• February 21, 2024

5 ways to fix error CE-30045-2 on PS4

Error code CE-30045-2 on PS4 tends to appear for no apparent reason and very unexpectedly. It can manifest itself both at the time of connecting to the PlayStation servers, and when entering or installing the game. Crash is known to appear more frequently in certain games. Most of the cases were recorded when interacting with Apex Legends. Moreover, the Sony developers themselves at first threw the blame on the creators of the game, they say they do not have this error code. As the number of cases increased, including in other games, for example, Beyond: Two Souls, we had to admit that there was a problem, but there is still no solution, although the first reports appeared 3 years ago.

How to fix error CE-30045-2?

Those who have a problem have many questions to the support service, but almost all of them are unanswered. Authorized people from Sony have asked to reboot the console and check that there is enough disk space to install the game. Already from the developers EA managed to find out that this code belongs to the PlayStation and means “Operation is not supported.” They also recommended disconnecting any extraneous USB devices that are plugged into the console. Naturally, all of the above methods are worth trying, and we will move on to those methods that were recommended by the users themselves. One way or another worked for them.

Logging out and logging back into your account

The current network problem is related to the profile information stored in the system. Some user data is causing a conflict with the current software. If we are talking about an accidental failure, and not a serious error, a forced reset should work. The easiest way to get rid of your account data on the console is to follow the procedure for logging out of your account; when you log in again, it is highly likely that error CE-30045-2 on PS4, PS5 will no longer appear.

What should be done:

  1. Select the “Power” item through the quick menu.
  2. We select the item “Quit the PS4 system”.
  3. We open “Settings” through the main menu of the console.
  4. Go to the “Account Management” tab.
  5. Click on the “Enter the network” item.
  6. We indicate our data for authorization and wait for the procedure to complete.
  7. We are trying to start the game, hopefully this time without an error.

error CE-30045-2 on PS4

Advice! Logging out of the game account and reconnecting to it can help. If you have another profile, you should try to connect to the game and through it. This will give an understanding if the error is related to the data of the game account.

Remove the main user and join

If you delete the current user and join another, it should work. At least this is what several players write in the topic thread. EA Forum… If all goes well, you can create another profile on the console.

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. From the quick access menu, select “Settings” and select “Login Settings”.
  2. Click on the “User Management” parameter.
  3. Click on the item “Delete user” and select the main one.
  4. Click on the X button on the active element “Delete”.
  5. From the main window for selecting an account, select one of the available ones.

error CE-30045-2 on PS4

Restore licenses

There is a high chance that your CE-30045-2 error is related to license verification complexity. If the console cannot verify that you have access rights, it may become unstable. Such a decision is not only logical, but is also often mentioned in foreign forums.

Detailed guide:

  1. We open “Settings” through the main panel with tools.
  2. Click on the item “Account Management”.
  3. We select the option “Restore licenses”.

error CE-30045-2 on PS4

To complete the described procedure, you must be connected to the Internet, as well as access to the account on which the problematic game was purchased.

Install via PS Store on PC

A user who has been trying to fix the CE-30045-2 error on PS4 in Beyond: Two Souls for a long time noted that they received a positive result when changing the way they load the game. He couldn’t download the game client, no matter how many times he tried. He switched to his computer, logged into the PlayStation Store with his account and clicked the “Install” button. To do this, a console must be connected to the profile that supports this game. The process may not start immediately, but after a while the game will be installed.

This seems to work in situations where the current error appears due to a problem with credentials or Sony servers. Its plus is that the installation is queued and will be performed as soon as such an opportunity arises. It’s only important that the PS4 has network access.

Switch to 2.4 GHz

The PlayStation 4 is still not very stable with the 5GHz signal range. Quite often, there are unexpected errors in accessing the Internet, communication is lost, etc. This method allows you to get rid of many network errors and only applies to PS4. The PlayStation 5 usually doesn’t have these issues.

Detailed instructions:

  1. Open the admin panel of the router (the address for the browser, the default login and password are indicated on the label of the Wi-Fi router).
  2. Go to the “Wireless Mode” tab.
  3. We are looking for an option with a choice of operating frequency, by default it is set to “Automatic” and set the option to “2.4 GHz”.

error CE-30045-2 on PS4

Experience and user reviews show that the listed solutions are enough to fix the CE-30045-2 error on PS4. At least more complex situations are not mentioned anywhere. If your case stands out from the whole picture, describe it in the comments, we may be able to help you.

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