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7 ways to disable touchpad on laptops

The touchpad is an analogue of a mouse on a computer, which is located in a laptop case. When a laptop is used on the road, this device will be an indispensable assistant, however, when it is in the office or at home, the sensor will create obstacles to work. This is due to its position in front of the keyboard: the user will cling to the touchpad with his hands, the cursor “jumps” across the monitor, or even jumps to another page. If the problem is frequent and annoying, then you should read the instructions on how to turn off the sensor on a laptop.

touchpad on laptop

Can I disable the touchpad on a laptop?

A laptop sensor (touchpad) is an invariable attribute of any laptop that replaces a computer mouse. The device will be irreplaceable on the road and convenient when there is no possibility of using additional devices. However, in some situations, the Touchpad can be inconvenient when using laptop computers.

Yes, it is quite possible to turn off the touchpad, but when choosing an effective way to deactivate the sensor, you should take into account the model and brand of the device.

How do I disable the touchpad on a laptop?

The key advantage of laptops will be their portability and self-sufficiency. To work with them, you do not need to use auxiliary input / output devices – everything you need is already in such devices. At the same time, a laptop is often used at home or in an office stationary, and in the current conditions a monitor, printer, scanner or mouse are connected to them as an auxiliary. When a mouse is connected to the laptop, it is required to deactivate the sensor, which can suddenly work when using the keyboard.

All known methods for deactivating the touchpad can be divided into 3 key subgroups:

  • Using a combination of hotkeys. Notebook developers do not yet have a common standard. Therefore, a combination of buttons that allows you to turn off a touch device on a laptop from one manufacturer sometimes does not work for a product from another brand.
  • Operating system tools. Such methods work in any situation, since the OS controls the connected devices. For different versions of Windows OS, the settings will differ insignificantly.
  • Application of third-party software and utilities. Many computer manufacturers are developing programs that make it possible to quickly and comfortably control the functionality of a laptop. In addition, there are third-party unified programs.

Method 1: using hotkeys

disable touchpad on laptop

On almost every laptop it is possible to find a functional special key, which makes it possible to enable / disable the Touchpad in the shortest possible time (there is a characteristic image on the button). The most popular brands of laptops and ways to turn off the sensor:

  • ASUS. Mostly this is a combination of Fn + F9.
  • Acer. Fn + F7 combination (or mouse properties).
  • Dell. Often the touch device is disabled in the mouse settings.
  • MSI. The combination Fn + F3 is pressed.
  • Lenovo. Click Fn + F5 or Fn + F8.
  • HP. On laptops from the manufacturer in question, double-click on the upper left of the sensor to turn it off.
  • Sony. The combination Fn + F1 (in addition, the laptops of this manufacturer have their own Control Center, where there is also a similar function).
  • Samsung. Many laptop models use Fn + F5.
  • Toshiba. Often this is a combination of Fn + F5 (in addition, the models of this brand have a function to disable the Touchpad in the mouse settings).

When the function button is triggered, often a notification will appear on the monitor that the touch device has been turned off.

Important! Some HP models do not have a combination of buttons to turn off the touch device. You need to double-click on the sensor on the top left, or hold the top left corner for 5 seconds.

Method 2: through Windows 10 settings

Device Parameters Touch Panel

When the laptop has the Windows 10 operating system and there are all the necessary drivers for the touch device, you can turn it off using the OS settings:

  1. You need to go to “Options”, then select “Devices” and open the “Touch Panel”.
  2. The switch is set to the “Disable” position.

Right there in the settings, you can start or disable the auto-off option for the touch device when the mouse is connected to the laptop.

Method 3: using the element “Mouse Properties” (Synaptics)

How do I disable the touchpad on a laptop?

Most laptops have sensors manufactured by Synaptics. In this situation, it is possible to turn off the device through the settings of this item. In addition, the user will be able to program it in such a way that the touchpad will function when the mouse is turned off and vice versa. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

  1. The control panel opens via Start or the Run window and the control command.
  2. The line “Mouse” opens in the list and a click is made.
  3. “Elan” is selected from the list of tabs.
  4. A mark is put on the line.
  5. After saving the changes made, the touch device and the mouse will alternate responsibilities based on which device is active.

Important! When there is no function button, there are no special programs (Control Center) and any sensor settings in the mouse properties, probably there are no touchpad drivers on the laptop.

Method 4: using Windows Mobility Center

How do I disable the touchpad on a laptop?

This function will be available only in some laptop models. For example, Dell notebooks are equipped with this option. Here you can also turn off the touch device through the operating system’s mobility center. Algorithm of actions:

  1. The combination of buttons Win + Q is pressed.
  2. The search window opens and the “Mobility Center” is entered, the required line is clicked.
  3. The required tab is loaded, where you should find the “Touch Panel” icon.
  4. The parameters are changed to “Disable”.

