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5 girls who would suit Geralt more than Yennefer

The relationship between the Witcher and the black-haired sorceress is one of the most talked about storylines in both books and games about Geralt’s adventures. However, maybe he has a better batch?


Yennefer and Geralt’s relationship is canonintroduced by the author Sapkowski himself. He even created a special fan story in which the hot witch and the Witcher got married. Each time Geralt stubbornly returns to Ian, even if before that, their parting seemed to ruin everything. So why would the Witcher look for other women and why all this fuss?

There is an opinion among fans that Yennefer and Geralt do not really love each other. There was one interesting incident in their common biography. Once the Witcher and Dandelion released a powerful genie. Yennefer wanted to subdue him, but failed. Eventually she could die, and only Geralt’s last wish saved her life. The Witcher’s true desire is unknown, but if he asked to “tie the fates”, then their painful attraction to each other is easy to justify.

Yes, and Yennefer’s character is difficult, to be honest. Therefore, many fans of the white-haired Witcher are trying to find a more suitable pair for him, in the game or in their performances. We offer you the 5 best women for the Witcher, even better than Yennefer. Or not?

Triss Merigold

Witcher triss

The Witcher 3 directly poses the question for the players – which of the sorcerers is the best for the Herald? And here the fans were divided into two camps for a reason. Triss is really a wonderful person. She is a young and talented sorceress, beautiful and memorable.

In the life of the Witcher, the girl appeared at the time of his separation from Yennefer. She warmed Geralt, gave him love and care, which he needed after such a painful break.

However, does Triss love the Witcher? Here everyone makes a decision for himself. According to Sapkowski’s plot, when Geralt almost died, it was Yennefer who gave her powers to save him. Miss Merigold, on the other hand, became just an unwitting witness of this scene and did not interfere, which says a lot.

The Witcher is attracted to her, but the fact that this is true love can also be questioned. When Triss arrives at the invitation of Geralt in Kaer Morhen, she wants to kiss him, but he behaves coldly and detached.

Triss certainly occupies an important place in the life of The Witcher. They are dear to each other, she helped him in many ways, once even saved his life, sending the wounded Geralt to the dryads, who healed him. However, everyone decides for himself whether to consider their feelings as love.

Fringilla Vigo

The Witcher Fringilla

Perhaps some fans of the Witcher will be surprised that Fringilla got into this TOP, because she was sent to Geralt in order to detain him in Toussaint and find out from him about where Vilgeforts is. And she partially succeeded! For the whole winter he indulged in love and bliss with this woman.

Why can she be the best game for the Witcher? First of all, it is worth noting that Fringilla is a beautiful and passionate witch, and Geralt clearly likes these. Moreover, it does more than just coldly carry out its task. She clearly likes the witcher. When she goes to bed with him and he, in a fit of passion, calls her by the name Yennefer, the girl is genuinely upset. This does not happen with cunning seductresses.

In addition, it brought a lot of benefits to Geralt. It was Fringilla who healed his aching knee, gave him a new medallion to replace the lost one. Also, all this time she was tender and loving with the Witcher, and this was vital for him.

However, the Witcher himself set off on a journey in search of Yennefer in the first moment after he learned of her location. And do not forget that the goals of Fringilla Vigo were originally the most selfish. The fact that in the process she clearly imbued Geralt with feelings is another matter.


The witcher Bianca

Who will understand a warrior better than a warrior? Passionate sorceresses are good, but the commander of the Temer special forces can be much better. Bianca has it all: a beautiful face, combat experience, the cold mind of a soldier and an experienced spy.

Unlike Yennefer, this girl has restraint and inner harmony. She will not yell and break at the Witcher. On the contrary, for Geralt, Bianca would be a support and a good fighting ally who could lend his shoulder. Yes, she can be too straightforward, but isn’t that what the Witcher needs, who is already tired of female hazy hints?

At the same time, Bianca cannot be called rude and muzhik. She is very feminine and graceful, and with a courteous man she can even be gentle. The only thing she demands is to respect her dignity and value her as a person.

In the game, the Witcher has a short and fleeting romance with her, just quick chemistry and nothing more. Perhaps this is natural – after all, Geralt is invariably drawn to complex and emotional women. But who knows, maybe with someone like Bianca, he would find peace?


Saskia the witcher

If we talk about unusual ladies, then Saskia is the daughter of the golden dragon, the magnificent Saesentessis is definitely the icing on the cake for all Geralt’s relationships. This woman just looks great next to the Witcher, and their connection was bright and sincere.

Why Saskia? She is a woman who is strong in spirit and body. This lady fences wonderfully and speaks equally impressively. With her speeches, Saskia can lead nations. Such a strong personality will not be lost against the background of The Witcher. He will get an equal partner with an interesting, deep history.

This girl has no prejudice, racial or gender. The main thing for her is honor and nobility. Geralt knows this too. And Saskia’s goals are bright and kind. She strives to create a state where there would be no discrimination and everyone could live in peace.

This is not to say that Saskia and Geralt had chemistry. However, the Witcher certainly appreciated her personal qualities. When a tragedy happened to a girl, he has the opportunity to save her life and her ideas.


Shani the witcher

It is no exaggeration to say that Shani is just a passing hobby of the Witcher. However, what would have happened if he had paid more attention to her? Perhaps this girl could outshine even Yennefer.

Shani is short, beautiful, airy and graceful. She has a pleasant appearance that is always pleasing to the eye. Red hair and a slightly snub nose only emphasize the lady’s appearance, make her more effective.

The girl is calm and collected, but at the same time she does not hide her feelings and emotions. It is unlikely that at the time of their intimacy, she was in love with Geralt, but he certainly fell in love with her. The witcher delights her primarily with her personal qualities, which is incredibly important for a harmonious relationship.

However, for Geralt, Shani, albeit charming, is too tall. He got used to women who would be on a par with him, could take over the role of the leader in their relationship. Nevertheless, for someone like the Witcher, Shani could become a safe haven, calm and long-awaited.

We did not include Cyrilla in this top, although many players like this union. According to the plot, Ciri is practically Geralt’s daughter, albeit an adoptive one, so adding this lady to the TOP would be incorrect for us.

If you are wondering which girl from The Witcher 3 would suit you, we recommend checking it out in your own way zodiac sign.

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