• October 3, 2023

4 new branches, Hungarian and Argentine vehicles in WoT in 2021

New wheeled medium tanks, light and assault tank destroyers will complement the existing branches, and some more vehicles will be added to the collection.

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack, and based on the statements made by the developers in a series of individual and shared streams, we already know some of the technology that will be released in 2020. Now we’ll talk about the tanks that can be expected in 2021 in World of Tanks.

These are not all the branches, perhaps they will be supplemented, but four are already known for sure.

British wheeled tanks. Moreover, if earlier there were rumors and forecasters worked out possible options for branches, then they focused on light tanks. But given the reaction of the CIS community of players to the introduction of French chariots, the developers abandoned the idea of ​​introducing British armored vehicles. By the way, in terms of their speed, they were even faster. Therefore, last summer in the game we saw standard light tanks with tracks.

Now wheeled medium tanks… On one of the streams, they told in more detail why this particular nation will be the next to receive “wheels”:

“It was in Great Britain that they tried to combine heavy guns with a wheeled platform” (c).

As the developers previously stated, they strive to introduce techniques into the game that will arouse players’ interest, therefore there should be a twist or a new version of the gameplay:

  • the top-end ST of Poland CS-63 was given a two-mode engine;
  • top Swedish ST was given air suspension + better camouflage;
  • STB 1 screwed on air suspension after rebalancing;
  • double-barreled tanks with a doublet shot;
  • you know everything about the French charioteers;
  • Italian bands will receive a drum recharging mechanism.

The first prerequisite for the emergence of this technique was the premier tank A46:

In general, the trend is clear that a pinch of immobility will be added to motivation for pumping. Therefore, expect something fast and with high firepower, but weak armor.

Will be continued swedish light tanks… It turns out that the developers already fully formed branch, although it has not been disclosed. New equipment is introduced in a metered dose, but there are already certain developments in the stash. Taking into account the peculiarities of the nation, it is possible that the Swedish LT will also receive a hydropneumatic suspension and will be distinguished by a high coefficient of stealth.

But then there is more specifics and good news. The developers refused to enter the wheel Tank destroyer of Japan and added heavy assault to WoT BlitZ. Initially, it was said that the “big” tanks would not have this back-up, but the plans have changed and they have already promised to add them next year.

They will start at level 7. The non-standard lighting turned out. Weak dynamics, large dimensions, but armed with naval cannons with almost German accuracy. Wherein the basic projectile deals increased damage, and the special projectile has a higher breakdown, but less alpha… We can observe something similar in the British “babakha”, but exactly the opposite.

Full review of the Japanese tank destroyer

And finally, the most interesting thing – multinational branch tanks, which did not make it to the release in 2020, but has every chance of appearing in 2021. This year it was not introduced for the reason that for its implementation it was necessary to create a section of collectible equipment.

This branch will include nations that do not have enough tanks for an independent development tree. It is known exactly what will happen Hungarian (there are interesting models of ST and PT-ACS) and argentinian technique (ST). There are also developments in Switzerland, but there are a lot of tanks, it may well rely on its own development tree.

Hungarian medium tank 44M Turan III
Hungarian medium tank 44M Turan III

The creation of a multinational branch provides a large field for imagination, because many interesting cars can be added there. therefore next year promises to be rich in terms of new technology

In the meantime, we suggest you familiarize yourself with the three branches that will be released in 2020.

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