• March 4, 2024

7 ways to fix error 126 “Specified module not found”

Errors with codes 126, less often 127, refer to the fact that “The specified module was not found.” Thus, it is easy to conclude that some file is missing in Windows 7, 8, 10. This does often mean there is no DLL, but not always. The matter may be in other unpleasant problems with the registry or the security system, etc. It may well be that the whole point is in the program itself, which provokes this failure. We will help you fix the error (Error 126) on our own, there is nothing particularly difficult about it. However, we warn you that incorrect actions in the registry or when interacting with drivers can cause negative consequences for the operation of the operating system.

Causes of Error 126

If error 126 “Module not found” is displayed, we can conclude that there is one of the following problems:

  • DLL file is missing, not registered or damaged;
  • incorrect configuration or violation of the integrity of system files;
  • incorrect installation of the program or it was interrupted by something;
  • damage to Windows by viruses;
  • failure in the system registry;
  • the problem is in the drivers, hardware configuration or its incompatibility with the version of the operating system.

How to fix error 126?

We have developed a series of solutions to the problem, one of them is obliged to help, as it fixes each of the listed problems. It is logical that after fixing the problem, everything should work correctly.

Method 1: automatically fix DLL problems

There is a special utility that automatically scans the system libraries and compares them with the reference. If she finds that a file or several is missing, she will download them herself. It also analyzes broken, damaged and modified files. It is very convenient and fast in comparison with the manual method and, importantly, it is also safer. From personal experience, the program works stably and does not install files infected with viruses. However, any manipulation with DLL libraries can hardly be called completely safe.

Instructions for resolving error 126:

  1. Download the Restoro PC Repair Tool. Better to do it with official site
  2. Install and run the software. Click on the button “Start Scan” (Start Scan).
  3. After analyzing the system, click on the “Repair All” button.

error 126

An important advantage of the program is that it optimizes the computer, increasing its performance (if the system has any problems with the DLL). It can be left as desktop software, since the utility solves a wide range of problems.

Method 2: temporarily disable the antivirus

There is a high probability that error 126 is triggered by the antivirus protection of the system. If during the installation of the program the antivirus considered one of the components to be a threat and blocked it, it will be absent, and the system will write “The specified module was not found”. In general, it is advisable to disable protection when installing programs that we trust.


  1. Turn off antivirus (built-in Windows Defender and / or third-party).
  2. We completely uninstall the program through “Programs and Features” (the item is located in the Control Panel).
  3. We start installing the utility again, checking that the antivirus is not working now.
  4. Checking the result.

error 126

If the program is working fine now, we recommend opening the antivirus and adding this software to the list of its exclusions. Otherwise, over time, the error may return, because anti-virus protection can again block or delete the file.

Important! For maximum results, it is better to completely uninstall the program. To do this, we can use the iObit Uninstaller. The software analyzes the system and looks for remnants of application files, deleting them as well.

Method 3: update Microsoft NET Framework

Obsolescence of the Microsoft NET Framework often leads to errors with codes 126 and 127. Fortunately, this is simply solved, it is enough to update the environment. If that was the case, everything should work. We can download the current version of the NET Framework from the official website Microsoft

Method 4: reinstall DirectX

A lot of DLL files are directly related to DirectX, so there is a high probability that the message “The specified module was not found” refers to this software component. It’s easy to reinstall as DirectX distributes too Microsoft completely free and for any version, configuration of the operating system. There should be no problems with the installation, except for one point – it is advisable to remove the old version of DirectX before installing the software.

Method 5: scan Windows system files

All current versions of Windows have a built-in tool for analyzing system files. It often helps with various problems with DLL files.

How to run system files:

  1. In the Windows search, enter cmd and run the “Command Line”.
  2. Enter the command sfc / scannow
  3. We are waiting for the system scan to complete. All errors should be corrected automatically, if possible.

error 126

Method 6: restore the system registry

Error 126 and 127 may be due to garbage accumulation in the registry or corruption of values ​​in it. One problem – it is simply unrealistic to manually flip through everything and fix it. For this, it is better to use special programs, for example, Total System Care… The utility has everything you need to analyze the system registry, optimize it and fix existing problems. We can also recommend CCleaner… Both programs will do their job.

Method 7: rollback Windows

If no manual fixes help, which is rare, you have to turn to the last method and roll Windows back to its last working state. Sometimes DLL files may go missing due to uninstallation of the program, and you may encounter error 126. Use restore points to fix it. We can find the “Recovery Options” through the search in Windows.

error 126

Now error with code 126 should no longer bother the user in both Windows 7 and 8, 10. One of the procedures should almost 100% fix the problem. At the same time, we do not recommend manually changing the DLL file if it was possible to find out which particular problem. All because of the excessively high chance of downloading the virus.

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