• February 22, 2024

8 high-profile scandals related to GTA 5 that could close the game

The Grand Theft Auto series has gathered many scandals around itself. She was convicted of excessive violence, copyright infringement and more. We share with you the most controversial scandals around the fifth part.


GTA 5 is a cult action adventure game with an open world, online mode and a whole army of fans. Since 2011 the company has collected a whole set of awards: Golden Joystick in 2012, title Game of the Year, BFTA Award in 2014 in three nominations at once, as well as an award for Best Soundtrack and Graphics of the Year from various publications.

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Diamond Casino

The add-on to GTA 5 and its online mode “Diamond Casino” is banned in more than 50 countries. This happened because of the very principle of imitation of a casino. In the game, it worked according to the same principles as in real life. In addition, the game was played not for “interest” and not in the form of a plot moment, but for game currency. Despite the fact that there are no methods of converting it into real money and withdrawing it to bank accounts, the world community was adamant.

Prohibition of modifications


Officially, the developer studio for GTA 5 did not ban mods. However, Take-Two was officially accused of being a cheater by the OpenIV studio, which created a special toolkit for the development and implementation of modifications in the fifth part of GTA. As a result, this program was removed from the OpenIV website, and the fans began a riot. They lowered the rating of the game on Steam so much that for a while only 10% of reviews on the game were positive… As a result, the developers were forced to return the software for developing modifications and withdraw their accusations of its unreliability.

Copyright infringement

Daz Dillinger

Rapper Daz Dillinger has sued the game developers for playing two of his tracks in GTA 5 without official permission. Previously, the company offered the performer to buy the fruits of his work for just over $ 4,000, but he declined this offer. But as a result, the songs still appeared in the game! The rapper filed a lawsuit against Take-Two, foreign media talked about this a lot, but the result of the trial is not known to anyone. Daz demanded either to pay him huge compensation, or to withdraw all copies of the game. There are only two options for resolving the issue: either he was paid, or the developers’ lawyers were dodgy enough to avoid trial.

Problems with the Mafia

Karen Gravano and Antonia Bottina

GTA 5 didn’t have a good relationship with Karen Gravano, the daughter of former Mafia member Salvatore. The girl claims that the character of Anthony Bottina completely copies her appearance, and the character’s life is copied from the history of the Gravano family. According to the daughter of a former mafioso, she was just preparing an autobiography for publication, where some of the scenes that appear in the game were described in detail. However, Karen did not elaborate on how the leak happened. However, the case did not come to court, and in the media Take-Two answered this claim rather rudely: stated that the playable character is much slimmer than Miss Gravano.

Parody within the law

actress Kate Upton

Actress Lindsay Lohan saw herself in a blonde in a red swimsuit from one of the GTA 5 posters. The girl really is somewhat similar to Lindsay, especially one of her beach photos. The actress filed a lawsuit against Rockstar, but this trial did not end in anything for her. The judge said that it is not illegal to be inspired by someone else to create a drawing, and there is no direct sketch on the image. In addition, the developers indicated that actress Kate Upton was their true source of inspiration., which has no complaints about them. Fans have also seen the girl in the red bikini to resemble the model Shelby Welinder, and even she looks more like a picture than Lindsay.

Political conflicts


GTA 5 has a highly controversial reputation for having sex services, weapons, drugs and a constant stream of violence in the game. In the fifth part one of the shopping areas of Los Santos was named part of the Scottish town of Hawick… Rockstar wanted to make a reference, but instead got into a scandal with the mayor of this settlement. He spoke negatively about such a mention, and also said that the mention in such a dubious project, albeit indirectly, spoils the reputation of their city.

Violence hurts sales


On chande.org in 2014, a petition was filed against the Taget network asking to ban the sale of GTA 5 because it demonstrates violence and encourages users to do so. The text of the appeal also raised the issue of sexual crimes and the murder of women who are present in the project. This was primarily due to the fact that many players used the services of prostitutes, and then killed them in order to take their money back. More than 48,000 people signed the petition. As a result, Target withdrew both GTA 5 and GTA 4. In Australia, Target’s sister company Kmart also refused to sell the series.

Torture and unjustified violence

GTA 5 torture

GTA 5 after its release caused a wave of indignation with torture scenes, especially the moment in which the player had to pull out the NPC’s teeth, and then kill a defenseless person… Condemnation poured from all sides: from public organizations like amnesty international, the teachers’ union and even individual deputies. The developers were accused of turning torture into a game, although in reality it is – a harsh reality for many living people who have suffered such an attitude… In addition, the community focused on the fact that children who accidentally saw this scene may perceive this as a game due to too realistic graphics.

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