• February 22, 2024

8D Music – what is it and where you can listen

If you are an avid Youtube user, you must have already heard about such a phenomenon as 8D audio or 8D music. In the recommendations of a huge number of people literally all over the world, one or another music track with the mysterious “8D” postscript constantly pops up. Especially often, a YouTube channel called “8D TUNES” appears in the recommendations.

Here’s an example of similar music:

Do you hear? Music literally flies around your head. Some people are so excited about 8D that they believe it is a real breakthrough in audio technology that will change the music industry forever. Others, having familiarized themselves with several tracks, rub their heads and do not understand why all the hype arose. Although, most likely, many of them simply do not have headphones or do, but they are very cheap. To listen to 8D audio, you need at least average headphones for 1.5-2 rubles. Sometimes cheaper options work, but this is very rare.

So what exactly is 8D music really? Is this really something revolutionary? I don’t want to disappoint all fans of this “effect”, but 8D music or 8D audio is just another extremely loud name for the good old surround sound, which has been around and has been used everywhere for a dozen years, if not longer. It is also sometimes called 3D Sound or binaural recording. For example, here’s a reference sample:

Apparently, the 8D prefix was used only for marketing purposes, in order to attract the attention of the people to the tracks and wind up views, which was crowned with a tremendous success: millions of subscribers and views on channels creating 8D content. But where did the term come from? No matter how ridiculous it may sound, at the moment no one knows for sure. Okay, even if 8D is 3D sound – where can you listen to music with that effect? Almost anywhere: on the Internet, you can probably already find several web resources that also use this term to attract visitors.

However, the easiest and most convenient way to listen to 8D music is Youtube. As we said at the very beginning of the material, the popular video hosting at the moment is simply drowning in the video with the “8D” prefix. You will surely find your favorite track processed with the effect of “eight dimensions” there. You can also familiarize yourself with the content of the above YouTube channel: there are as many as 109 videos, many of which are popular musical works.

How to create your own 8D music?

Taking into account the growing popularity of music with this effect, many users have a completely logical question: how to create their own 8D music? Unfortunately, this is a rather difficult task that only users with extensive experience with professional sound software and related equipment can handle. Yes, there is a lot of 8D music on Youtube, but only a few YouTube channels produce it. However, you can probably achieve a similar effect using FI Studio and the Fruity Reeverb 2 plugin.

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