• December 1, 2023

A detailed guide to My NBA 2K20: tips, strategies and more!

My NBA 2K20, a new mobile game published by 2K, Inc., recently hit mobile devices. By the way, right now you have the opportunity to download My NBA 2K20 for Android. In this article, we’ll share with you tips and strategies to help you build the best deck of cards for each of the game modes.

My NBA 2K20: Learning the Basics

What you need to know about cards

To find the right cards for your deck, you need to understand the information on those cards. The rarity of the card, abilities, position and much more – all of this you need to properly study. This is what we will do now! Use the “My Cards” menu at the very bottom of the application to open a list of all cards available to you.

In the “My Cards” menu you can look at the profile of each player and see his characteristics, position on the field and rarity. The latter value, by the way, is incredibly important when building a deck – the higher the rarity, the better the card will have its characteristics, abilities, and so on. The rarity of the cards is noted as follows:

  • normal (gray);
  • unusual (gray);
  • rare (green);
  • very rare (dark green);
  • epic (blue);
  • epic prime (dark blue);
  • elite (purple).

In My NBA 2K20, you can find the following card specs:

  • OFF – attack;
  • DEF – protection;
  • REB – selection;
  • PM – act out.

Depending on the type of match during the battles, you will need to select the right players / cards. The game will show you which type of round or match you are dealing with. Defense, Offense, Rebound, Playout and more – these types of matches / rounds await you in My NBA 2K20. Suppose you are dealing with a Defense type match. In this case, you need to familiarize yourself with the defensive characteristics of all players / cards available to you, and then choose those who have the highest defense. Logical, right?

Suitable arrangement of cards

If you go to the “My Cards” menu, then a little higher than the players’ cards themselves, you will find information about which position on the field will be ideal for a particular card – PG, C, SG, SF or PF. With the perfect placement of cards in the deck or on the preparation screen for battle, you will receive a large increase in the characteristics of all cards. In the Card Deck Editor, you will find many different options to help you create custom decks suitable for different game modes (quick match, 2v2, and so on).

Placing a card in a suitable position on the field is incredibly simple: go to the corresponding tab in the card deck editor, and then drag the card into the appropriate slot. For example, we pinch the PG-card with our finger and drag it into the PG slot. Of course, you can also use automatic map selection, but this function does not always work correctly. Using automatic selection, you can see, for example, the PF card in the PG slot.

Card abilities

You may have noticed how during battles some cards get an increase in their certain characteristics – this is due to the abilities of the cards. The ability may take effect the moment the card is selected, but this is not guaranteed. It all depends on the chance of activating the ability, which you can raise by pumping the card to pro-level or using other cards of similar type as upgrades.

Only the rarest cards have such abilities, i.e. rare,
very rare, epic, epic prime and elite. In the “My Cards” menu, select a rare card and look at the chance of triggering its ability, as well as what characteristics this ability can raise. For example, some ability can raise the characteristics of defense and attack.

How do I get Virtual Credits (VC)?

Virtual Credits (or VCs) are the premium currency in My NBA 2K20. You can use it to buy packs of cards. Connect your console or PC account to this application in order to receive virtual credits on a daily basis.

My NBA 2K20 tips & strategies

How to get the best cards from the draft

In My NBA 2K20, you can get cards from packs and from the draft. After completing a battle or a match, a draft board will appear in front of you, from which you can choose cards as a reward for winning. There are a couple of nuances here: firstly, the strength of a deck of cards determines the reward, and secondly, if you select a suitable pattern on the draft board, you will receive a special reward.

The reward will depend on the strength of your deck of cards. If the strength of your deck is:

  • rare = you will receive rare cards from the draft board;
  • very rare = get very rare cards;
  • very rare + = increased chance of getting very rare cards;
  • very rare ++ = even higher chance of getting very rare cards;
  • epic = get epic cards from the draft board;
  • epic + = increased chance of getting epic cards;
  • epic ++ = even more increased chance of getting epic cards;
  • epic prime = you receive epic prime cards from the draft board;
  • epic prime + = increased chance of getting epic prime cards;
  • epic prime ++ = even higher chance of getting epic prime cards;
  • elite = you receive elite cards from the draft board;
  • elite + = increased chance of getting elite cards;
  • Elite ++ = even higher chance of getting Elite cards.

If you are playing in 2v2 mode and your deck’s strength is “rare”, then you will be able to get rare cards from the draft board. A board with cards will appear in front of you after the end of the battle.

What are My NBA 2K20 Draft Patterns?

Let’s now talk about the so-called “draft patterns”. If you complete a specific pattern on the board, you will receive a special reward from the draft board. At the end of the battle, a draft board will appear in front of you, with a bunch of cards on it. As soon as you select a card from the board, the pattern (location) of the cards on the board will change. If this pattern matches the established daily pattern (set by the game), then you will receive a special reward. True, it sounds very difficult, but in the game itself, everything is much simpler.

Improve your players wisely

If you want to defeat high-level players in PvP modes, then you definitely need to pump your players / maps, but not anyhow, but wisely. In My NBA 2K20, you can upgrade players / cards in different ways: training, pro-level, boost ability.

Training – during training, you sacrifice cards for the sake of pumping a certain card. Every time, make sure that you donate cards that are useless to you, and not some already pumped ones. Believe me, you definitely do not want to accidentally lose a very important card. The higher the rarity of the card that you are going to donate, the more experience the pumped card will receive. Upon reaching a certain level, the card will open a pro-function.

Combining Pro Cards – In this process, you use duplicate cards to create a pro player. If you combine the cards of the players who have reached the maximum level, then the game will give you the perfect pro card. If you try to combine cards that are not of the maximum level, you will get an imperfect pro card. During this process, the card’s abilities (activation chance) also improve.

Place cards wisely on the field

As we mentioned earlier, the correct placement of players on the field and in the deck of cards will help you to increase their characteristics. Build decks of cards wisely, keeping in mind the correct placement.

Choose the best cards to play

Pay attention to the type of match each time and choose the players according to it. For example, if it is an offense match, then match the cards with the highest offense value (OFF).

Finish your workouts

At the very top of the My NBA 2K20 window, click on the star-shaped button next to your name. There you will find daily workouts for which you can get free rewards. Check this menu as often as possible.

Check in-game guides

If you have any problems in mastering some game mechanics, then you can use the detailed in-game guides. Click on the gear-shaped button in the upper right corner to open the game settings. In the settings you will find an item with the help, where you will get access to all the necessary guides.

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