• February 22, 2024

5 secret tips for winning a battle that few people know about

Although the battles of the mighty Nords are often described as simple and sketchy, there are some small details that most gamers do not pay attention to. And they greatly enliven the gameplay.

Skyrim: 5 subtleties of combat you never noticed

Combat is an important part of The Elder Scrolls franchise. Each new part, to one degree or another, made changes to the battle formula. In Oblivion, they were skill based, not random, and in Skyrim, the developers focused on improving the combat system itself, introducing the mechanics of using weapons in each hand and shouting.

It’s been almost a decade since the release of this project, but some players are still not familiar with the specific aspects of Skyrim’s combat mechanics. Individual elements related to combat are either unclear or never explained well in the game itself. Of course, those fans who study the wiki know about these features, but the rest of them remain incomprehensible. Taking responsibility and sharing with you five subtleties of combat that you never noticed.

Walking backwards makes everything easier

Skyrim walking

The biggest melee weakness in Skyrim is backward movement. The enemy weapon is not that long, and this gives the gamer a head start. Most players have enough time to step back and completely avoid getting hit. Approach the target, wait for it to attack, then retreat. The chances of the enemy hitting the Dragonborn are extremely low, and this gives the player a chance to strike back or heal.

Power attacks are different

Skyrim power attacks

Not all power attacks in Skyrim are created equal. Depending on the weapon that the player uses, his power attack gives different damage and always takes away stamina. As a result, it turns out that using one weapon will have a greater effect than striking with two hands or multiple attacks with one.

For example, a hit with a one-handed weapon receives a damage multiplier of x2, and a stamina consumption of only x1. And if you want to inflict a flurry of attacks with dual weapons, then for each hit you will spend x0.5 of the hero’s stamina, the damage multiplier is less – only x1.5.

Increasing the power level of Conjuration

Skyrim witchcraft

Witchcraft is one of the most difficult schools of magic in Skyrim, since the call gives very little experience. However, there is a nifty combat trick to quickly level up this skill.

Immediately before an enemy dies, place a Soul Grab on them. Deliver the final blow to the enemy to fill the Soulstone, then immediately use Soul Grab again. Despite the fact that there is no soul in the body, it will still be affected by the spell and will give the character experience. Use Capture Souls on a defeated enemy as many times as you want until the skill reaches level 100.

Unarmed damage varies by race

Skyrim unarmed damage

Character builds stand out in that they are highly dependent on the chosen race. All people in the game, for example, Nords, without weapons do four damage per hit, but animal races – ten. However, Khajiit are objectively better at melee than Argonians and others, due to the fact that they have claws. This trait gives 12 additional damage during an unarmed attack.

Combined with their ten base points, the Khajiit deal a whopping 22 damage per hit. And this is without any buffs that can be obtained for potions and artifacts. Since Skyrim does not have a special skill tree for unarmed combat, the best way to make such a build is to play as a Khajiit.

This kind of gameplay will appeal to boxing fans more.

Saving character resources

Skyrim resource saving

Even though power attacks in Skyrim have a stamina cost, at the player must have at least zero to start the attack. If the current stamina indicator is equal to one, and the gamer decides to inflict an enhanced attack, then as a result the hit will have full damage. And this despite the lack of sufficient stamina – such a little cheat. Use potions and vegetable soup, so that stamina never drops to zero, and then any fight will become extremely easy for you.

Some spells also have a cheat for saving character resources. Targeted flame magic, such as Wall of Fire, can be “hacked” by repeatedly pressing the apply button instead of holding it. Clicking the attack button will do the same damage per second, but will significantly reduce the mana cost.

These secrets will definitely help you defeat the 5 most powerful enemies in the game. If that’s not enough, try to find one of the top 5 swords.

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