• December 1, 2023

3 ways to fix error CE-30005-8 on PS4

Sometimes the PS4 starts to work incorrectly: when you try to open the game, it displays “Unable to launch the application. Error code CE-30005-8 “. This may mean that there is some damage to the game disc, problems with the HDD, or conflicts. For example, this may appear when trying to install a game from a drive during the installation of an update. Almost always, an error occurs when using the disc to add a game to your library. However, there are known cases of failure and at the time of creating a backup.

How to fix error CE-30005-8 on PS4?

Even before starting any actions to remedy the situation, we recommend:

  • Check if there is enough free space on the console. If the game requires 20GB of space, then 40GB of hard disk space must be available.
  • Check the quality of the cable connection that connects the console to the HDD. It often dries up and throws out various failures. We recommend changing it at intervals of several years.
  • If the breakdown concerns an external drive, it is worth trying to format it to exFat on a PC.
  • Test the disk on other consoles. It may be damaged and not working at all. Cleaning it with a lint-free cloth, rinsing under water, and even using WD40 can help.

The most obvious, but no less effective solution is to restart the console and reinsert the disk after cleaning it. Only after it is it worth going further, directly to the fixes of the CE-30005-8 error.

Method 1: reinstalling the game

Very often the reason is an incomplete installation of the game. During installation, some of the files may not have been added properly, so the console cannot process them. It is worth uninstalling and trying to install it again.

How to reinstall the game:

  1. Open the “Library” tab and go to the “Games” section.
  2. Select the problematic game, go to its parameters and select “Delete”.
  3. We confirm the deletion and reinstall the game.

CE-30005-8 on PS4

Method 2: update the PS4 software

If you have an older version of PS4 software installed, you are more likely to encounter error CE-30005-8. Sometimes this is enough to solve the problem. It is only better to remove the game first and remove the disc from the drive. The update is available in the console settings and should not cause any particular difficulties.

Method 3: Reconstructing the Database

If the database is damaged, restoring it can correct the error. We only recommend that you back up important data on the drive in advance and remove all discs from the drive.

Step-by-step instruction:

  1. We load the PS4 in safe mode and connect the controller at the moment when a notification appears about this.
  2. We select “Rebuild Database”.
  3. After completing the procedure, we advise you to go to your profile in the “Storage” section and select “Saved data”.
  4. If a problematic game is installed, delete it.

CE-30005-8 on PS4

You can also select a game in debug mode and activate the disabled rights.

If that doesn’t work, you can try initializing the system. The parameter is also in safe mode. As a last resort, you can completely reflash the console, but this is unlikely to come to that.

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