• November 29, 2023

5 funniest dragon mods

Want to have fun fighting the dragon in Skyrim? If you’re looking for a laugh, these mods will come in handy. Thanks to fans who have put their hand in creating various mods for the greatest creatures in Skyrim, new and fun opportunities appear in the game that were difficult to imagine before.

Paarthurnax skyrim

Want to add a drop of madness into gameplay and just turn the dragon into a fighter? Then this list of funny mods is created especially for you.

1 – Dragon Fighter (mod by Kenny Loggins)

Dragon fighter on the tower

Dragons are always cool, but have you ever wondered what it would be like turn them all into … fighters? Well, you can really do this with a mod Kenny loggins… In addition, thanks to him, it is possible to receive a signal about the arrival of a lizard – a roar is emitted in the background in the danger zone.

This is just one of the few mods that completely change the appearance of creatures. And although they are still dragons, and do the same things (fly and breathe fire or frost), they will look completely different.

Add this mod to your friend’s game and watch his reaction when he finds out about it on the next playthrough.

2 – Transformation into a dragon

Dragonborn turned into a dragon

If there are a couple of aspects of gameplay that Bethesda has mercilessly teased gamers with, it’s horseback riding and flying a dragon. But why not take it one step further? Why not become a winged lizard yourself instead of taming it? Where there is will, there is a way, which is proven by the mod Burning skies… Forget about the simple Dragonborn. Now you can use your magicka to transform into a majestic dragon and fly around.

While the controls aren’t perfect, the feel is still impressive, as are the movements.

You can breathe fire and travel long distances, which finally puts you on a par with these annoying regular dragons.

3 – “Macho” Randy Savage

If fighters are not your cup of tea, but you are a big fan Randy Savage, there is good news for you. There is an insane but absolutely necessary mod, transforming dragons into “Macho Man” himself… It is unnecessary to speak here. There are certainly some design flaws, but the final product is still impressive. Macho dragons not only changes the appearance of dragons, but also tweaks the sounds they make to match the theme of good old Randy Savage.

There is no better mod for those who want to change the rules of the gameplay and hide something in a friend’s game. If you just want to have a good laugh, then also try it – you will not be disappointed.

4 – Super size

Huge dragon

If you are also disappointed by the size of dragons in Skyrim, rest assured you are not alone. This is a serious problem that many fans are experiencing to this day, but the real solution to this situation led to some fun experiments. When it comes to fashion Supa size ma dragonsIt’s hard to tell if he is funny or the best. Possibly both.

Your dragons will now be much larger. More generally, we mean the size of a farmhouse or hotel.

Fighting such giants will be really scary, especially if this mod is combined with another build (of more serious difficulty).

5 – Steam locomotive in the sky

The locomotive breathes fire

Who could forget about the legendary fashion Really Useful Dragonsinfamous among fans of the game? Forget the “why” because there is no real answer to that. All you need to know is that there is a modification that turns your dragons into character from the animated series “Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends”… That’s all.

However, the lizards not only look like Thomas, they also sound like him.

Get ready to hear the show’s classic melody and the familiar chu-chu sound as the dragon lunges at you to fight in battle. Terrible … but also extremely fun.

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