• March 4, 2024

5 best relationship partners

Who will be the best match for the brave adventurers in the harsh world of The Elder Scrolls V? We present to your attention the best gaming partners in this harsh cold world.


If you’re looking for love and dedication in Skyrim, building a family is pretty easy here. As soon as you receive the Amulet of Mara and put it on, you just have to find a partner you like and invite him to marry. Even if you don’t own the house, you can be married to someone, just the couple will live in the house of the NPC.

There are about 65 different partners to choose from, which can complicate the selection a little. And the vast number of mods only expands this list. However, not all of them are created equal. We have prepared a convenient small list of five best partnersthat you can find in the cold world of Skyrim.


Skyrim Lydia

Lydia is one of the most popular candidates for a wife in Skyrim, and for good reason. She is strong, calm and loyal, and these are all good qualities. Once you become a Thane in Whiterun and gain the right to purchase property in the city, Jarl Balgruf will appoint Lydia as your Huscarl.

This is part of the main questline, which means that regardless of whether Lydia becomes the protagonist’s wife, she will always be his servant in the game. Most often they take her with them as a companion at the beginning of the game., and over time she becomes so close that marriage seems to be the only correct continuation of the relationship between the characters.

Farkas or Vilkas

Skyrim Farkas and Vilkas

Among the Companions, there are many options for marriage partners, but two brothers Farkas and Vilkas seem to be the most attractive men among them… Both are strong and reliable, but Vilkas is slightly softer and smarter than Farkas, who is more simple-minded and straightforward.

Whoever touches the strings of your heart, the process of marrying any brother is quite simple. You will need to join the Companions and complete the quest chainbefore any of them become available as candidates for marriage.


Skyrim Jenassa

In skyrim not many truly evil and sinister charactersthat you could take with you as companions, which is why Jenassa deserves a special place on this list of brides. She loves to kill and is the only companion who will tolerate everything from theft to the murder of innocents.

If you work like that, she is definitely the best wife for you. You can find her in Whiterun at the Drunken Hunter Tavern and hire her as an ally for 500 gold. After that it will be possible to marry her and send her home.

Argis Bastion

Skyrim Argis Bastion

If there is a man who personifies in masculine form what Lydia represents in feminine form, then it is certainly Argis. He is handsome, loyal and incredibly strong. He becomes your Huscarl in Markarth after you become Thane and buy Vlindrel Hall from the city.

However, getting it as a companion is difficult. To receive the title of Thane, the main character must complete five quests from the inhabitants of the city, and those that can be found in Markarth are not entirely simple. However, once you become Tan, you will always have this huge mountain of muscles by your side, and you can even marry him.

Eila the Huntress

Skyrim Eila the Huntress

There is no doubt that Eila is the ideal marriage partner for both man and woman. Not only is she incredibly strong, resourceful and has a compelling backstory, but she can also be sweet and loving, guaranteed to show you total loyalty. Eila is a great choice if you want your partner to travel with you without having to worry about her dying.

As an important storyline character, this NPC is immortal. She will constantly compliment any fencer or woman with archery skills. In addition to this, she tolerates almost any behavior of her partner – from murder to theft and even intrusion. And how not to love her?

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