• February 21, 2024

3 promotional branches of tanks in May. What is worth downloading?

Combat missions and discounts on the purchase of equipment are already waiting for the top three of the May tanks, which are presented in three classes.

action into battle in May HERE

Greetings tankers! Welcome to the Wotpack and a short overview of the promotional branches in May.


The American tank destroyer T110E3 continues the trend of promotional vehicles from the Battle Pass. An assault monster whose advance can only be stopped by artillery. It has excellent frontal armor, including the commander’s cupola, but compared to its predecessor, the T95, the size of the NLD has noticeably increased.T110E3 style

He has a powerful weapon (including land mines) and comfortable high-explosive devices. Very dependent on the team and the map, as due to poor mobility and poorly armored sides, it is too vulnerable to approach from the rear or flank.

In the process of pumping, the branch does not cause any complaints, if you are not embarrassed by low speed and like strong armor.

WZ-111 model 5A

The Chinese heavy tank WZ-111 model 5A will appeal to fans of this class due to its versatility:

  • booking is not ultimatum, but it guarantees random ricochets, and you can even poke a tower with a tower;
  • its weapon is impossible not to love – it is perfectly balanced in terms of performance characteristics, therefore, the implementation of the DPM is at the highest level;
  • good mobility, which is important in the era of turbachi, therefore, the tank will never remain a lagging link and will always have time to change direction or return to defend the base.


In many ways, it resembles the Soviet TT Object 277, but still the security is slightly worse, but the gun is slightly better. Significant disadvantages include:

  • low strength of internal modules, so ammo and tanks are often critically accounted for;
  • the speed of the projectiles is not the most convenient to shoot 930 m / s ahead of time.

In general, this is a good heavy, the game on which will bring pleasure. In addition, for this branch, you can get a premium tier 8 tank (2nd point) for free.

Progetto M40 mod. 65

For the first time, a branch of Italian medium tanks led by the Progetto M40 mod. 65 falls under the stock after the nerf. Now he is less likely to be seen in the random, but he is still good.

If anyone has forgotten, we will briefly recall that the ability to install a rammer was taken away from the Italian STs, so they sank very much in damage per minute.

The Horn is still a very versatile ST:

  • due to the reloading mechanism, it can play like a regular cyclic tank, and if you need to give maximum damage, then discharge the drum for 4 shells;
  • on it you can play with the equipment and really customize the car to your playing style;
  • Initially, in terms of performance characteristics, it is good both in terms of mobility and in terms of weapons, and although the armor is mediocre, in some places it has a good angle of inclination of the armor plates, which allows you to count on a ricochet.

Progetto M40 mod.  65

It has become more difficult to realize the potential of Progetto now, because you have to play with a small one-time damage (that is, you can no longer shoot from the alpha), and the sagging DPM forces you to carefully calculate each projectile in the store so that at the most inopportune moment you do not stand on CD.

So the skill dependence of this vehicle has now increased, but it still feels confident in randomness and Ranked Battles.


For a long time already Wargaming did not give players so many useful branches of technology at the same time. All of them are of different classes, so any player can choose something for himself. We hope our short review was useful to you, good luck on the battlefields, may the FBI be with you!

I have Progetto already rolled out, in the Hangar there is a WZ-111 Qilin from the Black Market (a full copy of the pumped WZ-111 5A), so in May I will take a closer look at the T110E3 branch. What are you planning to download? Share in the comments.

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