• February 22, 2024

a change in the mechanics of playing for ghosts in the new patch

The update will provide players with more opportunities to participate in the game after they die and become Ghosts.

Among Us ghost

Becoming a ghost in Among Us, the player has nothing to do. While playing with friends, they can suggest how to complete any remaining tasks that they have left, and if the friend is in the role of an impostor, they can sabotage the surviving participants.

But they cannot participate in the Emergency Meeting discussions, which are the most interactive part of the game.

Therefore, some players simply leave the lobby after being killed. The developer has interpreted the actions of these players to mean that playing as the Ghost in the game “boring”so they are working on an update that will fix this. Discussing “Among Us” on the weekly Twitch game show, InnerSloth Forest Willard programmer stated that he and his team were thinking about turning the players who became Ghosts into some kind of guardian angels… This way they will have more things to do after death.

What exactly it means to be a guardian angel was not touched upon, but Innerslooth stated that everything he tried to do, difficult to implement due to balance problems… The point is that the guards will probably be able to directly interfere with the impostors in some way, and it is easy to see the crime.

From the very beginning, everything goes against the Pretenders, since they are in the minority. Therefore, helping the ghost to the crew will only make it harder for them to role-play.

Considering that “Among Us” is a social deduction game, the “guardian angel” role that InnerSloth has in mind is probably the same as the “doctor” role in games like Mafia and Werewolf.

Those with the role of a doctor have the option to save someone from being killed once per round / game.

Being a guardian angel could mean something like this, where the Ghosts of teammates have the ability to prevent impostors from killing someone once every time they meet.Among Us

The idea itself sounds a little difficult to implement, but the developers are already close to figuring out how to balance it. Designer Marcus Bromander stated that although the team plans to make the role of the ghost more interesting for everyone, but first of all she wants to do it for the player who dies first because being in that position “sucks”.

Perhaps only one player will get the role of the guardian, and in order to unlock it for the rest of the dead crew members, you will have to complete a certain task.

These are the theories in development, but for now we recommend that you familiarize yourself with the general guide to the mechanics of the game in Among Us. And if you are no longer a beginner, then 10 tips for survival will come in handy.

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