• September 28, 2023

A security error occurred while adding audio to VK

Music on VK is an integral part of the social network. Many users have their own playlists here, which they listen to through the phone and connect to the car audio system. In particular, this feature has received such widespread acceptance for the simple reason that the users themselves add the music. Here you can find the most current and trendy news. However, there are more cases when, during download, users began to see an error message with a red background “There was a security error while adding audio.” You can try to solve this failure yourself, without the help of specialists.

Why was there a security error when adding audio to VK?

there was a security error when adding audio to VK

If there was a security error when adding audio to VK, then you must initially figure out the possible reasons. Experts identify several possible factors for the occurrence of such a failure:

  1. Incorrect file parameters. In VK audio cannot exceed 200 MB and must be uploaded in MP3 format. If the file does not match these parameters, then it will be impossible to download it.
  2. Copyright. Artists don’t get paid for the fact that users listen to their music, although it took a lot of time and money to create it. The system does not provide an opportunity to download those songs, the author of which has forbidden to do so for free. Previously, it was possible to rename a file and add it, but today VK algorithms are able to recognize music not only from the name.
  3. Internet or browser problems. The file is located on the user’s computer, to upload it to the service, the network connection and application capabilities are used. Each user has the right to choose his favorite browser, but it is precisely because of the different data processing algorithms that problems often occur.

Regardless of what caused the error, you can try to solve it on your own. If the file’s copyright and file settings allow the download, but there is a security glitch, then you should proceed to the solutions below.

How do I fix the problem?

These are quite popular methods that allow you to get rid of the security error that occurs when uploading audio to VK. The first option helps someone, while others are forced to experience everything.

Solution 1: check your internet connection

In order to download any files, you need to have a stable and fairly fast connection. Try to work with other sites, everything should function well, and the elements must be in place. It is necessary for the Internet to work perfectly, without breaks and errors. If you have problems with this, then you can try to reboot your router to which the provider’s cable is connected. If this does not solve the problem, then you need to contact your organization and create a repair request.

Solution 2: look at the connection parameters to VK

All sites can work perfectly, and problems arise only in VK. To make sure that the connection to the application is correct, you need to do the following:

  1. There is a lock near the status bar, where the site address is indicated via “https: //”, you need to click on it.
  2. Here you should see the name of the certificate and the green text “Secure connection”.
  3. The next paragraph “Permissions” will state: “You have not given this site any special permissions.”

there was a security error when adding audio to VK

If you see errors or other information in this section, then the connection is insecure. The above failure can occur for this very reason. Be sure to check the site address itself, which is in the line on the page with the audio file download. It should look like “https://vk.com/audios12345678”, but the composition numbers will be different. If the link is different, then this may indicate that you have become a victim of a virus software.

Solution 3: reset browser

The problem may be that the browser has many different extensions installed and incorrect user settings. Finding what exactly caused the security error is difficult, it is better to reset your web browser. To do this, you need to do the following:

  1. Go to your browser settings.
    reset browser settings
  2. Go to the item “Additional settings”.
    reset browser settings
  3. Select “Reset settings”.
    reset browser settings

All data will be deleted, you will have to log in to your account again. Menu items may differ slightly, as may the names themselves, it all depends on which browser you are using.

What if it doesn’t help?

You need to try uploading another audio file. If everything is fine with it and the security error does not appear, then the problem is in the data, you need to download it again or check for defects. It so happens that the file was loaded with errors, and now the VK recognition algorithms cannot analyze it.

If all of the above points did not help and the error remains, then you will have to contact the support service of the VK itself. Experts will analyze the problem and find the cause on their side, after which the audio download function should be restored.

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