• December 1, 2023

7 cool ideas for building a house in Minecraft

One of the first goals every time you start a game on one of the servers in Minecraft is to find a suitable place to build a house. The protective abilities of structures and their appearance depend on this. If you are tired of walking along the knurled path and building fortresses, maybe it’s time to try some interesting ideas for building a house?

A house on a tree

Looking at trees in Minecraft, ordinary players see only valuable wood, which will come in handy when creating various in-game items. What if we make a house out of wood, like the one that many dreamed of in childhood. To implement the project, you will need any tree of your own choice, and several stairs to move around your own home. It’s time to embody children’s fantasies and build a house over all the monsters who want to harm.

Hobbit burrow

All fans of “The Lord of the Rings” will want to take a closer look, and maybe settle in one of the cult houses of the hobbits. To implement the idea, you need a hill, you can create it yourself. You also need to first prepare a couple of wooden planks for the construction of stairs. Wood will also come in handy when creating doors and frames for them. After the completion of construction, you can sit by the fire and admire the atmospheric creation for a long time.

Country house

Do you like creating analogs of real house designs more? The reader should like such a country house. It is based on many logs and boards. However, the most important thing is the project. Only after the construction of the frame can one proceed to its surroundings with earth and stones. This is a rather complex structure that will require detailed study, it is better to think in advance and draw up a construction plan.

Medieval castle

Maybe there is a desire to stand out and show your status. As befits every member of the royal family, he should have his own castle. The beginning is pretty standard – collecting the maximum number of boulders, you really need a lot of them. For the construction of walls, stairs and ceilings, at least 2,000 stones are needed. You will also need auxiliary materials, such as wood and iron rods. But the result will be worthy – a real castle in which a king or queen can live.

Underground base

The perfect home for a complete introvert. Why build a house next to other people when you can live underground. Few would dare to disturb the hermit. You can even build an entire metro station (or several). This will allow you to quickly travel from home to your favorite places for the extraction of valuable resources. You can build a base anywhere, you just need to dig a crater deep enough, but not enough to fall into it. Adding carts will speed up the journey between locations.

Underwater house

Keeping the same introverted attitude, it is time to suggest a site for the construction of the absolute hermit’s home. In the Aquatic Life Minecraft update, it is now possible to breathe underwater. There are no rules regarding the appearance of the building, you can be guided by your preferences or make the same castle.

Hi-tech house

For people who do not want to create something out of the ordinary, you can try the project of a modern house. Its main advantage is that all materials for construction are readily available. This includes wood, stone and quartz. There is nothing complicated in design either, but the result will be pleasantly impressive. Companions and enemies will definitely envy.

Have you built or seen other unique buildings in Minecraft and want to share them? You can write about your thoughts in the form of comments.

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