time, the player can begin to observe how NPCs begin to live in the buildings. This is another reason not to be lazy and create something really cute and comfortable for them.

2. Minecraft


Do you need to say something about a game that has already become a classic? Cities and kingdoms, huge monuments and small houses are built here. Minecraft gives you almost endless creativity. The volume of content only grows over the years. More than ten years have passed since the release of the game, and news about new, striking in scale construction is still appearing.

True, this happens mainly in the creative mode, in survival and hardcore, its own specifics of construction. But even there, the players manage to show the talents of architects.

1. Red Dead Redemption 2

Rdr 2

After such an abundance of survivors, Red Dead Redemption 2 will become the safe haven for the player that he needs. Spoilers aside, the house-building segment in RDR 2 is something joyful, with a touch of sadness for those already familiar with the series’ plot.

Yes, this adventure-rich home creation game is not fully interactive, it has several mini-games, and the shrill music theme playing in the background will leave no one indifferent. If in other games building a house is a matter of survival, then here the house is the perfect end filled with meaning. Let not for long, but this episode makes it possible to forget about the tragic twists and turns of the plot and end on a bright note.

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