• December 5, 2023

5 things that disappointed fans

The fourth part of The Sims line has managed to disappoint fans in many ways. Here are 5 things that annoy players the most.

Sims 4

Released in 2014, The Sims 4 was both revolutionary and disastrous. The developers managed to achieve good optimization, but at the same time they seriously lost in the detail of their game. Fans are still debating which part of the series is the best so far. However, there are five things in The Sims 4 that most players didn’t like.

No open world

Sims 4

Many players thought the introduction to The Sims 3 open world was a game changer. Then Sims could walk home from a bar, even if that bar is across the bridge. There were no loading screens. This was one of the biggest community requests and EA finally fulfilled it in Part 3, but then The Sims 4 is gone again… Now players are back to rabbit holes, loading screens and limited interaction. This robbed the game of some of the realism that fans were asking for.

Limited base game

Sims 4

Every player knows the Sims base game doesn’t end there. Players expect DLC and other addons to accompany the game until the next installment in the series. While add-ons do improve the game and add more options and events, the base is still the core of what the add-ons will be built on.

In The Sims 4, players weren’t happy with the very stripped-down vanilla version of the game. Fans complained about the lack of an open world, less variability when creating a sim, and fewer housing options. Playing The Sims 4 without DLC is extremely boring, and add-ons are expensive, so many gamers were left disappointed with this part of the series.

The limiting system of emotions

Sims 4

The more complex emote system in The Sims is what EA has been striving for over the years. This category includes moods, reactions to stimuli, and now more complex emotions such as inspiration or self-confidence. Unfortunately, these the new emotion settings had some notable flaws.

The main problem was that, When a Sim was in a bad mood (sad, stressed, or angry), they were unable to perform certain actions until the player corrected the situation. At first, gamers took it as a challenge, but after they realized that the system simply rests against the restrictions created by the developers and has no balance. Special custom modifications were even introduced to correct this flaw.

Game dependent on add-ons

Sims 4

As previously mentioned, players are unhappy that the base Sims 4 game lacks creative content. It turned out to be simpler than they expected. But the DLCs were very creative and made the game something worthwhile. Add-ons like Seasons and Have Fun Together add things that players think should already be in the base game. Those things that were the basis in The Sims 3 or The Sims 2 have become something special in the fourth part, for which the players have to pay extra. After release, the game didn’t even have pools, which shocked fans.

Cartoon style

Sims 4

When the Sims 4 trailer came out, players immediately noticed that the character designs had become more cartoonish. The Sims community believed EA’s goal was to get closer to realistically simulated life. Fans expected the graphics in the new installment to be even more believable than in The Sims 3, as well as the character settings and game interactions between them.

So the fans weren’t impressed to say the least. They were divided into two camps: someone literally boycotted the fourth part because of such a design, and someone, on the contrary, was delighted. However, the fact remained – EA moved away from the hyperrealistic sims that many fans dreamed of.

However, there are some cool things that Sims 4 attracts fans with. We advise you to find out about the 5 things that players like in the fourth part of The Sims the most.

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