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5 reasons why Harry Potter was the best among friends

The Harry Potter universe has spawned a ton of theories and fan communities. One of the continuing questions concerns the controversy over the superiority of one or another wizard over others. Here are 5 reasons, by which it is obvious that Harry the best among his friends.

Harry Potter, Hermione, Ron

He tried to do as his heart dictated

The presence of strengths and weaknesses in Harry’s character shows him more humane, and as you know, all people are inherent in mistakes. Sometimes he is too emotional and makes decisions in the heat of the moment, but all his actions are dictated by the nobility and concern for others.

Harry Potter

However, his heart is right there. He wants the wizarding world to be better and free from despotism Voldemort and his associates. Although some mistakes were made along the way, he always tries to do what he thinks is right and does not follow the lead of those who wish to manipulate him (for example, Rufus Scrimgeour, when he persuaded him to support the measures of the Ministry of Magic in the 7th part).

Lack of stinginess

Although the Potter and there were some areas where his display of friendship left much to be desired. avarice you can’t blame him. He constantly felt uncomfortable when the Weasleys had to save and make do with second-hand goods while he had all the new and better.

Harry Potter was the best among friends

Harry understood that no one would accept money from him, so he always tried to make a good gift for his close friends for the holidays. He always knew what exactly a person needs and did not regret the amount spent. Naturally, even in the most difficult moments, reproach gifts was too low for him.

Perhaps the only time Harry donated money was the amount for winning the Triwizard Tournament, when he gave his winnings to the Weasley twins Friend and George to promote their store.

Natural born talent of a wizard

With a quick answer to a question about the criteria for a real person, it comes to mind kindness and compassionbut disregard talent and giftedness it would be stupid. Harry naturally gifted with a penchant for magic, especially in Defense Against the Dark Arts… Even the “eternal student” Hermione not keep up with him in this direction.

Three wizards Ron, Hermione, Harry

This is probably due to the early loss of parents and subconscious desire to protect relatives in adulthood. But Harry did not boast of this, and as we all know, in the 5th year he organized his own underground circle, where he tried to share his knowledge and skills with his comrades.

Only a truly gifted wizard can take on such a responsibility at the age of 15, especially since his lessons had results (even Neville succeeded under his leadership).

He was always trying to save people

One of the strongest features Harry Is that he is a true hero. He is prone to self-sacrificeif it leads to the salvation of other people. At times, this trait put him at risk, but after all heroes that’s exactly what they do. Harry Potter Friends

This innate trait largely helped to defeat Voldemort, because before the final battle he literally had to sacrifice yourselfto destroy the penultimate Horcrux. He did not let the readers doubt the sincerity of their intentions, which allowed them to become truly people’s favorite million people.

Key character

Whether or not Harry favorite member of the trio or not, he is the main character stories. This should be taken into account in any case. It is he who bears the greatest responsibility and has the most difficult fate.

Who is better from Harry Potter

Despite the great love of the fan community for Ron, Hermione or other Potterian characters, the whole story has always revolved around one hero. This is something to consider when thinking about the most successful friend of the famous trio.

Of course, alone, Harry could not have become a national hero, but without him there would not be the slightest chance of winning.

What do you value Harry the most for? Or do you have another favorite character? Share your opinion in the comments, we will be glad to know 🙂

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