5 tanks, which will change the class

The technique will take key positions in the changed development branches after the release of the New Balance.

Hello tankers! With you Wotpack and we continue our acquaintance with new branches of tanks after Balance 3.0. In the previous article, we looked at how the development trees of all nations will change after 92 tanks are removed. And now the turn has come to the technique, which has decided to change the class.

Let’s start small. At level 3 in the Japanese ST branch Type 97 Chi-Ha “Made it easier” and now he is LT. Now only he will remain at this level, Ke-Ni and Type 91 are withdrawn. At the same time, he retained all the parameters of the gun, and the turret traverse speed was even increased. So now shooting on the move has become more comfortable, and he can easily twist the enemy. The reservation was not changed, and the safety factor increased by 300 units. Significantly improved maneuverability and increased top speed to better match the new class.

At level 5 in the German TT line VK 30.01 H transferred to ST. At the same time, he retained not only the basic performance characteristics. Here, the gun was also not changed, only the turret traverse speed was also increased. It is noteworthy that the weight of 36.82 tons was retained, but a more powerful engine was supplied. Accordingly, the maximum speed and power density increased. It is also interesting that it retained its dimensions, armor, 440 points were added to its durability, but at the same time, the stealth coefficient was almost doubled!

At level 6 in the German branch, the process is already reversed – from ST VK 30.01 P transferred to TT. Now he is one of the most interesting STS at his level and just the same was distinguished by the presence of armor and a good cannon. Here, on the contrary, the tower began to turn more slowly. The armor was not changed, and the durability was increased by 650 units. Weight, maneuverability and engine power remained the same, but the maximum forward speed was reduced by 15 km / h, and the reverse speed by 8 km / h. Stealth has decreased by 2 times.

Comeback of the year is scheduled for the UK branch! Crusader, which was first introduced into the game as LT, loved by many players, then at 0.9.18 it was transferred to CT. And now he will again return to his element – the class of light scouts, while he will receive an increase to level 6. True, not everything is so happy in this regard. So far, the developers have decided not to bother with it and have left most of the performance characteristics (including firepower) unchanged. We added 430 HP, improved maneuverability and increased top speed by 6 km.

The most interesting castling took place at level 9. The worst drum tank of all Tier 9 TDs is the T54E1, which precedes one of the best Tier 10 drum TTs, the T57 Heavy Tank. They also decided to make the “Hamster” heavy and, in contrast to the previous cars, they changed the performance characteristics more interestingly. Added armor penetration, exactly what it lacks in its current version. Now the cannon can penetrate 248mm, which is quite good for tier 9 (based on 210mm now). All other characteristics of the gun remained intact.

The armor was not changed either, it has a ricochet frontal shape of the turret and hull, but the nominal armor is very thin to play on the first line. 600 units were added to the safety factor. The maximum speed and maneuverability decreased, the stealth was reduced by more than 2 times.

We remind you that this is still not final versionmaybe they will change something by the release of the changes. Below are the performance characteristics from the last iteration of the “Sandbox”. Do not pay attention to one-time damage for now, the developers have already announced that they are partially canceling the New Balance (the so-called nerf of gold).

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