You do not need to save anything, the changes will take effect automatically.

Method 5: turn off the touchpad from the “Device Manager”

Tochpad device manager

When the Synaptics driver is not present on the laptop, it is worth trying to turn off the touch device through the Control Center (Device Manager). To this end, the following should be done:

  1. The combination of Windows + R buttons is pressed on the keyboard, the “Run” window is launched. Then the devmgmt.msc command is written and “OK” is pressed.
  2. Next, you should start the “Device Manager”. Here you need to find a sensor device connected to the laptop. It is located under “Mice and other pointing devices” or “HID devices”. At the same time, taking into account the laptop model and sensor, it has different names – USB mouse, Synaptics PS / 2 Touchpad, USB input device and others.
  3. If a sensor device is found, click on it with the right mouse button and select “Disable”.

Important! When multiple enabled USB input devices are detected and it is difficult to figure out which one is the touchpad, it is wise to turn them off alternately. After each turned off device, you need to try to interact with the sensor, when it works, you should turn the device back on and go to the next one.

Method 6: we use special programs

Touchpad blocker

A fairly simple method of disabling the touch device on your laptop is to download and install the “Touchpad Blocker” program on your laptop. It is equipped with several useful touchpad customization features and offers an option to completely disable the sensor. The download of the program in question must be carried out from the official website of the manufacturer. When the application is installed, it will run in the “background”, performing the tasks requested by the user. The main features of the program:

  • The initial function assumes the startup of the program along with the start of the PC.
  • A setting that enables or disables software notifications that appear in the system tray during its operation.
  • An option where the user specifies for how long after pressing a key the touchscreen device of the laptop will turn off. When you want to completely block the touchpad, this can be done in the pop-up menu.
  • When the touch device has a dedicated key to scroll through the page content, it will be locked when the option is activated.
  • Sound signal to turn off the sensor.
  • The choice of “hot buttons” in order to activate and deactivate the application in question.

Turning off the touch device by means of the application in question stands out positively from the methods mentioned above. Thanks to him, it is possible to configure and lock the touchpad only for the duration of typing, so as not to accidentally press any combination.

Method 7: from BIOS

BIOS tochpad

When you want to turn off the touch device completely, you should open the CMOS settings and disable the panel in the BIOS.

The algorithm is as follows:

  1. The laptop is put on reboot.
  2. During the restart, either “Del” or “F2” is pressed.
  3. Wait for the BIOS window to appear on the monitor.
  4. Move the cursor to the line “Advanced”.
  5. Then find “Internal Pointing Device”.
  6. Open and make active the “Disabled” item.
  7. You want to save your changes.
  8. The window is closed.
  9. Finally, you need to restart the laptop again.

Important! When the sensor device was turned off by means of BIOS, then it is possible to turn it back on only through it. You need to do the same and change “Disabled” to “Enabled”.

Permanently physically disable the touchpad on a laptop

The last method to disable the sensor device that should be specified is to physically disconnect the sensor pins from the connector on the motherboard. Often there is no need to resort to this method, but when the above methods did not help, then you should use this.

The advantages of this method:

  • 100% efficient. The touch device will not function in normal or safe modes. Of course, the shutdown will affect all accounts.
  • Can be used with limited user rights.
  • It is possible to turn off the sensor in this way regardless of the installed operating system.

Naturally, the method has its drawbacks. Disadvantages of physically disabling the touchpad:

  • High complexity of the method. It is necessary to disconnect the laptop keyboard or disassemble it.
  • If you need to re-enable the sensor, you need to remove the keyboard again or disassemble the computer.

To permanently disable the touchpad on a laptop, you need to know its position inside the laptop. It is optimal to do this in advance to avoid unnecessary manipulations. It is possible to consider the design of a laptop on the forums among various manuals.

Important! On most models, the ribbon cable connector can be accessed by disconnecting the keyboard. To do this, slide the retaining clips towards the monitor at the top of the keyboard and carefully pry it off. Disconnect the laptop and charger in advance.

When difficulties arise with dismantling, it will also be useful to open manuals for disassembling a laptop of a particular model.

There are 2 main types of loop connectors:

  • with a hinged latch;
  • with a retractable latch.

The connector lock opens and the ribbon cable is removed directly.

Important! The loose connector of the loop must be insulated. In order not to stain it with glue from electrical tape, for this purpose it is recommended to use, for example, a small fragment of a heat-shrinkable tube.

The ribbon cable is kept in the same state, the connector is not inserted into the socket, the keyboard is put in place.

Many laptop owners and those who occasionally work with laptop computers are faced with the problem of using a touch device. Some people completely abandon the standard computer mouse, others use the touchpad only in extreme situations, and someone does not use such equipment at all, finding it completely inconvenient. Most laptop users sometimes find it difficult to turn off the touchpad completely. This article has covered the most effective ways to disable the touchpad on a laptop.

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