• September 28, 2023

A guide to discovering all the secrets in the Chongqing area in Hitman 3

There are 29 secrets and regions in the Chongqing area. Read our material if you want to unlock them all and get the “Surveillance Master” achievement.

Level 0

Yuzhong Square

Follow the path from the spawn point to the stairs. Climb it and you will find yourself on Yuzhong Square, woo-ala.


Continue down the street and you will see an Arcade. Alas, it won’t be easy to get through, it is closed. However, we have a way out: go along the alley, to the left and through a small building go into the courtyard. There are two guards, pass by in cold blood and break down the door with a crowbar. Everyone, you are in the Arcade.

1st level

Onelectrics Store

Walk up the street from the Arcade, the store on your left is Onelectrics.


Found a Onelectrics store? Now turn around and follow the main street until you see an alley on your left. Walk down the alley, to the right is the entrance to the courtyard. You need a disguise to get into this area.

A restaurant

Enter the building to the left of Yuzhong Square, and then climb the stairs and open the restaurant.

Self-service laundry

Return to the street and along the stairs through the square, on the left side there will be an entrance to the laundry.

OK Karaoke

Go back to the street, the building on the left is OK Karaoke.

Zhao’s apartment

Turn left from OK Karaoke and there will be an open window in the building on the right. It leads to Zhao’s apartment.

Level 2

ICA Apartments

From Zhao’s apartment, go to the corridor and go up the stairs. On the second floor you will find a door with a password. Enter “0118” and you will find yourself in the ICA apartment.

Recruitment point

Return to the building through which you entered the Arcade. While in disguise, go up the stairs and go along the corridor until you see an open door. This is the recruiting point.

Level 3

Abandoned apartments

Now from the recruitment point, go down the corridor until you see a gate with a net. A crowbar will help you open the gate, and then go along the stairs to the next floor.

Level 4

Benchmark Lab

Climb the stairs to the next floor for the Benchmark Lab.

Northeast roof

Walk through the Benchmark Lab, at the end of the room there will be an open window to your left. Climb out through it and run along the path to your right. She will lead you to the northeast rooftop.

5th level

Therapy room

Return to the laboratory building and go to the very window from which you climbed out, walk to the corner of the building and turn. At the corner, turn right and go up the stairs, then jump over the railing to the balcony. Turn left, there is a door with a password. Enter “2552” and go to the therapy room.

Private laboratory

In the therapy room, enter the door on the right. Go around the barriers on the right until you find a room with two chairs surrounded by laboratory equipment.

Lotus Pass

Go through the laboratory and enter the door on the opposite side, break the lock again with a crowbar, and then go right around the stairs. Through the double doors we get into the “Lotus Passage”.

Southeast roof

In “Lotus Passage” we go through the door, which is located directly in front of us. There will be a gate on the right. Open them and go to the southeastern roof.

Sign of the Glorious Leap

Yeah, now you have to go back to Yuzhong Square and go to the laundry. There will be a door with a password in the room, enter “0118” and go up the stairs. You will find yourself in a small area. There will be a guard, kill if you want, you are a murderer – you can.

Walk to the left of the door and up the stairs to the roof. There will be a metal platform, going up to it you will unlock the “sign of the glorious jump”, and you can also complete the mission “All-Seeing Eyes”.

Level -1

Disguise is required to get past the last 3 floors. Take the clothes of the guards from each floor with you.

Relaxation capsules

Go to the courtyard on the first level. There are double doors behind the two guards on the left. Go inside, let the guards search you. Then go down the stairs and to the right, entering through the sliding doors into the relaxation capsules.

ICA employee verification

Walk out of the rest pods and go straight through the door on the right. There will be an air vent on the left, crack it and crawl into the next room. Take the access key on the shelf next to you and go to the next room. Now go to the right along the corridor and take the second access key on the table behind the four monitors.

Security level 1

Go through the sliding doors along the corridor. Hack the panel next to the door that says “security”. Go through the door and left to the office.

ICA Checkpoint

Return in the same way that you came to the office, going right past two guards. This is the ICA checkpoint.

Level -2

Security level 2

Go from the ICA checkpoint, past the stairs, there will be a door, pick it open. Further there will be a staircase, go down it. Hack the door there. You will receive a new disguise, and then we go to the armory and get a key of the 3rd level of access.

Service tunnels

With your new disguise and the security key in hand, go through the door at the top of the map and keep walking until you see an air vent. Hack it, climb in and find service tunnels.

Analysis Area

Climb out through the vent and turn right through the sliding doors. Go where the massive screens should be to find the Analysis Area.

Royce’s office

Walk through the Analysis Area until you reach a door with a guard. Behind her will be Royce’s office.


Exit Royce’s office and right, walking down the hallway, past the stairs. Eventually, there will be doors labeled “Lounge” with a blue stripe.

Level -3

Data core

Go to the stairs you took on your way to the break room and go down to the lower level. Before you will be a door with a panel, break open and go inside.

Main control room

We return to the door from which they came, and go around the main room. Go through the door and turn right into the central control room and the last unopened area.

Earn points and exchange them for valuable prizes – details

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